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Basic DIY Tools For Beginners

DIY Tools Evolution as You Become More Skilled

One skill most people lack is how to perform basic Do It Yourself repairs and maintenance for our homes. DIY tasks can range in complexity from beginner, intermediate and advanced. And this calls for DIY tools, from hammers through to table saws. If you’ve never undertaken a DIY project before, you probably wouldn’t know what tools […]

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Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

9 Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews for 2023

Circular saws are one of the most important power tools any workshop can have. Drills are a given, and sanders are great additions once you’ve got the basics, but when it comes to practical tools, there’s nothing more time-saving, and effort-reducing than the not-so-humble circular saw.The power and speed of circular saws have always been […]

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Portable Band Saw Ultimate Buying Guide

7 Best Portable Band Saw 2023 | Ultimate Buying Guide

While a portable band saw isn’t likely to see much use for domestic gardeners, it’s almost essential for commercial landscapers. Portable band saws slice through pipe, branches and awkward obstructions in the garden with ease. In this article we’ll explore how and when to use a portable band saw, and we’ve scoured the internet for the […]

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Choosing the Best Dual Fuel Generator: Complete Buyers’ Guide

7 Best Dual Fuel Generator: 2023 Complete Buyers’ Guide

For most domestic gardeners, choosing the best dual fuel generator might not be a regular consideration, but when it comes down to it, if you’re going to invest in a substantial bit of kit like a dual fuel generator, it’s worth buying the best. For commercial gardeners, they are probably the most important bit of […]

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Best Hand Saw for cutting trees

5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees | 2023 Buying Guide

A hand saw is not as powerful as a chainsaw, but it can also get the job done. Likewise, it’s not always a wise decision to use a chainsaw. For one, you wouldn’t want to wake up the whole neighborhood when you just want to cut down a small or medium-sized tree. With that in mind, […]

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Circular saw belongs to the most dangerous tools in the garage

8 Most Dangerous Tools in Your Garage

Sometimes, we forget that the gardening or building tools we have in our garages are dangerous in the wrong hands. Chainsaws, circular cutters, lawnmowers, and trimmers are the instruments that almost every American has in their garage. How could they be dangerous? I listed the most dangerous tools based on my own work experience, and I hope […]

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