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7 Amazing DIY Uses for Old Garden Hose

Your garden hose no longer gets the job done. You are probably thinking of throwing it way. You wonder if the garbage man will accept the long rubber hose. You are even considering burning it. You are not alone.

I was in the same predicament a few days ago until I discovered 7 great uses for old garden hose. Imagine my joy especially because they are such simple ways.

I am no longer the gardener who puts her old garden hoses into the burn pit. Here is a list of 7 creative ways I discovered that could be used to recycling garden hose.


7 Creative Uses for Old Garden Hose

1. Make a Rainbow Bench from Old Garden Hose

You can use long old garden hoses to make a garden bench. If you want your bench to have rainbow colors, use different hose colors to make it. Make a frame with logs or use an old bench that needs a makeover.

Cut the hoses pieces into lengths that will be long enough to form the bench seat. Use nails or screws to secure them to the frame. Create a beautiful pattern by using different hose colors for the seat.

Te hoses are rubber, and they will give you a nice cushion for the seat as you relax in your garden.

2. Turning Old Garden Hose to a Garden Doormat

Turning Old Garden Hose to a Garden Doormat

You can transform that old garden hose into a colorful door or garden mat. Place the mat on the surface. Use pruners to cut the hose to create an outer circle of the mat. Put glue on one side of the cut hose and put it gently on the mat.

Use something heavy such as a stone and place it on the first section of the outer circle and leave it overnight to make it stick. Repeat this as you put on other hoses to expand the circle until you fill your half circle.

When the sections are done and dry, cut the ends so that the lengths at the end do not hang. Use scissors to cut the mat base to a half circle. According to this article, you can use zip ties instead of glue if you find it easier to keep the hoses in place.

3. Drip Irrigate Using Your Old Garden Hose

Drip Irrigate Using Your Old Garden Hose

Source: Gardeners

I am sure you have had that hose that has holes, and you wonder what to do with it. Old hoses with holes are easier to use as a soaker. Use an ice pick or another sharp object to punch more even spaced holes into the hose and attach one end to the water source. Use a crimp to ensure water does not escape on the other end.

Use the soaker to deliver water right to your garden. Run the soaker system in the mornings or evenings to avoid a lot of water evaporation. When the weather is hot, you can water your plants more often.

You will agree with me that a water soaker system will save you lots of time and work compared to the use of a watering can or the regular garden hose with reels.

4. Recycling Garden Hose to Support Young Trees

Newly planted plants or trees often need support to grow. Like me, you have probably used support wires and found your plant or tree damaged and cut at the branches and trunk. Not anymore.

Threading the support wire through the hose will prevent this damage. Better still, use the old garden hose as a support system as a hose is more flexible and when there is a strong wind, it will sway rather than cutting into the young tree trunk.

Watch this you tube video on the great way that old hose can be used for this purpose 

5. Make A Sheath For Your Blade

As pointed out in this articleblade sheaths keep your knives sharp in between use. They also ensure that your tools are kept safely. You can also prepare hose sheathes for scissors, saws, axes, and hatches that have blades.

Recycling Old Garden Hose

Source: Handyman

Measure the blade length of your tool and cut the old hose to a length that is enough for the blade. Cut a slit on the piece of hose from one end to the other.

Your sheath is ready, and you can put the tool inside until the next time you need to use the tool.

6. Make A Garden Basket From Your Old Hose And Some Zip Ties

If you are in your home, you do not need to get rid of them. As explained by in this blog, you can make a colorful garden basket.

Start out with the blunt end of the hose and coil it around the end twice, add your zip tie on the sides. Continue wrapping and adding the zip ties next to the other.

Cut their ends at the base. After making the base start adding the walls. Make sure that the zip ties are not very tight as the basket might collapse at the very tight places. 

Within no time, you will have your garden basket that you can use as a trash container or for putting in dirty laundry.

7. Using Old Garden Hose as Flower Bed Borders  

Since it can easily be curved, you can use an old garden hose as a border and a visual layout for your flower bed. A hose can also be curved to mimic a snake in your garden to keep away birds and other pets.

As explained here, all you need to do is put the hose in a coiled position, so it resembles a snake.

Now that we know what to do with our old garden hose, its time to get a new one. See our reviews of the best garden hose below:

Be Sure to Recycle Old Garden Hose

I no longer have to keep begging the city garbage men to take away my leaky old hoses. I use them for artistic and useful purposes. Now you can too.

I bet you did enjoy this list of the seven creative ways to recycle your old garden hose. Don’t just use these tips alone, share them with your friends and let’s keep the conversation going in the comments.

Leave a comment and share with us some of your best uses for old garden hose.

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