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Christmas Cacti Guide

Christmas Cacti Growing and Caring Guide

In order for the Christmas cacti to bloom abundantly in winter, it needs some care. This wild species are native to tropical mountain regions in Brazil.  There they grow as epiphytes on trees and bushes or as lithophytes on rocks. Even if they don’t look like it, the types of Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera) are real cactus […]

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Rock Garden To Add Privacy

20 Gorgeous Rock Garden Ideas and Design

Not all gardens have to have big, beautiful flowers. You can create a stunning garden using rocks. Rock gardens can add diversity to your yard while being low maintenance.And they can look good all year round. Below you will find tips for designing a rock garden along with several rock garden ideas.

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Best Bbq Gas Grill on The Market

80 Outdoor BBQ Ideas For Your Garden

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Your yard should be a peaceful place where you can relax and spend time with your friends. If you like to entertain and throw parties, check out some of these outdoor BBQ ideas.No matter what size yard, patio, or balcony you have, there are outdoor BBQ area ideas you […]

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How to Trim Hedges

How to Trim Hedges – Hedge Trimming Ultimate Guide

Hedge trimming or how to trim hedges is an art form that takes years to perfect, and managing your own pristine (or wild) hedge is unique to you.OK, so your standard garden hedge might be a rectangular box or privet, but I guarantee that yours is narrower, wider, taller, shorter, or more or less ornate than […]

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Beech Hedging How To Grow And Sculpt

Beech Hedging | How To Grow And Sculpt A Thick Hedge

Producing fabulous foliage, beech hedging is a really great screening plant, as even in the wintertime it retains most of its leaves. The fagus sylvatica, otherwise known as the European Beech or copper beech hedge plant, is one of the most popular beech hedging plants.Hedging can greatly define different areas in your garden. This deciduous, perennial tree grows in most […]

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Peperomia Hope Guide

Peperomia Hope Growing and Care Guide

Indoor gardens are all the rage at the moment. Whether it’s a formidable amount of hanging plants, or the current craze around plant walls, we’re pretty sure you have heard of Peperomia Hope People are acknowledging the power of having plants in your home, and that they do more than just adding to décor. So, if […]

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