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How Fast Does Bamboo Grow? | Types Of Bamboos To Grow

Are you planning to grow bamboos? So you’re probably wondering how fast does bamboo grow in height?

Get to know more about growing bamboos and how fast they can grow by reading the information provided below.


How Fast Does Bamboo Grow

Bamboos grow during the spring season, and they often stop growing during the summer and the fall season.

Since bamboo is known as grass, it means that it will start growing the same as the grasses in your lawn but on a larger scale.

The reason behind this is because bamboos have the ability to increase in diameter and height since they are putting larger and newer canes every growing season until they reach their maximum height.

Typically, the newer shoots will start to grow their maximum length after 2 to 3 months.

Does Older Canes Grow In Height?

Does Older Canes Grow In Height

After quite some time, the canes will grow older, and you may be wondering if they will still be able to grow.

The answer to this is, unfortunately, no, but they will ensure to put newer leaves every single year.

Typically, individual canes have the ability to live for more than a decade, except when they are compromised or become shaded.

This is the reason why bamboo growers should thin the bamboo's grove is essential for the plant to become more established.

So How Fast Does Bamboo Grow?

What are Temperate Bamboo Clumpers

There are different types of bamboos, and there are also differences on how fast they can grow.

Typically this will all depend if the bamboo is a clumped or a runner and the age that they are in when you first planted them.

 Different Types Of Bamboos

Temperate Bamboo Clumpers

Different Types Of Bamboos

The care and placement of the temperate bamboo clumpers will have an influence on how fast your bamboo will grow.

For bamboo temperate clumpers will grow at their best when they are shaded partially and as well as in places with summers that are drier and a cooling off time during the night.

Well established bamboos that are in the ground for 3 years have the ability to grow rapidly compared to the bamboos that are newly planted.

Tropical Bamboo Clumpers

Tropical bamboo clumpers and some of the other runners that are larger prefer humid summers and full hot and sunny days.

If you are going to plant them in a place where it is colder, the chances of it growing are small, such as in ZONE 9

But if you are in Zone 8 then these tropical bamboo clumpers will surely grow fully.

Timber Bamboos

How Fast Do Timber Bamboos grow

The timber bamboos, on the other hand, can reach 60 feet in height in the South East, though if they grow in Zones 6 and 7, they can only grow 30 feet and below.

If you want timber bamboos to grow healthily and fast, then consistent watering, especially during the drier months, can help.

Other Short Bamboo Runners

How Big Will the Bamboo Grow

Some of the other short bamboo runners, including pleioblastus pygmaeus and veitchii usually prefer minimal shade and have the ability to tolerate different types of climates, for as long as they are not planted under full sunlight.

Typically, they will grow 1 to 2 feet in length every single year, and they usually spread at the same pace.

How Big Will the Bamboo Grow

Now that I have answered your question on how fast does bamboo grow, it would be best to know how big they will get.

The reason behind this is because you probably don’t want them to cover up your entire backyard. The space that it has will help determine on how big it will grow.

So for people who want their bamboos to grow in full, then ensuring that they have enough space with a measurement of 30 feet in full circumference will do.

Always remember that the bamboo will adapt the space that you are going to give it. If you have a planter that is narrow, then your bamboo will produce a narrow and long stem but not at its full height.

Maintaining Your Bamboo

How to maintain bamboo

For you to be able to keep your bamboo, it would be best to edge them twice every single year. When it comes to edging, this will usually involve cutting the rhizomes of the bamboo.

With this, you will need the best tree pruners and bow saw depending on the size of what you'll need to cut. 

It would also be best to water them regularly, and if needed, you can add some fertilizer to feed some nutrition in it.

Wrapping Up How Fast Does Bamboo Grow

Now, all you need to do is to decide the type of bamboo that you would want to grow. Just make sure that you have the space that your bamboo needs for it to be able to grow fully.

Now you know everything you need to know about bamboos, from how fast does bamboo grow, how big they can get and even how you can properly maintain them are mentioned above.

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