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A Quick Buying Guide to Choose the Best Riding Mower for Hills

We know how tough and time taking it is to maintain a lawn from sewing grass seed to fertilizing and watering. Once the green velvet-like grass swims all over, you need to mow it frequently.

Moreover, if you live in the hilly or on the rolling slopes, gardening becomes more difficult. Rolling lawns are like adding a layer of majesty to the landscape, but these lovely hills are dangerous obstacles when you want to get the mowing done.

Thus, for hills, you will find specialized mowers, but the price range and features make it a confusing task to choose the best riding mower for hills.

In this buying guide, we have taken into account many factors such as deck size, engine power, transmission type, power type of lawn to be mowed and reviewed some best riding mower for hills to make the right purchase!

Go through all these three products which we have suggested to take a fair decision when it comes to your garden.

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How to Choose the Best Riding Mower for Hills

This is one of the toughest questions that our buying guide will answer. Reading through this, you can choose the best riding mower for hills. Well, many people still wonder and struggle to buy a mower but are still in an air of doubts, as they do not know what a good riding mower should have. Here are those features

1. Check the Engine Horsepower

The lawn tractor with a horsepower of 15 to 17 is suitable for gardening. Therefore, we would advise you to look out for the HP output of the engine, which is a quick measurement of the engine’s capacity and the workload.

2. Keep a tab on the power source

Lawn mowers run on a number of different energy sources such as battery, manual, gasoline or electric. There are times when users tend to choose the best riding mower for hills, and it is common enough to select gasoline-run or electric run mowers as they are easy to maintain.

3. Measure the mower deck

The deck size of the lawn mower matters a lot, as this is the sole factor determining how good the mower can cut grass. The deck size should typically range from 40 to 50 inches. However, if you choose a smaller deck sized mower, it would not help you yield the best result.

4. Check the cutting width

When you purchase a riding mower for the hilly region, it is necessary to check the cutting width. It comes in a variety of ranges from two to three blades, so choose the one that suits your lawn.

5. Look at the cruise control

If you are trying to buy an automatic hydrostatic mower, then make sure that the machine comes with a cruise control. This feature allows your lawn mower to run with a steady speed and the desired period of time.

The final aspect that you need to check through is their price. You cannot leave out the pricing factor when it comes to mower. As the machine is powerful and has a lot of added features to make it highly efficient for the hills and undulating plains, you need to fix a minimum budget so that it would be easy to buy a mower as per your needs.

Advantages of the Best Riding Mower for Hills

The best riding mower for hills comes with a number of benefits. The key benefits are listed below

  • Riding mower is ideal for those who have health issues and cannot stand and push things for a longer time.
  • The ability to sit and upgrade the pedal drive makes the cutting grass much like driving a car.
  • Riding mowers are efficient for the hilly terrain, as the rolling slopes are tough and full of obstacles so using a hand mower is almost next to impossible.
  • Best riding mowers come with the key start that helps to eliminate the pull cord of whose upper body doesn’t have much strength.
  • Even these types of land mower comes with sun shades, so those who are sensitive to the sun can mow the area with ease.

Attributes that Makes Riding Mowers for Hills Popular

Do you know the best riding mower for hills is having machine that comes with a horsepower which is similar to a tractor?

As 20 or more automatic hydrostatic engines power the engine,it is quite tough. Therefore, the riding mower is a preferable choice for those who have a rolling landscape or have settled in the hills.

Moreover, the main reasons behind the popularity of these riding mowers among garden lovers are the ability to do the work in very less time, and reduce the manual labor. As the best riding mower for hills comes with the ability to sit and drive, you can simply make the grass leveled anywhere you wish.

Top 3 Best Riding Mower For Hills

Here is a list of a few mowers that will help you decide the best one for you:

1. Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 18.5 hp

Riding Mower for hills (Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 18.5 hp)

via Amazon

Husqvarna is one of the familiar names regarding the lawn mower that is popular for their powerful engine. It comes with a 24 Hp V-Twin engine. The engine is able to generate higher output and allows cutting even on hills and various locations.

The machine comes with cruise control and hydrostatic pedal transmission for swift movement. In fact, the lawn mower is good for mowing both large and small lawn. Though the price range is above $2000, the users have posted some rave reviews online.

The auto transmission of this machine is faster than expected and its air induction improves the mowing. The convenient fender on the deck makes the mower easy to operate. You should connect the deck port to a water hose to allow easy cleaning.


  • Cruise control ability gives the machine a steady movement
  • The automatic hydrostatic pedal transmission permits better output and better movement
  • This mower is equipped with armrest, a deck of good size, headlights and an hour meter


  • The range of the mower is over $2,000
  • It comes with a limited warranty period of three years

2. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler

via Amazon

The Cub Cadet has given its competitors a tough fight of existence. It comes with the 42 inches deck & twin blades, which give your mower an unmatched performance. It comes with a great power to adjust the cutting positions and settle it at a preferable height.

With twelve preset positions, you can cut through undulating plains and tall grass without complexity. The 16 inches turning radius on XT1 allows smooth cutting. With the big size radius, the mower also guarantees ultimate safety to its rider.

As the machine is composed of top-notch materials and stress-resistant elements, it will have less wear and tear. Even a little climate change is not going to affect it. The corrosion defense components form of a thin coat, which reduces possible erosion.

The 42 inches deck allows the machine to cut the grass without leaving behind a single spot. And it is the brand new cruise control ability that makes the device more efficient.


  • The 18 horsepower engine makes it more powerful
  • 42-inch blades to cut the grass clean
  • 16-inch turning radius gives easy maneuver
  • The preset 12 cutting positions can cut different types of grass


  • It does not come with an electric clutch
  • It can mow in the reverse mode, but it is a little bit more complicated than other machines mentioned

3. Troy Bilt 420CC Mower

Troy Bilt 420CC Mower

via Amazon

It is one of the powerful and best riding mowers for hills that sums the features of all amusing mowers. It comes with 2 levers on deck to control height instead of 4 levers. The machine comes with easy deck wash fitting, the power to control bulging roots, and responsive drive control. It can easily cut the bumps & bulging roots with its 16-inch back wheel. The bigger front wheels along with a motor can do all the hard work.

It comes under the price of $1000. It has a 420cc engine and 30 inches cutting deck. The right-hand speed controller and fixed handlebar are an added advantage. Reasonable price with all these packed features makes it the best riding mower for hills in our whole list. This is called the ideal neighborhood mower as it can graze and mow through even to rugged landscape with ease and total control.

Their powerful OHV engine, with a speed of 4.2 MPH and the six-speed auto transmission, allows faster grass cutting. You will find manual power take-off to enable faster blade management. 30 inches cutting deck with five impressive easy-adjustable settings allows wider cut through the grasses. The 18-inch turning radius allows smooth maneuver.


  • It cuts through the obstacles easily.
  • Though it comes with reduced torque it gives fair performance


  • The deck comb in the front of this lawn mower is sharp and it may hurt anything
  • It is necessary to wear gloves when you load the mower into a trunk

Best Riding Mower for Hills - WINNER

Troy Bilt 420CC Mower

via Amazon

Among all three brands we have mentioned here, Troy Bilt 420 cc Lawn Mower fulfills all the necessary goals of a riding mower for hills.

If you are having a garden in the undulating plains or hills, you will like to have it in your garden.

You want a maneuverable, powerful and hard working lawn mower that comes with wider cutting width, a larger deck size for smooth rides, amazing cruise control to topple the obstacles in a sloppy terrain.

Above all, the price and the horsepower of the machine should be fair enough to fit your pocket. This device is a little expensive but buy it once and you are sorted for at least some years. It comes with a fair enough warranty period and replacement guarantee on various machinery parts.

Moreover, the engine is highly powerful and the turning radius along with its deck size makes its inevitable choice for all gardeners who are reading this list. If you still have a personal opinion to share or any other products to mention, please share it in the comment below.

How to Use the Best Riding Mower for Hills to Beautify your Garden

To use the riding mower on hills, you need to follow certain basic tips.

  • Before you start using a lawn mower on the hilly terrain, make sure to move all obstacles from the path. For example, you need to remove all the sticks, rocks and debris that could affect your machine.
  • If the riding mower comes with attachments like mulcher and grass catcher, it will make mower move easier. However, this will also add risks while mowing a slope, so you need to be careful.
  • When mowing in a hilly region, make sure to mow up and down. Since driving a lawn mower horizontally increases the chance to tip sideways. Avoid turning the lawn mower while using it on a slope

You can also check the following video to get the full details of using a riding mower efficiently on a sloping land

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Best riding mower for hills

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