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Spade Vs Shovel: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Are you confused between a spade vs shovel? Did you know that they have their differences and of course similarities?

Get to know their differences of spade vs shovel by reading the information below.

A lot of people think that a spade and a shovel is one different thing, but the truth is they are two different type of tools.

Let’s get to know the difference of spade vs shovel below: 


A shovel has a blade that is concave in shape with a pointed or a rounded tip. The handle is straight and long, while the blade is larger in size.

A shovel is perfect for turning, breaking up, and digging the soil. The spade, on the other hand, has a flat and straight edge blade, while the handle is short and the blade is smaller than the spade.

The spade is perfect for slicing through the roots and soil. It can also be perfect in loosening and moving the soil.

Spade Vs Shovel - Materials and Weight

The difference of spade and shovel when it comes to materials is almost the same. Both of them can easily be found with handles that are fiberglass

The blades can both be made out of stainless steel while there are some that are made out of carbon.

The weight, on the other hand, will depend on the materials used. Of course, stainless steel ones will be heavier than the ones that are made out of carbon.

The weight can also be dependent on the purpose of where you are planning to use the spade and shovel.

Information About Spade

difference between spade and shovel

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Detailed Information about the Spade’s Blade

The blade of the spade has a usually straight edge and a blade that is flat. You will also notice that the blade is in line with the spade’s shaft.

They blade in different sizes, depending on what the shovel’s purpose is.

Handle of a Spade

A spade has a shorter handle, which is perfect when you are working in places that are tight, just like that of a flowerbed.

Different Uses of Spade

A spade is being used by gardeners to help them with their digging jobs

A spade is being used by gardeners to help them with their digging jobs. It is designed to help with tasks such as removing the dirt and lifting them up.

If you are going to create a planting ditch, trench, and hole, then a spade is essential. A spade’s blade is made out of metal and is very sharp, though the upper part edge is dull. 

The reason why this is dull is that this is where the foot of the gardener it placed to help with the force.

Another use of spade is that it helps in slicing the sod off to ensure that the area is ready for planting.

It is perfect in breaking the dirt clumps and the loosening of the soil. Since the blade is sharp, it is also useful for ending the driveways and the walkways in your home. 

Lastly, the spade is perfect scooping dirt which you can then place in a wheelbarrow or a pail.

Information About Shovel

A shovel is perfect for turning, breaking up, and digging the soil

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Detailed Information about the Shovel’s blade

The blade of the shovel, on the other hand, is broader and has an inward curve from right to left. It also has a tip that is pointed and round.

The length of the blade will also depend on where you are planning to use the shovel.

There are different types of a shovel, wherein some have sides that have ledges, edges that have saw-tooth, and some that have extra blades that are long.

Handle of a Shovel

For the shovel’s handle, it is straight and long, which will let you have a lot of leverage when you are digging in holes that are deep.

Different Uses of Shovel

A shovel is being used to help in extracting a vehicle that is stuck from snow, sand, and mud

A shovel is being used to help in extracting a vehicle that is stuck from snow, sand, and mud. It can also be used in lifting the spare tires when needed.

Another good thing about having a shovel is that it can help in removing shrubs and weeds once they start invading your garden.

The shovel can also help you in planting trees since a shovel will be more helpful than a small spade.

In some cases, there are also some instances that a shovel can be used for emergency purposes, including breaking out the window of your car or house to help in escaping and rescuing.

It can also be used in cleaning spilled garbage, contaminants, broken glass, and as well as insulation of fiberglass.

Lastly, it can be used to cutting the ramps in stream banks to ensure that they are passable.

Wrapping Up Spade Vs Shovel

Above is all the information that you need to know about spade vs shovel. All their differences when it comes to blades handles and their usages are written above. 

Now, all you have to do is to choose the ones that you need for the tasks that you have.

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