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5 Best Garden Tractors Reviewed | 2024 Buying Guide

In our ultimate buyer’s guide, we reviewed the best garden tractors on the market in 2024 and choose the top contender, as well as looking at the benefits of these versatile machines, features to look for when making your purchase, lawn tractor uses and safety, and much more!

If you want to make yard work easy and enjoyable, you need the best garden tractor for the job! 


Best Garden Tractors Buying Guide


Our Rating


1. Greenworks 42 in. Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Greenworks Battery Electric CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower
Top Rated Best Garden Tractor

2. Troy-Bilt Pony 42 Riding Mower

Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Mower
Best Value Garden Tractor

3. Husqvarna 18.5 HP Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH18542 Hydrostatic Riding Mower

4. Cub Cadet Enduro Series XT1 LT50 FAB

Cub Cadet XT1 LT50 FAB Enduro Series

5. Troy-Bilt TB Pony 42K RIDER17HP Kohl Riding Lawn Tractor

Troy-Bilt TB Pony 42K Kohl Riding Lawn Tractor RIDER17HP

Reviews of the Best Garden Tractors

1. Greenworks 42 in. Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Greenworks 42 in. Battery Electric CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower


Greenworks garden tractors are fully electric ride on lawn mowers that can be used for commercial and domestic use. They’re not zero-turn, so are for properly laid out lawns, but they are incredibly efficient and can cut up to 2 acres on a single charge, with speeds of up to 8 MPH (which outperforms most petrol lawn mowers), and a really neat cut too.

To put it simply, this garden tractor has everything that the best gas-powered models have, and more, with the massive added bonus of being fully future proof thanks to its simple rechargeable batteries (included in the sale).


  • Adjustable cutting height

  • Wide cutting deck (42”)

  • Powerful electric engine (24hp)

  • Easy to drive

  • Low maintenance (just charging)

  • Key start


  • Not zero-turn

2. Troy-Bilt Pony 15.5 HP 42 Riding Mower

Troy-Bilt Pony 42 Riding Mower


For gardeners with large lawns, you can’t expect to manage them with a push lawnmower, or even a robot mower. You do need a ride on a garden tractor.

But for many gardeners, garden tractors are just too expensive, so this budget model by Troy-Bilt is a great option. It’s got a less powerful engine than most mowers but could save you a few thousand dollars compared to similarly-sized mowers.

If you have a bumpy or uneven lawn, the Troy-Bilt Pony ride on mower isn’t going to work for you, but for a standard flat lawn that just needs regular maintenance there’s nothing wrong with this simple budget garden tractor.


  • Adjustable cutting height

  • Great value

  • Wide cutting deck (42”)

  • Easy to drive

  • Key start


  • Low powered engine (15hp)
  • Petrol engine
  • Annual maintenance as a minimum

3. Husqvarna 18.5 HP Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH18542 18.5 HP Hydrostatic Riding Mower


The Husqvarna garden tractor is aimed at domestic gardeners, building on their reputation for reliable, functional power tools and lawn management.

Like most ride-on lawn mowers, this simple model by Husqvarna has a central cutting deck, located under the driver making it compact and easy to store in the garage.

The steering and cutting deck adjustments are really intuitive for gardeners looking for a simple lawn tractor they can just get on and use without figuring out all the nuts and bolts first.


  • Easy to adjust cutting height

  • Wide cutting deck (42”)

  • Easy to drive

  • Low maintenance

  • Good value


  • Petrol engine

4. Cub Cadet Enduro Series XT1 LT50 FAB

Cub Cadet Enduro Series XT1 LT50 FAB


Cub Cadet Garden Tractors are incredibly reliable, with a range to suit every level of gardener and every size of garden. The new Enduro series even has a budget option for domestic gardeners which is something Cub Cadet hasn’t factored into commercial series before.

The Cub Cadet Enduro XT1 LT42 has a powerful engine that makes it sound attractive straight off the bat, but the real winner is the company behind Cub Cadet, and the servicing you can get alongside your mower.

Even the most basic garden mowers are hard to maintain, so the maintenance package that comes with these garden tractors from

Tractor supply co is pretty outstanding, and sets Cub Cadets apart.

The only thing separating this from other Cub Cadets in our reviews is size and price. This compact, and mows quickly and efficiently so is great for a mid-sized garden with a lot of lawn to mow.


  • Easy to adjust cutting height

  • Wide cutting deck (42”)

  • Easy to drive

  • Low maintenance

  • Optional maintenance plan

  • Good value

  • 3-year warranty


  • Petrol engine

5. Troy-Bilt TB Pony 17HP Riding Lawn Tractor

Troy-Bilt TB Pony 42K RIDER17HP Kohl Riding Lawn Tractor

Known for solid performance and power, this Troy-Bilt riding lawn tractor is built in the USA with globally-sourced parts. It has a powerful 4-cycle 541cc Kohler engine offering 17 horsepower and a 7-speed shift for smooth, effortless driving.

With all-steel construction, it’s built to last, and the 42-inch 13-gauge steel cutting deck has 5 levels of adjustment between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches.

It will work in all weather conditions on flat or bumpy terrain with gentle slopes, and the Step-Thru frame allows for more legroom and easier access. It’s ideal for lawns of around 2 acres in size.


  • Headlights for increased visibility
  • More leg room/easy access
  • Side discharge
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Not zero-turn – 18-inch turn radius
  • Difficult to monitor fuel usage

Garden Tractors Top Picks for 2024

Our Top Pick Garden Tractor

Top Rated Best Garden Tractor
Greenworks 42 in. Battery Electric CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower


We’re all about planet-friendly gardening here, so electric vehicles are always going to rate higher than gas-powered models, but the Greenworks garden tractor isn’t just more eco, it’s more powerful, better built, and better prices than most of its rivals.

Anything that could out-compete it is twice the price, so without a shadow of a doubt, the Greenworks 42 in. Electric CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower is the best garden tractor for 2024.

Best Value Garden Tractor

Best Value Garden Tractor
Troy-Bilt Pony 42 Riding Mower


Troy-Bilt are a reasonably small player in the lawn care market, but they’ve captured a great niche here with garden tractors that are capable of doing a decent job, on a budget.

Because, let’s be completely honest, 99% of gardeners just want to keep their lawn neat, and cut, without measuring it to the millimetre. Troy-Bilt Pony 42 Riding Mower makes it possible to take care of a standard domestic lawn without spending your life savings.

What is a Garden Tractor?

A garden tractor is a tough piece of equipment used for garden and lawn maintenance. They have powerful engines, high ground clearance, and big wheels for traction and stability.

They’re tougher than your usual riding mowers and lawn tractors, and can be used for a wide range of jobs. As a result, they are usually more expensive.

What is the Difference Between a Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor and a Garden Tractor?

Best Garden Tractors Reviewed

Although these three terms are used interchangeably, there is a big difference between a riding mower, a lawn tractor and a garden tractor.

Riding mower 

This is a basic piece of equipment that serves a single purpose – to let you stay seated while mowing the lawn. They are the least powerful of the three options and are usually cheaper as a result.

They are best suited for smaller lawns as they have a narrower cutting swath of about 30 inches and fit easily into smaller storage sheds and garages. According to The Reviews Insider, In terms of function, with smaller wheels, lawn mower can maneuver easily around tight spots.

Lawn tractor 

A lawn tractor is a more powerful version of the riding mower, with a wider cutting swath of about 48 inches. As a result, they’re a good option for bigger lawns and buyers who want more comfort features, more power and a faster cutting speed.

Some models can also tow carts or vacuum attachments, and have winter accessory options, so they are more versatile than a riding mower.

Garden tractor

Garden tractors are the most powerful, most heavy-duty option, and often have the most features. They have the largest mowing decks with cutting swaths of up to 72 inches, so they’re best-suited to the biggest lawns or small fields.

They offer the most features too, and can utilize a wide range of garden tractor attachments including tillers, seeders, snow throwers, backhoes and front loaders. As a result, they are often the most expensive option.

Advantages of a Garden Tractor

What is Garden Tractor

The best garden tractors offer plenty of advantages over a regular lawn mower that make it well-suited to certain jobs. These include:

Versatile cutting deck for tough mowing jobs 

Garden tractors can take on tough mowing jobs that riding mowers and lawn mowers cannot handle. Because of their versatile cutting deck, they can easily cut long grass and brush as well as short grass, so you don’t need to get a weed eater or hire a landscaping business to handle the tough jobs for you.

Durability and ease of use on big jobs 

Garden tractors are a great option if you have a bad back, as you are seated comfortably at all times. While smaller garden tractors can work in smaller yards as they are very maneuverable.

They are best-suited to large landscaping jobs like mowing 5 acres or more where heavy-duty work on tougher terrain is needed.

Stability and power on tough terrain 

Garden tractors are designed to operate in the toughest conditions, from large lawns to hills and uneven ground, to wet or slick icy ground.

They have very powerful engines (30 horsepower), transmissions and axles compared to riding mowers and lawn tractors, and have large tires to ensure they stay stable and don’t tip or slide. This is what makes them one of the best riding mowers for hills.

Wide range of attachments and accessories 

Because they can handle so many different jobs, they come with the widest range of garden tractor attachments and accessories – far more than a lawn tractor or riding mower.

In addition to cutting lawn and brush, you can get tillers, seeders, snow throwers, drum rollers, tow-behind rakes, backhoes and front loaders to handle a wide range of jobs through the season.

There are almost no yard jobs you can’t do when you have the best garden tractor!

How to Choose the Best Garden Tractor

How to Choose the Best Garden Tractor

Finding the right garden tractor for your yard is all about finding one with the right features to suit the work you want to do and your budget. Here’s what to look for:

  • Attachment capabilities – Garden tractors can carry a wide range of attachments, and are often used for pulling carts, tillers, sprayers and more around a property.

    First, decide what tasks you would like your garden tractor to accomplish – then you can narrow down your choices to the models that offer the right attachment capabilities.

Here’s a video showing some garden tractor attachments.

  • Heavy-duty design – Garden tractors are designed to be much tougher than lawn tractors and riding mowers because they need to be able to tackle tougher jobs.

    In reviews, look for models that are known for their durability, well-crafted axels and transmissions.
  • Engine – Your garden tractor should have a powerful engine of around 30 horsepower. This will allow it to work harder and faster, cut through thick brush and weeds with ease, and power attachments like snow blowers without a problem.

    When looking at different models, don’t just choose the one with the most horsepower. If you’re primarily going to use the machine for mowing vast tracts of grass, a 20 horsepower tractor should do.

    However, you should definitely look for tractors with a higher horsepower going as high as 30 if you do heavy-duty operations such as constant digging, tilling, and hauling heavy things.
  • Storage – When looking at different garden tractors, make sure that you have the space to store this equipment and the attachments you require.

    While they are not as big as farm tractors, they are still fairly large pieces of equipment, and storing it in a dry, clean space will prevent damage and wear and tear over the years.

    In addition, you should check the width of your gates and pathways your garden tractor will have to move through to ensure you get a good fit.
  • Durability – The best garden tractor is very durable and is built to last. In reviews, look for models that have good quality parts (especially the axles, rods and connectors) and offer good warranties.

    Moreover, check the bearings and other friction-prone sections for grease fittings. You do not want a tractor without these lubrication points to keep operations smooth.

    Furthermore, it is wise to check if the wires are accessible to tinker with in case problems arise.
  • Workload - The size of your property also affects what kind of garden tractor you should buy. If your area is less than two acres in size, a tractor with a 45-inch mower deck should do.

    Otherwise, a garden tractor with a 72-inch mower deck – the biggest possible size for such a machine – should do the trick. Of course, you can still use a 72-inch mower deck for smaller properties.

    By doing so, the mowing process is quickened since this wide deck will cover more sections in less time than a 45-inch variant – however, it may make mowing narrow spaces difficult.

Take Note of Possible Attachments

We’ve already mentioned that garden tractors are capable of doing more than just mowing grass with the help of attachments. However, not all garden tractors can use any available attachment.

Some machines have a power take-off (PTO) hitch allowing a variety of powerful attachments while some tractors do not.

Non-PTO Attachments

A typical garden tractor will not have a PTO hitch. Therefore, it only has a limited number of compatible attachments:

  • Carts and trailers for carrying loads
  • Containers and sprayers for water, herbicides, fertilizers, and other liquid substances
  • Mulching, bagging, and vacuuming attachments and accessories

PTO Attachments

If you pick a garden tractor with a PTO hitch, you should prepare to pay a bit more since you’re getting a high-end model. Still, it will be worth it since you’re getting the following heavy-duty attachments:

  • Soil excavation attachments such as augers and scraping blades
  • Snow blower attachments
  • Soil cultivators such as harrows and tillers

In conclusion, a garden tractor is built for managing properties that a regular lawn mower can’t handle efficiently. While they do have common characteristics, garden tractors do differ in horsepower, mower deck size, and the number of compatible attachments.

Furthermore, your property size and the functions needed to be performed will help you pick the best garden tractor.

Factors Affecting a Tractor's Weight

How Much Does a Tractor Weigh

As you all know, it is strongly necessary to know how much a tractor weigh as this can have an effect on its performance positively and as well as negatively.

One of the reasons that can influence the weight of a tractor is the removal or the addition of the ballast, which is typically in the form of a liquid that is installed in the tires. Another reason would be the cast irons that are added to bumpers or the wheels.

Always put in mind that as you add weight, your tractor will gain stability and traction, but it will also make hauling heavier, burn more fuel, and can easily get stuck in the soft ground.

Of course, if you lessen the weight then the stability and the traction will be reduced, but it will also make it surefooted in the ground while gaining fuel economy and the tractor will be transported easily.

Adding Weights to Your Tractor

Most dealers and manufacturers are making the weight of the tractor their selling point, when in fact, the weight of the tractor has only a little relevance to the tractor’s quality.

The good thing about tractors is that if you are into weight and you want to add more, then there are numerous options on how you can add more weight to your existing tractor.

Adding Different Tractor Weights

Adding Weights to Your Tractor

Back then owners of tractors were using the liquid in their tires for additional weight, but this makes tire changing difficult and very expensive.

Using liquid can also be a problem when the winter season comes since it will surely freeze, which can cause problems. There are other ways on how you can add weights for your tractors. Find the two easiest ways below.

Suitcase Weights for Tractors

Suitcase weights will help your tractors to add weight. This type of weight is usually hanging at the front of the tractor’s frame, which is generally factory installed.

It can also be installed using the brackets that are custom design to fit the tractor. Suitcase weights are the easiest type of weights that can be removed and added to your tractor. They can be bolted, or you can just lift them off.

Wheel Weights for Tractors

Instead of using water, the wheel weights can be utilized by bolding them on the tractor’s wheels. This type of weight will help weigh down the tractor.

If this is your first time purchasing wheel weights, then you need to make sure that you are buying something that the pattern of the bolt will match the tractor’s wheels that you have.

Adding weight will also ensure that it will be able to handle heavy objects, without you worrying that your tractor might turn over.

Different Types of Tractors and the Right Size for Your Needs

For people who don’t know, tractors are grouped in four categories, wherein they vary in horsepower, weight, size, and as well as their purpose. As you all know tractors are one of the machines that are known to be versatile and are used primarily for agricultural uses. 

They also come in different attachments that can help you while you are working on your garden or your lawn.

Lawn and Garden Tractors

Different Types of Tractors

Tractors for the lawn and garden usually have 1 to 2 cylinder gas engine, can reach up to 25 horsepower and the approximate weight is 500 to 1200 pounds. It is important to know how much your tractor weigh as this can have an effect on its performance. 

These tractors are the easiest to handle especially when driving through barn pens, alleyways or whenever you are pulling a feed cart or a small manure.

A lawn tractor is specifically designed to mow lawns. The tires that it has are designed to leave smaller footprints on your lawn. It is equipped with a fuel tank that you can fill with up to 3 gallons of oil.

There are also electric powered ones if you prefer them. The problem with lawn tractors is that they have little to no attachments at all.

A garden tractor, on the other hand, is equipped with tires that are perfect for your garden. It is fitted with a fuel tank that can be filled with up to 5 gallons of oil.

Some models are electric powered, while there are some that are engine powered. Some of the attachments that can be used are a rotary broom, cultivator, plow, disk, spike aerator, sweeper  and sprayer.

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Compact Tractor

Compact tractor is known as a midsize tractor, wherein they can easily be operated and are convenient to use


A small tractor usually has 2 to 4 cylinder diesel, a category 1 or 2 hitches, and has a horsepower of 25 to 45. This is known as a midsize tractor, wherein they can easily be operated and are convenient to use.

You can easily mount them as well since they are known to be not that tall. If you are going to teach your teenagers to mow your lawn, then a compact tractor would be ideal.

Farm Tractor

A farm tractor usually has 4 to 6 cylinder diesel engine and has a category 2, 3, 3N, 4 or 4N hitch. It also has an 85 horsepower and up to 450 horsepower.

Farm Tractor is specifically designed to be used commercially since it is more powerful and bigger

To keep your farm tractor running at its best for longer, you will need to consider using the best agricultural tyres available. Take advice to ensure you are fitted with the right tyre, for the right field-based need so you get the job done.

This type of tractor is specifically designed to be used commercially since it is more powerful and bigger. The fuel tank of a farm tractor can be as big as 300 gallons, while the tires are also bigger.

Some of the larger farm tractors have a power seat with different adjustments, plush, sound system, air and heat conditioning, GPS system, and steering wheel.

If you are planning to get a tractor then you probably have asked if they have titles? Find out whether tractors have titles here

Utility Tractor

Utility Tractor is taller and is known to be powerful and has the ability to work with equipment that is heavy duty, including a push deep snow, large loader, and a post hole digger


A utility tractor usually has 3 to 5 cylinder diesel engine and a category 2 hitch, while its horsepower is about 45 to 85. This type of tractor is taller and is known to be powerful and has the ability to work with equipment that is heavy duty, including a push deep snow, large loader, and a post hole digger.

It has a fuel tank capacity f 20 to 30 gallon, which means that if you have a bigger area, then this tractor will be perfect for you.

Of course considering the factors affecting the size of the tractor that you are going to choose is essential to make your tractor suitable for your preferences.

Garden Tractor Attachments and Accessories

One of the most sought-after benefits of a garden tractor is the wide range of attachments and accessories available that allow you to take on almost any project. These include:

  • Snow blower - The best garden tractors can clear snow with snow blowers, clearing paths, driveways and more with ease.
  • Sweeper brush – The sweeper brush is a great attachment for anyone who likes a neat, pristine lawn. It effectively sweeps up any debris in its path, including sticks and leaves, and can be used on the driveway and paved surfaces as well as the lawn.
  • Shredder and chipper – Shredders and chippers are widely used to break up branches, sticks and organic garden waste to be used in compost or as bark chippings in flower beds.

    This attachment can be easily transported to where you’re trimming trees and branches or to your compost heap for easy use.
  • Tiller and cultivator Tillers and cultivators make breaking up compacted soil easy and efficient, even on bigger jobs or if the soil is full of weeds or rocky.

    These attachments fix easily onto garden tractors to make preparing soil for a flower bed, field or lawn quick and simple.
  • Drum roller – Lawn drum roller attachments are used when leveling a lawn or breaking up dense clumps of soil after ploughing.
  • Tow-behind rakes – These accessories make fall yard maintenance easy, raking up leaves and debris quickly for composting or removal.
  • Front loaders – Front loader attachments are great for moving soil, digging out a space for a flowerbed or to plant a tree, or even for use in projects where you’re building hard landscaping like patios, ponds and walkways.
  • Seeders – This attachment makes seeding or overseeding your lawn quick and easy, ensuring an even spread of seed even over large areas and fields.

Garden Tractor Operation Safety Tips

A man riding a garden tractor

As with any garden equipment, you should follow safety guidelines to avoid injury when using a garden tractor.

  • Read the manual – This will have specific instructions for your model and type of garden tractor. Safety instructions and operating instructions can differ between makes and models, and the manual will also inform you of appropriate use and terrain for your model.
  • Switches and controls – Before starting your garden tractor, familiarize yourself with the different switches and controls so that you know exactly what functions each performs.

    If you are using an attachment, make sure it is suited to your garden tractor model, that it is correctly attached, and you are familiar with its controls. Always start the tractor in neutral
  • Check fluids – Check the fuel, oil and other fluid levels before you start your tractor engine. If refueling is required in the middle of a job, wait for the engine to cool before refueling.

  • Dress appropriately – Wear close-fitting clothes, closed non-slip footwear and safety glasses if needed.
Garden tractors are designed to be much tougher than lawn tractors and riding mowers because they need to be able to tackle tougher jobs

While riding/operating the tractor:

  • Do not ride on the hood or draw bar
  • Only one person should ride on the tractor at a time
  • Avoid very sharp inclinations and deep holes that may destabilize the tractor and cause it to tip
  • Do not remove any safety attachments, machine guards or safety labels
  • Only use attachments specific to your garden tractor model and the job you are performing
  • Do not drive across gravel, bumpy terrain or rocks while the blades are moving
  • Do not remove clogs while the blades are moving
  • Always turn the garden tractor off and take the keys with you if the tractor is not in use

Garden Tractor Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Base Weight of a Tractor?

For people who don’t know, all of the tractors today have a base weight, which can’t be changed without getting rid of any components that are major.

The base weight will depend on the manufacturer and the size of the tractor. Typically, there are 6,000 lbs. of the tractor, but there are also lower or even higher depending on the type of tractor being used.

Can Adding Weight to the Tractor Be Good?

Sometimes, adding extra weight to your tractor can be beneficial. If you are a farmer or a gardener who wants to plow the field then ensuring that your tractor has enough weight would be useful.

It will also avoid wheel slip, which will help the efficiency to increase. But make sure that you will only be getting 10% wheel slip since if it is below 10%, it will only burn a lot of fuel and stress the drivetrain.

Get Ready to Buy the Best Garden Tractor!

After reading our ultimate guide, you have everything you need to know in order to buy a garden tractor, from what sets a garden tractor apart from riding mowers and lawn tractors, to the different attachments you can get, what to look for to find the best garden tractor for your yard, and how to operate your new equipment safely!

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