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How to Grow Avocados Indoors

How to Grow Avocados Indoors | Avocados 101

Guacamole and avocado on toast have become summer staples around the world, learning how to grow avocados indoors will make sure you are ready to make this delicious meal anytime you want. Add to that the fact that avocado is packed with fiber and fat-soluble vitamins and you have an all-round winner on your hands.Learn how […]

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Yellow leaves on citrus tree

Citrus and Lemon Tree Leaves Yellowing | How To Treat and Prevent

Lemon and citrus trees are some of the easiest and most common plants to put in the backyard. However, if the plants get neglected a common symptom is the lemon tree leaves yellowing. How To Avoid Yellow Leaves on Citrus Trees 1. Ensure soil PH 6-8 for Citrus Trees2. Supply enough nitrogen to your Lemon […]

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Preparing Your Garden Site Plan

How To Plan Your Garden Décor | Factors To Consider

Gardens provide a safe and welcome space to venture outside, breaking the monotony of being coiled up indoors. That is, if you know how to plan your garden décor. Your garden keeps you occupied when you are idle. Improving your garden décor can not only help the aesthetics and appeal of your outdoor space, but also […]

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Medicinal Plants List To Grow At Home

Medicinal Plants List To Grow At Home

Top Medical Plants, Herbs, and Their Best Uses for HealingNowadays both modern and alternative medicine rely on the centuries-old healing properties of herbs and plants. Having a medicinal plants list for different sickness is a common trend these days.Studies show that homeopathic medicine may prove beneficial to both our physical and mental well-being.We at Sumo […]

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How to Use a Miter Saw?

Table Saw vs Miter Saw | Which Is Best For Your Need?

The table saw and the miter saw are among the most popular of saw types. Still, many wants to know the difference between table saw vs miter saw.  Are you looking to get yourself into a DIY project, but you’re not sure which model would serve you best? Let us help you learn their strengths, so […]

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small and dwarf fruit trees for your backyard

Best Small Trees That Won’t Take Over Your Garden

Man has destroyed 46% of the world’s forests and the devastation that this has had on the atmosphere is insurmountable. Let’s fix that by planting the best small trees to help in this endeavor.The only way to combat this is simply by planting more trees. If every person on the planet planted just one solitary […]

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