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Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades: What’s Best For Your Lawn?

Every responsible lawn owner understands how much love goes into maintaining a stellar lawn, and this love generates a significant amount of tension for them.

Part of this tension is owed to choosing blades for your magnificent stretch of land.

And more importantly, deciding which one to use: mulching blade or regular blade.

Fear not, today I shall provide you with a few basic differences to help you understand what is rightly apt for you.


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Are Mulching and Regular Lawn Mower Blades The Same?

Not exactly! There are essentially two kinds of lawn mowing blades in our arsenal, the mulching blade and the regular blade.

Standard mower blades sometimes referred to as the "2-in-1 blades".

They are the most common blades that not only cut the grass but also propel it outward through a higher lifting airflow into either the discharge chute or the collection bag.

Mulching blades, referred to as the 3-in-1 blades. They are more complex in design and capable of mulching, discharging, and bagging.

Greenworks Lawn Mower

What Offers More Versatility?

If you’re looking for versatility and increased functions, the mulching blade should be on your shopping list.

As the name implied, 2-in-1 blades have only two essential functions. One is discharging grass cut-outs through the discharge chute. The other is flinging them into a collection bag.

Mulching blades, or 3-in-1 blades, on the other hand, can do both the functions of a regular blade, along with the additional benefits of turning clippings into mulch.

This mulch is left on the lawn floor where it decomposes and releases healthy nutrients back into the ground.

How Do They Cut Differently?

Both blades produce grass clippings but with different quality.

A regular blade cuts the entire grass clipping with one stroke, which is then blown out the side of the mower or into a grass-catching bag.

Whereas, a mulching blade cuts the clipping several times over, resulting in several small clippings instead of just one large clip.

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What's Ideal For The Timeframe?

Basically, there are two kinds of gardeners. The first type mows his/her lawn now and then. The other kind would probably wait for it to hit a good few inches. 

If you’re among the former category, a mulching blade is highly advisable. Otherwise, it's better to stick with the regular blades.

How Do I Know Which One Is Better?

If you regularly bag your clippings and dispose them into the trash or compost heaps, then you will do well with a standard blade.

 However, if you like leaving your grass clippings on the lawn itself, where they can decompose faster, a mulching blade is preferable.

A mulching blade further provides a significantly more nutrient return to the soil, owing to their nature and purpose.

Avid lawn caretakers could take note the level of involvement with their lawns, and decide whether they need to employ a mulching set for regular usage.

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Do The Blades Look Different?

The biggest tell-tale between a mulching blade and a normal blade is their shape. Owing to its unique way of clipping grass, the mulching blade has a slightly curved angle and contains a lot more cutting edges along its surface than regular blades.

Can you turn your regular mower into a mulching mower?

 The mulching blade is designed for multiple shredding of the grass clippings. You can take a look at this one for a better understanding:

Regular Blades vs Mulching Blades

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How do they discharge differently from each other?

The mulching blades are inherently planned to cut the grass clippings until they are tiny shreds. And they also maintain the clippings below the mower deck leading to a slower discharge as opposed to the regular blades.

Regular blades, on the other hand, cut the grass clippings as a whole and remove them immediately. However, the discharge process by the traditional blades could clog them up.

Mulching vs Regular Mowing Blades Conclusion

Hope you got a clear idea about the differences between the mulching blades vs regular blades. If you feel intimidated by these information, watch this video for better understanding.

Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades

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