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How to Create Flavored Marijuana

For the experienced and inexperienced weed grower, a common question that always comes up is how to affect the flavor of the weed. Although the purists will want to keep the original flavor of the different strands, it is always interesting and a fun way to experiment and tweak the flavoring of weed. 

Currently, there are many different infusions of flavors like chocolate, root beer, vanilla, and other common citrussy flavors to delight the palate. 

Although, you will not get the fruity flavors of a ruthless ejuice vape, the flavor of cannabis is actually quite pleasant and earthy.  These cannabis strains usually have its own natural flavor. 

In all honesty, cannabis growers have spent a great deal of time breeding strains that have a wide array of smells and other flavors. Some of these strains are quite popular and have names like Strawberry Cough, Grapefruit, and lemon haze. 

The main reason these strains were developed was to specifically remind us of the exact flavors they are supposed to represent.  For example, Lemon Haze is made specifically to mimic lemon. 

However, one caveat to growing strains with specific flavors is that it requires special and correct growing condition to get the desired result. 

As such, some people who end up growing a specific strain with their desired flavor are often times disappointed to find that the end result of months of hard work is a flavor that is not what they wanted. 

In cases like this, you will want to try different experiments to arrive at your desired end result.

How To Flavor Marijuana?


By flavoring your weed to your specific tastes, you can really enhance your cannabis experience. But in order to begin flavoring weed, you need to start with the correct strain. 

Make sure that you find a strain that has the right smell and tastes that you desire. The best time to add flavor to your cannabis strain is before harvesting and after harvesting.

Although you can change the flavor during the grow itself, it is much easier to affect flavor during the times that are recommended in the previous sentence. If you grow your strain in living soil, there is evidence that your bud will taste and smell better. 

Living Soil is a type of soil that already has microorganisms in it already. These microorganisms in the soil help feed nutrients directly into your plants and thus you don’t need to worry about adding extra nutrients to the soil or that the pH in the soil will be off. 

The main benefit is that you water the plants.  However, these plants grow at a slower pace compared to regular soil, but the advantage is a more powerful smell to your buds.

Lastly, lets touch on supplements that boost taste.  Although it is a controversial topic in terms of growing cannabis, there are many options that can help you increase the taste profile.

First there are sugar based supplements that claim to give a sweeter bud.  Molasses for example can give your plants a much bigger and bolder taste. 

Second, there are supplements that add taste to buds. These supplements are not made especially for plants, but more so the type of supplements that you would see in your kitchen from the local grocery store. 

The molasses adds amino acids, sugars, and trace minerals.  The molasses unfortunately is no good for hydroponics due to the consistency, but it is good for people that looking to create soil. 

Next, there are additives that you can use to boost the natural bloom process.  Ingredients in this segment are here to help the plant improve.  While these supplements contain carbs and sugars, they also have marine, mineral, and plant extracts like amino acids and vitamins. 

However, not a lot of study has been done on the effectiveness of the supplements, but the following are some of the more popular supplements.

  1. Floralicious Plus:
    General Hydroponics GH1386 Floralicious Plus Hydroponic Plant Supplement, 8 Ounce

    Source: Amazon

    This is a extra super concentrated blend of plant, microbial and mineral extracts that has a big concentration of sugars, amino acids, vitamins, and polyflavonoids. 

    What this supplement does is bring about greater metabolic growth, increase flower development, and enhance fruit swelling and oil production.

  2. Liquid Karma:
    Botanicare LIQUID KARMA Plant Growth Enhancer Supplement 0.1-0.1-0.5 Formula, 1-Quart

    Source: Amazon

    Liquid Karma is a supplement that was created by a plant physiologist Ph.D.  This plant enhancer helps with an organic active compound that is currently not found in plant foods and or supplements. 

    It is not a thick liquid and very opaque. It is more of a supplemental nutrient which means that it is not very strong and should be used with other ingredients.  This is definitely not something you would use for your lawn.

  3. Diamond Black:
    General Hydroponics 726840 GH5362 Diamond Black for Plants, 1-Quart fertilizers

    Source: Amazon

    Diamond Black is a humic acid that is organically created and helps to naturally build healthy soil and mixes.  We recommend this supplement for the soil mixes.  A lot of people have said that this product is similarly comparable. 

    However, there really is no comparison because the floralicious is used to enhance the growth of plants and not really a fertilizer enhancer. 

So, if you are giving extra nutrients to your plants by infusing the water  you add to the soil, it is advisable that you stop feeding the extra nutrients to your plants one or two weeks before you harvest. 

This will allow the plants to begin seeping up any of the extra nutrients in the plant so that the natural flavors of the plant will come through instead of the taste of the nutrients. 

However, if you are not adding extra nutrients to your plants via the water source, then you do not need to do anything special as you have already fed your plants plain water from the get go. 

The big idea here is that you want to get nutrients to your plants but make sure that you are over doing the nutrients. In essence, the big thing here is to make sure you are able to grow strong and viable plants. However, be in the look out for pests and diseases that may affect your yield. 

Since you are trying to augment the flavor of the plant, use trial and error to come to the desired flavor. But always make sure that there isn’t any extraneous tastes from supplements.

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