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Garden Fitness: Learn About Exercise In The Garden

Do you know that gardening can have a great impact on boosting your overall health?

Without the shadow of a doubt, gardening is satisfying and full of fun. You get all the exercise that you would otherwise have to do in the gym or at home, not to mention that you’ll have to buy your own fitness equipment if you want to equip your home with gear.

what are the activities that combine both exercise and gardening?

Truth is, gardening can have quite an impact to benefit your health.

An hour of intense gardening can burn more than 350 calories along with the satisfaction and of course, your gorgeous garden.

Regular physical activity will lower your blood pressure and the overall levels of cholesterol, not to mention getting you fit! Your legs, arms, six pack, and back – they all get a proactive workout!

You can always reach out to the expert reviews of websites like the Exercise Center. If you would rather work your way through the garden, you’ll have to cope with rakes, pruners, lawn mowers, various saws both manually driven and fuel-powered, shovels, and the list goes on.

A lesser-known fact is that exercising on a regular basis increases the process of neurogenesis, which literally stands for new brain cells growing.

And of course, being a good gardener means to always look out for know knowledge and know-how and that means reading a lot!

That’s what got you here in the first place. 🙂

So, what are the activities that combine both exercise and gardening?

Although the actual range of chores is extremely vast, to name a few:

And the best thing is that you’re working out on multiple muscles at the same time!

Planting as exercise


What other benefits are there?

A good amount of regular gardening gets you fit by slowly but surely helping you lose a few inches off your waistline. It’s a lot of fun, it comes with a huge dose of satisfaction and you don’t have to follow any strict diets!

As long as you bring in love to your garden, you’re on the right path.

Taking care of plant life can help you both lose weight and get in shape without any of the hassle, nerves and extra sacrifices that come with exercising at the gym.

Grow herbs while you burn fat. Although we all have our own biological specifics, such as rate of metabolism, predisposition to how sport affects us and etc, gardening should not be your only bet in terms of getting that great body.

One clever way of nourishing the element of exercise while gardening is to use a push lawn mower rather than riding a mower car.

gardening gets you fit by slowly but surely helping you lose a few inches off your waistline

“Rushing into gardening chores without warming up could result in injuries you could otherwise avoid. Whenever you have a hefty and effort-consuming task, always set at least 15 minutes in advance to properly prepare your body” – says Liam Doyle, a professional gardener from London – “Neck cramps, back strain, and knee inflammation to name a few.“

The same way as rushing in unprepared, overdoing your gardening efforts in a blind pursuit of exercise and fitness also holds a fair risk.

Bear breaks in mind. Use a timer and set a reminder. Give your body enough in-between sessions and break down your task in bearable chunks. Don’t overkill into handling everything at once. You can weed the entire garden for a few days in a row.

Don’t stress yourself and your body into completing such a task for a single day. Another key tip is to mix your tasks. Rake one part of the garden then weed another. Diversify your activities and thus balance the entire exercise.

Love and effort will pay off with pride and a strong sense of self-accomplishment.

Gardening is absolutely the best stress-reliever

Truth is, gardening will not only benefit your physical condition but also mindset and spirit. The combination of workout and pride is the absolutely best stress-reliever.

Not to mention that the combination of scent, sight, and sounds will help you anchor to a state of peace of mind you will slowly grow to not being able to live without.

And this is why tending a garden is a 100% healthy hobby for both body and mind. It helps you exercise, relieve of stress and at best – grow your own food!

Consuming the fruits (vegetables and spices) of your own labor is without comparison.

In conclusion:

Without the shadow of a doubt, tending a garden is a hobby that will not only help you exercise and get fit but help your mindset and spirit evolve.

Learn About Exercise In The Garden


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