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How to Clean Flagstone Effectively

Are you getting annoyed with the look of your flagstones?

Are you looking for ways on how to clean flagstone to make your garden look better?

Then the information below will surely help you clean you flagstones and make them look brand new again.


So What Are These Flagstones

What is flagstone

One of the most common types of stone to most home builders is the flagstone. They are used commonly as garden walkways or driveway pavings.

A lot of garden owners are using flagstones for their patios since they have joints that are narrow, where the water can permeate freely. They also add an organic and natural look because of the shape and as well as the earthy tones of blues, grays, reds, and browns.

Some of the most common flagstone types used in the garden are limestone, slate, and sandstone. It is also great for the backyard because of the durability that it has and the slip-resistant that it provides especially when the weather gets rainy.

Effectively Cleaning Your Garden Flagstones

Cleaning the Flagstone Stains

No matter what your flagstones are being used for, it is always essential to know how you can clean them to maintain their look and quality. If you know how to clean flagstone, they will surely last for an extended period.

Removing Excess Water from Flagstones

The first thing that you need to do is to brush any water that is present in the flagstone and any condensation there with the help of a squeegee; It is important to make sure that your flagstone is free from water to prevent the buildup of mineral and withering.

Sweeping Off Dirt from Flagstones

It is also ideal to regularly sweep the flagstones using a dust mop or a dry broom to remove the debris, dirt, and the dust. You can do the sweeping during the time that you are doing your cleaning tasks, typically after a windy day or even after a gathering.

Removing the debris on a regular basis will avoid your flagstone to have stains on them permanently.

Cleaning the Flagstone Stains

Now, if there are already stains, including mildew and mold stains, then using an outdoor bleach will help. Start spraying the area where the stain and scrub it gently using a deck brush.

After treating it, you need to rinse it off with water immediately. If the bleach accidentally goes in contact with the plants or grass then immediately wash it off with water to avoid damaging them.

Using Stone Cleaner for Your Flagstones

There are stone cleaners with neutral PH, and all you have to do is to mix a solution with hot or warm water with the use of a mop, low-pressure sprayer, or a sponge. There will always be an instruction that will come with the stone cleaner, and all you have to do is to follow them.

Maintaining the Flagstones In Your Garden

Maintaining the Flagstones In Your Garden

Maintaining your flagstones is important for you to be able to ensure that they will last for an extended period. You don’t want to have it replaced after just one use right? So ensuring that you know how you can properly maintain your flagstones is essential.

Regularly Check for Damages

One of the first things that you need to do is to check your flagstones if there are any damages. In this way, you can start fixing them before the damage gets worse.

But the good thing about having flagstones is that whenever one becomes damaged, you don't need to replace the entire flagstones since they are installed one by one. If the damage can’t be fixed, then installing a new one will do.

Use Sealer Fills for your Flagstones

Another way of maintaining them is to apply sealer fills to your flagstones, most especially to the ones where the water supply contains certain minerals or alkaline.

Typically, the sealer is applied right after the installation. But put in mind to avoid sealers that have a glossy finish as this can affect the natural beauty of your flagstone.

Some sealers have matte finish, which is a good alternative since it will help maintain the appearance of the flagstone. You can just apply this sealer using a brush or a roller. You can regularly reapply the sealer to ensure that your flagstones will stay protected.

Caring for Your Flagstones in the Winter

Care for your flagstones in winter

Now, once the winter season settles in, it would be best to remove the snow that has been laying in the flagstones immediately before they melt or froze.

The reason behind this is because it will help maintain the moisture of the stone and keep the ice from going inside the joints.

Everything that you need to know on how to clean flagstone and how you can properly maintain it as well. All you have to do now is to follow the tips above to ensure that your flagstones will retain its appearance.

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