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When to fertilize new Grass

When to Fertilize New Grass?

If you have a new lawn or you want to repair damaged parts, you should grow new grass. Ideally, the seeds will become seedlings and grow large enough to be lush and healthy. However, there are cases when they don’t survive for long – and fertilizer application might be the problem. Thus, it’s essential that you […]

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Spring Garden Checklist: What to do in the garden in spring?

What To Do In The Garden In Spring?

As spring arrives, you need to pay extra attention to your garden. While this season can promise great plant growth, there are also several issues to deal with. Thus, let’s take a look at the many activities you can do when are gardening in spring. Quick Navigation 1. Pest ControlSlug and Wireworm Control2. PruningTrees and […]

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How To Repair Damaged Lawn

How to Repair Damaged Lawn

If you see that a section of your lawn is no longer growing any healthy grass, it needs to be repaired immediately. Otherwise, you are going to be left with an unsightly lawn. Wouldn’t you want a lush, green lawn instead? Here, we discuss the steps on how to repair damaged lawn. Quick Navigation #1 Identify […]

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65 Lawn & Flower Edging Ideas

65 Lawn & Flowers Edging Ideas

Gardens gain a distinctive appeal through edging. Essentially, this process helps to differentiate one area from another.  The most common purpose of edging is to divide where your lawn ends and where your garden begins. Likewise, edging serves as a way to locate flower beds and sitting areas, among others. Here, we’ve got 65 lawn and […]

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5 The Best Garden Hose On The Market

Top 5 Best Garden Hose For 2020

When it comes to garden irrigation, there is no more popular option than the use of a hose. After all, it’s easy to use and assemble. However, not all garden hoses are built the same way. With the advent of technology, various types of garden hoses have sprung up to cater to the watering preferences of […]

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How to conduct spring lawn care

How to Conduct Spring Lawn Care

For some homeowners, lawn care takes too much time and effort. However, this is an important time for one’s property. If you do not take proper care of your lawn in spring, it could result in various problems throughout the rest of the year. Thus, you should know how to conduct spring lawn care as […]

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