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5 Best Spin Mops | 2024 Buying Guide

Cleaning floors is a household chore that none of us like since it takes a lot of time and effort to do. But the entire process will be much more effective, faster, and easier with the right spin mop use to take care of the job.


Choosing the Best Spin Mops

Best Spin Mops for 2024


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1. O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning System

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop

2. O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop System

O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop

3. Libman Tornado Spin Mop System

Libman Tornado Spin Mop

4. Worthland Spin Mop for Floor Cleaning

Worthland Spin Mop

5. Floor Police Cordless Electric Mop

Floor Police Electric Mop

One type of mop that you can find most homes today is a spin mop. The reason for its increasing popularity is because it's a convenient, reliable, and efficient house cleaning tool.

Aside from these advantages, it offers a simple cleaning solution in comparison to other mop types available on the market. However, like with most products for your home, spin mops do come with some drawbacks.

One type of mop that you can find most homes today is a spin mop

For this reason, it's important to understand its set of pros and cons to see if it's the right mop to take care of your floors. Also, there's a lot of spin mop options on the market, which can overwhelm you.

This page helped me to choose a reliable mop, so make sure to check it out after reading this article to help you find the best spin mop for your cleaning needs.

Spin Mop Reviews

1. O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning System

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning System

America’s Best-Selling Spin Mop in 2022 is still standing at the top spot for 2024, and it’s easy to see why. For house-proud do-it-yourself-ers, this budget spin mop, with its incredibly easy wringing design is beautifully simple to use and takes no effort to wring and rinse.

Its tightly cornered mop head means you can get right into corners for a full and thorough clean too. Like most microfiber mops, the heads do need replacing once in a while, but they’re affordable, and O-Cedar will be around for years to come, so you’ll always have access to refills.


  • Easy to use

  • Breezily simple to wring out

  • Easy to clean after use

  • Durable bucket to protect against knocks and bumps

  • Good value

  • Great brand


  • Need replacement heads

2. O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop System

O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop System

For the truly budget-savvy cleaner, the O-Cedar EasyWring mop does come with a machine washable, and limitlessly reusable mop head. Just throw it in the washing machine after each use, or hand wash it to keep it looking its best for years.

The microfiber strands pick up dust and dirt easily, and it’s sturdy so you can really get your back into scrubbing if needed, without worrying about the whole tool bending.


  • No need for replacement heads

  • Machine washable mop head

  • Floors dry quickly

  • Good value

  • Durable bucket

  • Easy to wring out

  • Gets into corners


  • N/A

3. Libman Tornado Spin Mop System

Libman Tornado Spin Mop System

While there’s technically no need to change the heads on these washable microfiber mops, it’s handy that Libman provides a free refill, so you can mop while the other is drying, or use the dry mop head as a floor duster without the need for suds each time.

As a simple, foldaway mop, with a good sturdy bucket to boot, there are few more practical or affordable spin mops out there.


  • Easy spin chamber

  • Generous 2-gallon bucket

  • Clever spout for splashless emptying

  • Reusable mop head

  • Replacement head included


  • Round head plate makes corner a challenge

4. Worthland Spin Mop for Floor Cleaning

Worthland Spin Mop for Floor Cleaning

Worthland’s stainless steel mop is great not just for keeping your floors clean, but for keeping itself looking good. I’m a stickler for detail when it comes to home keeping, and there’s nothing worse than a pristine home ruined by a utility room full of rusty, greasy cleaning tools.

If you’re big on cleaning, and care about details, this mop is ideal for traditional cleaning, with some of the up-to-date features like efficient spin rinsing and a beautifully simple design to help keep it clean after the hard work is done.


  • Stainless steel handle is easy to keep clean and bright

  • Reusable mop head

  • Machine washable

  • Easy to wring out

  • Good value


  • Round head isn’t great for tight corners

5. Floor Police Cordless Electric Mop

Floor Police Cordless Electric Mop

I’m not usually one for as-seen-on-TV gadgets, but this electric spin mop is just incredible. The simple battery-powered mop automatically spins two rotating mop heads, with washable microfiber covers, to scrub your hard floors to a bright and clean finish.

The only thing that lets it down is the lack of a bucket, so you will have to do some thinking about what to do with that dirty water when you’re done.


  • Really easy to use

  • Good value

  • Sturdy handle, and easy to fold down for storage


  • No bucket, or easy way to rinse and wring

  • Not great at tight corners

What is a Spin Mop?

Spin mops work similarly to your regular mop. Likewise, it can take care of all the problems that using your good old mop would. Its concept is pretty straightforward. 

You simply need to place the mop head into the spinning device of the bucket that comes with the mop. Then, press the mop’s handle a few times to produce a spinning motion, which will remove excess water.

The best fiber that can help you achieve quality cleaning is either microfiber or yacht-type

The mop head will come out clean and dry, making it ready for use. Also, it’s up to you how much water you want to keep depending on the surface you have. Likewise, this will depend on the amount of dirt you need to clean. Rinsing out water and dirt off of a conventional mop is tedious and it's not as instant as with a spin mop.

Typically, you have to wait for a few minutes for it to dry out a bit before you can start mopping. This is a spin mop's edge over a regular mop. You don't have to go through the process of wringing out your cleaning equipment every time, the spinning motion will take care of it for you.

Watch this video to see how a spin mop do its thing: 

Advantages of Using a Spin Mops
Advantages Of Using A Spin Mop
  • Effective Cleaning. One of the many reasons why spin mops are widely used in households is because it's effective at what it does. It can provide you with a highly efficient cleaning that you won't get with traditional approaches.
  • Versatile. The spin wringer provides you with control on how wet you want your mop head. Thanks to its spinning process, you can utilize a spin mop on almost all types of applications.

    You can use it to dry clean your delicate floors or wet it with a cleaning agent to disinfect surfaces.
  • Less physical effort. A spin mop with its microfiber head is beneficial for you since it absorbs more water making it more effective than regular cleaning cloths. Most of its buckets even come with wheels eliminating the need for you to carry gallons of water with a cleaning solution around your home.

    Also, a user does not have to bend down to wring the mop or use too much force and effort to wash the floors.
  • It requires less water. Unlike a regular mop, a spin mop's water consumption is significantly less.
  • This means that while you're keeping your floors clean effectively, you're helping the environment by using less water.
  • Easy to wash. The entire mopping system itself is easy to wash. You can take the parts out with little to no effort, as well as wash them easily.
Downsides of Spin Mops
A spin mop with its microfiber head is beneficial for you since it absorbs more water making it more effective than regular cleaning cloths
  • Sometimes, your spin mop will not spin when you wring it on its basket.
  • It has three separate parts that you need to screw together.

    The problem with this is there are times when the middle or bottom part tends to detach when you apply more pressure during cleaning.
  • Its life span will depend largely on the durability of its bucket.
  • In comparison to other mops, it's a more expensive option. Still, the convenience and cleaning performance it provides is worth the extra cost.

Features To Consider When Buying A Spin Mop

Features To Consider When Buying A Spin Mop

When shopping for the best spin mop, here are some essential features you need to consider:

  • Cleaning ability. Look for a mop system that can clean different types of surfaces, such as tile, wood, and textured.
  • Cleaning degree. You can choose a 360 or 180-degree rotating mop depending on your cleaning needs.

    Before making a purchase, check how effective the rotation of the mop’s head is.
  • Mop head fiber. The best fiber that can help you achieve quality cleaning is either microfiber or yacht-type.
  • Design of the bucket. Check the make of the mop system's bucket, as well as its sturdiness.

    Furthermore, make sure that the water will not splash while you're rotating the mop. The foot pedal should also be hassle-free to use.
  • Durability. This factor is important if you want a cost-effective cleaning tool.

    Most spin mops can serve you for up to two years, while some will only last a few months of heavy use.
  • Accessories. There are also spin mops accessories available on the market that can help when you want to deep clean your home.

Spin Mop Frequently Asked Questions

Are spin mops any good?

There are two fields of thought when it comes to spin mops – those who love them above all else, and those who see them as a convenient way to do ‘just about enough’.

I sit somewhere in the middle, in that spin mops are very good tools, but they have limitations. They don’t scrub as hard as sheer brute force, and most will struggle to clean into corners.

Do spin mops separate dirty water?

Spin mops use simple centrifugal force to wring out dirty water after each section of flooring. Good spin mops come with split buckets, to keep your dirty water separate from your clean water.

Are spin mops better than regular mops?

Spin mops are much easier to use than regular mops, and use friction and force from their spinning motion to take the effort out of mopping. Regular mops do encourage the user to take care while using them, which does usually result in cleaner floors, but spin mops, with attention, can produce better results.

Can you use spin mops on laminate flooring?

Avoid electric spin mops on laminate or thin veneer flooring as the multidirectional action can damage old veneer. On modern laminate, spin mops are perfectly safe to use and won’t cause any damage.

Should I keep mopping until the water is clear?

Every drop of water you pick up from your floor should come out clear and clean by the time you’re done mopping. Wring out your spin mop regularly, and replace the water if it’s still coming up murky. After each use, wash the mop head thoroughly, to prevent dirty water next time.

Is it ok to mop with just water?

As with all cleaning, sometimes using water by itself is enough. It’s not going to kill bacteria, but it will remove light stains and dirt without needing to be rinsed as thoroughly.

For safety and hygiene, mop around hard floors one a week with detergent to kill any unseen bacteria that water alone can’t remove.

Wrapping Up Spin Mop Use | It’s Advantages And Disadvantages

Since you're more equipped to clean the inside of your home, check out our guide on how to clean flagstones to keep your home clean both inside and out. 

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of spin mop use, you'll be able to make the right decision which mop to buy. 

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