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How to apply weed and feed after rain

When Should You Apply Weed And Feed Before Rain?

Weed and feed is a particularly common product known to lawn owners. Instead of having to use herbicide and apply fertilizer separately, the weed and feed chemical product does both at the same time. Ideally, this will improve your lawn’s ability to retain water and nutrients. With healthy grass, your lawn won’t be easily invaded by […]

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How to know when to cut new grass

When to Cut New Grass

You’re probably wondering when to cut new grass. You spent weeks properly sowing, watering and waiting for your new grass to grow.You worried about the right amount of moisture and held your breath for a few days when the rain wouldn’t stop. Now, the grass is growing and coming in thick. After all of the time […]

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how to keep birds from eating grass seed

How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seed

Are you planning to plan grass seeds in your lawn? Before you do, you need to learn how to keep birds from eating grass seed.Typically, when you start planting grass seeds in your lawn, birds have the tendency of picking them away. 

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Do Grass Seeds Go Bad

Do Grass Seeds Go Bad Or Expire? | How To Properly Store Them

The question does grass seed go bad is a common one. Unopened grass seed bags can last quite a long time, between three and five years, under the right conditions.Properly stored opened bags of grass seed can last 18 months, if in the proper storage area. However, you should remember that your grass seed germination […]

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