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DIY Recycle and Reuse Garden Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Gardening is one of the sweetest pleasures in life, regardless of your age. There is something special about putting effort into planting something, watching patiently how it grows. Even children are advised to learn it from an early age, as it offers plenty of life lessons that will equip them well for the rest of […]

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Bringing Trees’ Powerful Beauty Into Your Garden

Trees form one of the most useful plant groups you can have in the garden, attracting a wide range of benefits to your green spaces. Unfortunately, studies suggest that they are underappreciated by Americans. 36m urban trees were lost between 2009-2014, according to a recently published study. Introducing trees into your garden shouldn’t be taken lightly, as […]

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10 Trees You Should Plant In Your Garden

Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem of the planet and provide numerous benefits to mankind. Having trees in your garden can actually turn the look of the garden and create a sculptural feel to the place. The trees can act as a buffer for cold and windy nights and a shade for the […]

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The Ultimate Landscaper Guide

Knowing how important a garden can be, it can get pretty interesting when you are faced with a landscaping project without any expertise whatsoever. Landscaping is an art on its own as there are so many elements to take into account. What’s more, you might find yourself in a situation where either there are no […]

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Top Great Decor Ideas for Your Patio

During any sort of decoration project involving your home, it can be easy to forget about the outdoor part of your residence. However, when pulled off correctly, you can extend the interior of your home to the outside and make it quite cozy and charming. Of course, it can be easy to spend too much […]

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Make A Beautiful Garden an Important Selling Point of Your Home

  While viewing the house, around 22% of a person’s time is focused on examining the external features and the garden of a house with 17% spent looking at these through the windows. If you are selling your home, it is important to add value to your property and put an effort in sprucing up […]

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