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11 Best Garden Tractors Reviewed | 2021 Buying Guide

In our ultimate buyer’s guide, we reviewed the best garden tractors on the market in 2021 and choose the top contender, as well as looking at the benefits of these versatile machines, features to look for when making your purchase, lawn tractor uses and safety, and much more!

If you want to make yard work easy and enjoyable, you need the best garden tractor for the job! 


Best Garden Tractors Buying Guide

Garden Tractor Winner for 2021

Husqvarna LGT54DXL 54 inches 25HP Kohler Garden Tractor 960430261

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If you want a durable garden mower that you can rely on for a long time, you have to pick the Husqvarna LGT54DXL 54" 25HP Kohler Garden Tractor.

It has everything you need in a garden tractor, plus you’ll get a front bumper that will protect your machine if ever you’ll meet unfortunate accidents.

In addition to that, mowing time will b lessened with its 54 inches ClearCut fabricated cutting deck and you’ll get a quality cut with its Air Induction Mowing System.

Top 11 Best Garden Tractor Reviews 2021

Husqvarna LGT54DXL 54 inches 25HP Kohler Garden Tractor is built with superior quality and are known to last for a long time

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We are down to the last garden tractor on the list, and we have another Husqvarna model! People really like using Husqvarna because they are built with superior quality and are known to last for a long time.

Durable mower with a front bumper that helps protect the tractor from wrecks. The Husqvarna LGT54DXL is similar to the other models mentioned in this list. It has professional tires that promise longer tire life and uniform tread wear that has improved traction even on rough terrain.

Its cast iron front axle gives the tractor superior balance and stability, a feature you’ll surely need when going through slopes. Plus it has a robust steel chassis for maximum durability and sturdiness.

One feature that sets it apart from the previously mentioned models is its strong front bumper. This bumper effectively protects the front of the tractor from wrecks. Comes with an air induction mowing system that gives you a better cut quality.

For a better cutting experience, the LGT54DXL has a 54 inches ClearCut fabricated cutting deck. Not to mention, the cutting deck is also powder-coated that improves its durability and also ensures corrosion resistance.

The cutting deck is engaged using its electric blade engagement that is conveniently positioned in the control panel. They even included an air induction mowing system that lifts the grass better giving you a precise cut. 

Comfort is something Husqvarna never fails to overlook. With its adjustable 15 inches high back seat, with armrests, working on your garden won’t be as hard and you’ll definitely thank yourself for buying this tractor.

It even includes an ergonomic steering wheel angled for optimal driver’s position. Refueling made easier with its visible fuel level and easy to reach fuel caps.

Knowing when to refuel can be hard if you the tractor doesn’t have a visible fuel level, and thankfully this tractor is equipped with that feature. What made it easier to refuel is it’s easily accessible fuel caps!

It also has an hour meter with a service reminder to let you know when it’s time to service your machine. The deck wash port also makes it easier to wash under the deck and make sure it’s clean before storing it.

Unlike the other Husqvarna units we mentioned in this list, this particular model has a lever-operated hydrostatic transmission.

Some people might find it harder to operate this machine since you have to let go of the steering wheel to control the speed and direction of the mower.


  • The bumper protects the front of the tractor effectively
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Visible fuel level
  • Easy-access fuel cap
  • Ergonomic steering wheel
  • 15 inches adjustable high back seat
  • Fender-mounted cutting height adjustment
  • 54 inches ClearCut fabricated cutting deck
  • Air induction mowing system
  • 25 HP Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin 4-Cycle Engine


  • Transmission is lever operated

Known for producing high-quality, high-performance garden tractors, this model is reliable, easy to operate, and has a good steering radius although it is not a zero-turn mower.

With a 4-gallon tank, you don’t have to refuel too often, and the 4-cycle 22 HP professional-grade Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin OHV Engine offers good fuel efficiency.

In terms of green gardening, this garden tractor is a win because even though it runs on gas, it’s California CARB compliant. The 54-inch fabricated steel cutting deck is easy to adjust between 6 levels, cutting your grass to a height of 1.5-4 inches. 

The hydrostatic engine makes operation easy and offers 24 horsepower, mowing lawns of up to 2 acres with ease.


  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Electric start
  • LED headlights
  • Cup holder
  • Two small storage bins
  • Comfortable high-back seat
  • Cruise control
  • California CARB compliant
  • 3-year unlimited-hours warranty


  • Lowest mow height is 1.5 inches
  • Not zero-turn
  • Grass discharge is thrown far away

If you like the Cub Cadet offering but want a zero-turn garden tractor, this is a good option to consider. Priced affordably and with a high-quality build that’s made in the USA, this machine is pure performance and built to last.

The Consistent Cut technology makes cutting long, wet grass into a uniform, neat lawn, and the Smart-Choke technology makes it easy to start.

The 24HP/725cc Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin OHV 4-cycle engine features v-twin cylinders that reduce vibration for a smooth ride, and the seat and hand grips are designed for ergonomic comfort.

This garden tractor can perform on any lawn, in any conditions, including dealing quickly and easily with wet, long grass, allowing you to adjust between 15 cutting deck positions between 1-4.5 inches.

If you’re worried about the weight of your garden tractor or damage to your lawn, the 5 in. smooth tread front wheels pivot 180 without turf damage and the tractor is designed for stable balance.

It’s ideal for mowing lawns with slight rolling hills and obstacles in yards of up to 4 acres, and offers mulching capabilities.


  • Good performance on long, wet grass
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Easy to start
  • Made in the USA
  • Built to last
  • 3.5 gallon tank
  • automotive-grade corrosion resistance
  • Plenty of accessories (lawn striping kit, hauler cart, etc.)
  • 3-year / unlimited-hour warranty


  • Requires some assembly on arrival
  • No rollover protection
Bad Boy ZT60 Avenger Garden Tractor

Bad Boy garden tractors have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their high build-quality and performance.

Each mower gets a 112-point check before being shipped to customers, ensuring that every aspect of the mower has been professionally checked before it arrives at your door.

The 4-cycle 725 cc Kohler engine offers plenty of power at 25 horsepower, with a maximum forward speed of 7MPH.

It’s a zero-turn garden tractor, so it’s easy to navigate around trickier areas of the yard, and the foot-assisted manual lift allows you to easily change between 13 cutting deck positions between 1.5-4.5 inches.

The 60-inch cutting deck is manufactured from high-quality fabricated steel and the adjustable Ogura PTO Clutch Brake Offers 100ft.lbs of torque for smooth blade engagement.

The 6.5 gallon fuel tank is also one of the largest on the market, making this garden tractor ideal for large yards of 3 acres or more.


  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent build quality
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Zero-turn
  • Large 6.5 gallon fuel tank


  • No mulching capabilities
  • Lowest mow height is 1.5 inches

You’ll get commercial-grade mowing performance for your residential garden or garden maintenance company with the Toro TITAN.

With MyRide suspension, which supplies 3-inches of up/down suspension, and the hand-crafted high-back seat, it’s one of the most comfortable garden tractors on the market, making it ideal for commercial garden maintenance or larger yards of 2 acres or more. 

The  60-inch fabricated steel cutting deck is adjustable to 13 cutting positions between 1.5-4.5-inches. The electric ignition makes it easy to start and the 708cc engine offers 24.5 horsepower and a maximum speed of 8.5 MPH.

The 5 gallon tank is a great size for most large yards, and the toolless oil change and filter change make maintenance easy. The 7/10-gauge IronForged® steel cutting deck, 3″ x 2″ tubular frame, and commercial-grade hydraulics, this zero-turn garden tractor is tough and built to last. 

Amongst its other notable features are the Donaldson air filter canister, commercial drop-pin cut height adjustment, the flexible discharge chute, and convenient electric ignition.


  • MyRide suspended operator platform
  • Toolless oil and filter change
  • Commercial-grade Toro V-Twin 708cc engine
  • 5 gallon tank
  • Tool-mounting brackets on mower
  • Zero-turn
  • 3-year, 300-hour commercial engine warranty


  • Not suited to smaller yards
  • Lowest mow height limited to 1.5 inches

If you like the sound of the Toro Titan but are looking for something smaller and speedier, this is a great garden tractor to consider.

With the same, market-leading MyRide suspension for comfort while you work and the same high quality build, this is a more compact garden tractor that doesn’t compromise on performance.

The 10-gauge, 54-inch IronForged® steel cutting deck ensures years of reliable performance while the 2-cycle rear-wheel drive Kawasaki engine offers 726cc, 23 horsepower and a top speed of 7MPH to get the job done up to 50% faster than competing models.

The foot-assisted height adjustment allows you to effortlessly switch between 6 deck positions, cutting grass between 1.5-4.5 inches. The 3 gallon fuel tank is good for a compact garden tractor, making it ideal for smaller yards of 1 acre or more.


  • MyRide suspended operator platform
  • 10-gauge IronForged® steel cutting deck
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-year unlimited hour residential warranty


  • 2-cycle engine – must mix fuel
  • Only 6 deck positions
  • Lowest mow height limited to 1.5 inches
Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 Garden Tractor

Built to the exceptionally high standards we expect from Cub Cadet and designed for high-performance, this is a great-quality garden tractor for large lawns of 2-9 acres. 

Made in the USA, this garden tractor can handle slight rolling hills and obstacles with ease, and you’ll mow in comfort thanks to the adjustable 20-inch high seat with padded armrests and a conveniently-located control center. 

Designed with an open-frame and removable floor pan, maintenance is fairly quick and simple, and the wide tires offer good traction and stability on slopes.

The 10-gauge AeroForce Max fabricated 48-inch steel cutting deck is adjustable to 17 positions between 1-4.75 inches, and the 5.5 gallon fuel tank means you can work for long periods without refueling. Thanks to the LED headlights, you can work in low light conditions with ease.

The hydrostatic transmission is commercial-grade for performance, and the 4-cycle 725cc Kohler engine offers 23 horsepower for a maximum speed of 8 MPH.


  • Zero-turn
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • LED headlights for low light conditions
  • 10-gauge AeroForce Max fabricated steel cutting deck
  • 17 deck height adjustments
  • Ergonomic, adjustable 20-inch high back seat 
  • Rollover protective system (ROPS) standard
  • 4-year (500-hour) limited product warranty
  • Ideal for 4 - 9 acres


  • Mulching kit sold separately
  • Not California CARB compliant
  • Not ideal for small yards
Husqvarna YT42DXLS 42 inches 25HP Kohler Lawn Tractor Equipped with automatic locking differential senses

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If you live in hilly areas, there’s a high probability that your garden would have a lot of up and down slopes. Gardening and hauling different equipment could be a problem if you do not have the right tractor. Stable and powerful enough to handle slopes.

Good thing you can depend on the Husqvarna YT42DXLS Lawn Tractor! This 25 HP Kohler engine powered tractor can definitely help you mow up and down your garden and even pull heavy weight.

Equipped with automatic locking differential senses, you’ll never have to worry about the tractor being unstable especially on inclines and slippery conditions. It even has large and wide rear tires that add traction but does not damage your soil.

Electric Blade Engagement and fender-mounted cutting heights make it easy to mow your garden. If you use your garden tractor mostly for mowing, you’ll definitely enjoy using the YT42DXL’s 42 inches durable ClearCut design mower deck that can be easily engaged using its Electric Blade Engagement.

With its rock solid fabricated steel mower deck, achieving the perfect cut quality is now possible! You can even adjust the cutting height using the fender-mounted cutting height adjustments that lets you decide how short or tall you want your grass to be.

Stay comfortable even when doing your mowing chores. Mowing your garden can take a lot of your time, so it’s important that you’re perfectly comfortable while doing this task. Power surely goes hand-in-hand with comfort in this Husqvarna garden tractor.

It has a 15 inch high back adjustable seat is paired with a steering wheel angled for the driver’s optimal position. Plus, its hydrostatic transmission is pedal-operated so you can focus on driving the tractor. Husqvarna made sure this tractor can be used for a long time.

Garden tractors are a huge investment so it’s advisable that you buy one that you can use for a long time. This tractor features cast iron spindle housing and robust steel chassis that ensures maximum durability.

It also has a brush guard that protects the hood of the tractor. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your garden tractor. Proper maintenance has a huge effect on the lifespan of a garden tractor. Cleaning the underside of your deck has never been easier with its built-in deck washout port.

With its battery indicator, you can easily know when you’re low on battery and needs recharging. Its visible fuel level lets you know when you need to refuel and its hour meter alerts you when you need to service your mower.


  • Can work well with slippery conditions and slopes
  • Powerful 25 HP engine
  • Can cut perfectly with its 42 inches fabricated steel 2-blade mower deck with resilient powder-coated 10-gauge Clear Cut design
  • Pedal-operated transmission
  • Automatic locking differential senses for increased traction
  • Can pull heavy weight
  • Can process huge amounts of clippings without jamming even when wet.
  • Runs smoothly


  • Difficult to maintain
  • Too loud
Husqvarna YT48DXLS 48 inches 25HP Kohler Lawn Tractor is equipped with an auto-locking rear differential that makes sure tires are moving in unison for traction

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We have quite a few Husqvarna lawn tractors on the list, but each one stands out on different aspects. If you need a tractor that can mow your lawn in less time, this Husqvarna YT48DXLS is worth checking out. Longer mowing deck for lesser mowing time.

With its mowing deck a few inches longer than the previous mower in the list, this model can definitely lessen your mowing time.

Equipped with a 48-inch fabricated steel 3-blade mower with deck with powder coated 10 gauge ClearCut design, you’ll definitely get a garden tractor with durable blades and can also give you the cut quality you deserve. 

It also has additional welded reinforcement strips for maximum durability so you’re sure it can still cut perfectly even after a few years. Another feature that helps lessen mowing time is its 16 inches turning radius.

Other notable features related to the mowing deck is its Electric Blade Engagement System that lets you engage the cutting blades by simply pulling the switch on the control panel. It also has 4 anti-scalping wheels to help protect your lawn.

A mower perfect for various demanding activities. Powered by a 25 HP Kohler engine, this tractor is ideally used in more demanding activities that can be performed using its optional attachments.

Its commercial-grade, pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission can easily change the direction and the speed of that garden tractor with ease without even letting go of the steering wheel. 

Along with its pedal-operated transmission, this tractor is also equipped with a cruise control feature that lets you maintain your speed even when going through rough terrain. Stable enough to be used on rough and uneven terrain.

If you’re having second thoughts on using this tractor on rough and uneven terrain, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

It’s equipped with an auto-locking rear differential that makes sure tires are moving in unison for traction for going up on slopes and in slippery conditions. 

Its heavy cast iron front axle keeps it balanced and stable. Its pivoting action even helps smooth out rough terrain. 

Built to last long, it has high-quality tires that ensure longer tire life and uniform tread wear.

Other items that ensure maximum durability and sturdiness are its heavy-duty chassis and cast iron spindle housings. It even has a brush guard to protect the hood of the tractor.  

Maintaining this tractor is not a hassle at all! It has a deck wash port so you can easily clean loose debris under the machine. You’ll also know when you need to service your mower since you can easily check it using the hour meter.

To make sure you’ll never run out of battery while you’re using the mower, you just have to check its battery indicator. The charger connection is even placed next to the indicator for extra convenience.

Knowing when to refuel is also made easier with its visible fuel level paired with its easy to access fuel cap. 


  • 25 HP Kohler Engine
  • Electric Blade Engagement
  • 48 inches fabricated steel 3-blade mower deck
  • Pedal-operated transmission
  • Visible fuel level
  • Easy-access fuel cap
  • Fabricated cutting decks, heavy-duty chassis and cast iron axles
  • Optional attachments for various applications


  • Steering doesn’t feel as solid as other mowers
  • Throttle cable sticks out a little bit from the engine
Husqvarna YTH24K48 24hp Kohler V-Twin 48 inches Lawn Tractor is expected to be powerful and heavy-duty

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Because garden tractors are built to perform various power intensive jobs, they’re expected to be powerful and heavy-duty.

Most of the time, these two characteristics can result in a heavy and bulky tractor. But that’s not the case with the Husqvarna YTH24K48. Compact size perfect for small spaces.

This 24 HP Kohler V-Twin powered tractor comes in a compact size perfect if you do not have that much space. It can be stored easily and takes less space compared to other garden tractors. 

Smaller in size but can still perform other garden-related jobs.

Although more compact than other tractors, it can still perfectly perform its expected tasks. It even has a 3-blade 48 inches reinforced stamped steel mower deck.

A feature not seen in the some of the previous Husqvarna models is its air induction technology that improves airflow within the deck resulting in a clean and consistent cut.

This tractor is not only for mowing, but it can also be equipped with a wide range of attachments that can be used for other garden-related jobs. Comfortable and easy to use making mowing less of a chore.

If being comfortable while mowing the lawn is important for you, this tractor got you covered. It has a high back adjustable seat paired with an ergonomic steering wheel. You can even work at night since it also has LED lights.  

Aside from these features that make the task easier, there are other features that can help make mowing less of a chore. For example, it has electric blade management that makes engaging the cutting blades easier; you just have to pull the switch on the control panel.

The cutting height is also easy to adjust, this tractor has a spring-assisted fender-mounted adjustment that you can easily operate. 

Its pedal-operated transmission lets you focus on steering the wheel.

With its foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, you no longer have to let go of the steering wheel just to change the speed and direction of the mower.

You can also maintain consistent speed even on rough terrains through its cruise controls. Just a note though, it is reported that the cruise controls do not work on slopes.

To keep the tractor operational for a longer period of time, it’s important that it is maintained properly. This tractor has a built-in deck wash port to easily clean under the deck.

It also has an hour meter with service reminder so you’ll know when it’s time to service the mower. One down side of this model is it doesn’t have a gas gauge so it will be harder to know when you need to refuel.


  • Compact size
  • Simple to operate
  • Can cut through wet grass easily
  • Great speed
  • Works great with bumps
  • Can be equipped with lots of towable accessories and mulch kit
  • Power-coated cutting deck for more durability
  • Heavy-duty parts
  • Pedal-operated transmission


  • Cruise control doesn’t work on slopes
  • No gas gauge
Snapper SPX2346 46 inches Lawn Tractor 23hp Briggs V-Twin Professional Engine have spin-on oil filters and full-pressure lubrication to ensure a trouble-free mowing experience

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This list has been tackling different Husqvarna models, we think it’s time for something different! Let’s take a closer look at this Snapper SPX2346 powered by 23 HP Briggs V-Twin Professional Engine. Affordable yet durable garden tractor.

If you’re looking for a durable yet affordable garden tractor, then this tractor should be one of your choices! Although cheaper than other garden tractors, Snapper definitely did not sacrifice durability in this tractor.

They even used steel in its hood, cast iron front axle, and transmission. For extra durability, it also has a steel front bumper. Designed for easy maintenance.

How you maintain your machine has a huge effect on the lifespan of your machine. Good thing the Snapper SPX2346 is designed for easy maintenance.

It’s Briggs & Stratton OHV Engines have spin-on oil filters and full-pressure lubrication to ensure a trouble-free mowing experience for years! It also has an hour meter for easy maintenance. Long cutting deck and tight turning radius results to lesser mowing time.

Cutting grass in your garden won’t take long with this tractor. It has 46 inches welded and heavy-duty steel mowing deck paired with a tight 14 degrees turning radius that completes the job faster.

Getting your preferred cutting height is not a problem. This tractor has a 7-position mechanical deck lift that you can quickly adjust to get the cutting height you prefer. Transmission is controlled using its foot pedal.

Controlling the mower's speed is also quite easy with this tractor. It has a foot pedal hydro transmission that is used to control the speed of the mower both directions: forward and reverse.

With this, you can easily adjust your mowing speed and choose your desired pace without letting go of the steering wheel. Aside from that, it has a dash-mounted cruise control you can use to set the mowing speed.


  • Briggs and Stratton 724cc Professional Series V-Twin Engine
  • OHV (Overhead Valve) technology
  • 23 HP
  • 46 inches mowing deck
  • Dash-mounted cruise control
  • Foot pedal operated Hydro Transmission
  • 15 inches mid back seat
  • Hour meter
  • 14 degrees turning radius
  • All steel construction
  • Steel front bumper
  • Affordable price


  • The steering wheel is a little hard to control

Garden Tractor Winner for 2021

Husqvarna LGT54DXL 54 inches 25HP Kohler Garden Tractor 960430261

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If you want a durable garden mower that you can rely on for a long time, you have to pick the Husqvarna LGT54DXL 54" 25HP Kohler Garden Tractor.

It has everything you need in a garden tractor, plus you’ll get a front bumper that will protect your machine if ever you’ll meet unfortunate accidents.

In addition to that, mowing time will b lessened with its 54 inches ClearCut fabricated cutting deck and you’ll get a quality cut with its Air Induction Mowing System.

What is Garden Tractor?

A garden tractor is a tough piece of equipment used for garden and lawn maintenance. They have powerful engines, high ground clearance, and big wheels for traction and stability.

They’re tougher than your usual riding mowers and lawn tractors, and can be used for a wide range of jobs. As a result, they are usually more expensive.

What is the Difference Between a Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor and a Garden Tractor?

Best Garden Tractors Reviewed

Although these three terms are used interchangeably, there is a big difference between a riding mower, a lawn tractor and a garden tractor.

Riding mower 

This is a basic piece of equipment that serves a single purpose – to let you stay seated while mowing the lawn. They are the least powerful of the three options and are usually cheaper as a result.

They are best suited for smaller lawns as they have a narrower cutting swath of about 30 inches and fit easily into smaller storage sheds and garages. According to The Reviews Insider, In terms of function, with smaller wheels, lawn mower can maneuver easily around tight spots.

Lawn tractor 

A lawn tractor is a more powerful version of the riding mower, with a wider cutting swath of about 48 inches. As a result, they’re a good option for bigger lawns and buyers who want more comfort features, more power and a faster cutting speed.

Some models can also tow carts or vacuum attachments, and have winter accessory options, so they are more versatile than a riding mower.

Garden tractor

Garden tractors are the most powerful, most heavy-duty option, and often have the most features. They have the largest mowing decks with cutting swaths of up to 72 inches, so they’re best-suited to the biggest lawns or small fields.

They offer the most features too, and can utilize a wide range of garden tractor attachments including tillers, seeders, snow throwers, backhoes and front loaders. As a result, they are often the most expensive option.

Advantages of a Garden Tractor

What is Garden Tractor

The best garden tractors offer plenty of advantages over a regular lawn mower that make it well-suited to certain jobs. These include:

Versatile cutting deck for tough mowing jobs 

Garden tractors can take on tough mowing jobs that riding mowers and lawn mowers cannot handle. Because of their versatile cutting deck, they can easily cut long grass and brush as well as short grass, so you don’t need to get a weed eater or hire a landscaping business to handle the tough jobs for you.

Durability and ease of use on big jobs 

Garden tractors are a great option if you have a bad back, as you are seated comfortably at all times. While smaller garden tractors can work in smaller yards as they are very maneuverable.

They are best-suited to large landscaping jobs like mowing 5 acres or more where heavy-duty work on tougher terrain is needed.

Stability and power on tough terrain 

Garden tractors are designed to operate in the toughest conditions, from large lawns to hills and uneven ground, to wet or slick icy ground.

They have very powerful engines (30 horsepower), transmissions and axles compared to riding mowers and lawn tractors, and have large tires to ensure they stay stable and don’t tip or slide. This is what makes them one of the best riding mowers for hills.

Wide range of attachments and accessories 

Because they can handle so many different jobs, they come with the widest range of garden tractor attachments and accessories – far more than a lawn tractor or riding mower.

In addition to cutting lawn and brush, you can get tillers, seeders, snow throwers, drum rollers, tow-behind rakes, backhoes and front loaders to handle a wide range of jobs through the season.

There are almost no yard jobs you can’t do when you have the best garden tractor!

How to Choose the Best Garden Tractor

How to Choose the Best Garden Tractor

Finding the right garden tractor for your yard is all about finding one with the right features to suit the work you want to do and your budget. Here’s what to look for:

  • Attachment capabilities – Garden tractors can carry a wide range of attachments, and are often used for pulling carts, tillers, sprayers and more around a property.

    First, decide what tasks you would like your garden tractor to accomplish – then you can narrow down your choices to the models that offer the right attachment capabilities.

Here’s a video showing some garden tractor attachments.

  • Heavy-duty design – Garden tractors are designed to be much tougher than lawn tractors and riding mowers because they need to be able to tackle tougher jobs.

    In reviews, look for models that are known for their durability, well-crafted axels and transmissions.
  • Engine – Your garden tractor should have a powerful engine of around 30 horsepower. This will allow it to work harder and faster, cut through thick brush and weeds with ease, and power attachments like snow blowers without a problem.

    When looking at different models, don’t just choose the one with the most horsepower. If you’re primarily going to use the machine for mowing vast tracts of grass, a 20 horsepower tractor should do.

    However, you should definitely look for tractors with a higher horsepower going as high as 30 if you do heavy-duty operations such as constant digging, tilling, and hauling heavy things.
  • Storage – When looking at different garden tractors, make sure that you have the space to store this equipment and the attachments you require.

    While they are not as big as farm tractors, they are still fairly large pieces of equipment, and storing it in a dry, clean space will prevent damage and wear and tear over the years.

    In addition, you should check the width of your gates and pathways your garden tractor will have to move through to ensure you get a good fit.
  • Durability – The best garden tractor is very durable and is built to last. In reviews, look for models that have good quality parts (especially the axles, rods and connectors) and offer good warranties.

    Moreover, check the bearings and other friction-prone sections for grease fittings. You do not want a tractor without these lubrication points to keep operations smooth.

    Furthermore, it is wise to check if the wires are accessible to tinker with in case problems arise.
  • Workload - The size of your property also affects what kind of garden tractor you should buy. If your area is less than two acres in size, a tractor with a 45-inch mower deck should do.

    Otherwise, a garden tractor with a 72-inch mower deck – the biggest possible size for such a machine – should do the trick. Of course, you can still use a 72-inch mower deck for smaller properties.

    By doing so, the mowing process is quickened since this wide deck will cover more sections in less time than a 45-inch variant – however, it may make mowing narrow spaces difficult.

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Take Note of Possible Attachments

What is Garden Tractor

We’ve already mentioned that garden tractors are capable of doing more than just mowing grass with the help of attachments. However, not all garden tractors can use any available attachment.

Some machines have a power take-off (PTO) hitch allowing a variety of powerful attachments while some tractors do not.

Non-PTO Attachments

A typical garden tractor will not have a PTO hitch. Therefore, it only has a limited number of compatible attachments:

  • Carts and trailers for carrying loads
  • Containers and sprayers for water, herbicides, fertilizers, and other liquid substances
  • Mulching, bagging, and vacuuming attachments and accessories

PTO Attachments

If you pick a garden tractor with a PTO hitch, you should prepare to pay a bit more since you’re getting a high-end model. Still, it will be worth it since you’re getting the following heavy-duty attachments:

  • Soil excavation attachments such as augers and scraping blades
  • Snow blower attachments
  • Soil cultivators such as harrows and tillers

In conclusion, a garden tractor is built for managing properties that a regular lawn mower can’t handle efficiently. While they do have common characteristics, garden tractors do differ in horsepower, mower deck size, and the number of compatible attachments.

Furthermore, your property size and the functions needed to be performed will help you pick the best garden tractor.

Garden Tractor Attachments and Accessories

One of the most sought-after benefits of a garden tractor is the wide range of attachments and accessories available that allow you to take on almost any project. These include:

  • Snow blower - The best garden tractors can clear snow with snow blowers, clearing paths, driveways and more with ease.
  • Sweeper brush – The sweeper brush is a great attachment for anyone who likes a neat, pristine lawn. It effectively sweeps up any debris in its path, including sticks and leaves, and can be used on the driveway and paved surfaces as well as the lawn.
  • Shredder and chipper – Shredders and chippers are widely used to break up branches, sticks and organic garden waste to be used in compost or as bark chippings in flower beds.

    This attachment can be easily transported to where you’re trimming trees and branches or to your compost heap for easy use.
  • Tiller and cultivator Tillers and cultivators make breaking up compacted soil easy and efficient, even on bigger jobs or if the soil is full of weeds or rocky.

    These attachments fix easily onto garden tractors to make preparing soil for a flower bed, field or lawn quick and simple.
  • Drum roller – Lawn drum roller attachments are used when leveling a lawn or breaking up dense clumps of soil after ploughing.
  • Tow-behind rakes – These accessories make fall yard maintenance easy, raking up leaves and debris quickly for composting or removal.
  • Front loaders – Front loader attachments are great for moving soil, digging out a space for a flowerbed or to plant a tree, or even for use in projects where you’re building hard landscaping like patios, ponds and walkways.
  • Seeders – This attachment makes seeding or overseeding your lawn quick and easy, ensuring an even spread of seed even over large areas and fields.

Tips for Safe Operation

A man riding a garden tractor

As with any garden equipment, you should follow safety guidelines to avoid injury when using a garden tractor.

  • Read the manual – This will have specific instructions for your model and type of garden tractor. Safety instructions and operating instructions can differ between makes and models, and the manual will also inform you of appropriate use and terrain for your model.
  • Switches and controls – Before starting your garden tractor, familiarize yourself with the different switches and controls so that you know exactly what functions each performs.

    If you are using an attachment, make sure it is suited to your garden tractor model, that it is correctly attached, and you are familiar with its controls. Always start the tractor in neutral
  • Check fluids – Check the fuel, oil and other fluid levels before you start your tractor engine. If refueling is required in the middle of a job, wait for the engine to cool before refueling.

  • Dress appropriately – Wear close-fitting clothes, closed non-slip footwear and safety glasses if needed.
Garden tractors are designed to be much tougher than lawn tractors and riding mowers because they need to be able to tackle tougher jobs

While riding/operating the tractor:

  • Do not ride on the hood or draw bar
  • Only one person should ride on the tractor at a time
  • Avoid very sharp inclinations and deep holes that may destabilize the tractor and cause it to tip
  • Do not remove any safety attachments, machine guards or safety labels
  • Only use attachments specific to your garden tractor model and the job you are performing
  • Do not drive across gravel, bumpy terrain or rocks while the blades are moving
  • Do not remove clogs while the blades are moving
  • Always turn the garden tractor off and take the keys with you if the tractor is not in use

Get Ready to Buy the Best Garden Tractor!

After reading our ultimate guide, you have everything you need to know in order to buy a garden tractor, from what sets a garden tractor apart from riding mowers and lawn tractors, to the different attachments you can get, what to look for to find the best garden tractor for your yard, and how to operate your new equipment safely!

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