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How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Garden

Ticks are one of the most common concerns for garden lovers. These pests feed on blood from both humans and animals, so we bet you're wondering how to get rid of ticks especially from your garden. 


How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Garden

They can carry different diseases, so you want to protect your family. Even if you don’t experience this problem, it is always better to prevent it from happening.

Here Are Some Ways To Keep Ticks Away From Your Home and Garden

There are different ways to solve this problem, depending on how severe it really is. Read on and find out how to prevent or get rid of ticks in the garden!

Clean Away The Debris From Your Garden

Ticks like piles of debris

Never leave a pile of freshly cut grass or rotten leaves in the garden. Ticks like piles of debris, so make sure that you always remove the yard waste immediately.

The best lawn sweeper or  leaf vacuum and blower will help you do this quickly and efficiently depending on how big your garden is.

Also, keep your lawn short to avoid infestation with ticks. They like to hide in tall grass, so keep it as short as possible.

If you have compost piles, make sure that they are away from the seating and playing areas in the yard. 

Wild Animals Can Bring Ticks To Your Garden

Wild Animals Can Bring Ticks To Your Garden

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Wild animals are tick carriers. They can transport ticks to your garden, so be sure that the area is well protected from any kind of wild animals.

Keep deer away from the garden, as they can carry ticks. Invest in a good physical barrier, or avoid planting plants and bushes that attract deer in your garden. 

Consult With Professionals

If you experience a severe problem with ticks, you should ask for help from a professional. They will be able to determine the source and stop the infestation of ticks.

There are companies that will solve the problem for you using different methods. Do research to find out more about the available pest control services that deal with this specific problem in your area.

Sites like House Method sum up the reviews for different providers, so you can check to see which company suits your specific needs. 

Check out this article and learn where are the buggiest places in the USA.

Pest Control As Tick Prevention

Despite causing other problems, keep in mind that mice can spread ticks around your garden. Deal with them quickly with mouse baits.

If you notice droppings, then this might mean that they are the source of the problem. Remove any thing that can serve as potential hiding spots for mice.

Planting Tick Repelling Plants

Certain plants have the ability to repel ticks

Certain plants have the ability to repel ticks, due to their strong scent. Some of them are garlic, lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. Plant them around your property to protect it from ticks. Also, add some in the areas that you use the most. 

Using Traps For Ticks

Use The Best Flea Traps On The Market

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There are different types of tick traps. Most of them will capture the ticks, without being dangerous for animals and people.

Make sure that you check the possible tick hiding spots, such as fences and sheds. 

Keep Your Lawn Short To Avoid Ticks

Keep Your Lawn Short To Avoid hiding places for Ticks

If your kids like to play in the grass, you might feel so worried.

When the lawn is short, the ticks won’t have an ideal hiding spot. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go too short if you want to maintain a healthy lawn.

About 4 inches high is a good option. It will allow the grass to develop properly, while it won’t be a good hiding spot for ticks. 5 or 6 inches might be too tall, so make sure that you mow frequently

Treat Your Pets For Ticks

use the best Flea and Tick Collars on The Market

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Dogs and cats like to lay in the grass. They can pick the ticks and bring them into the house.

That’s why you need to treat your pets with special products. 

Use special tick collars to prevent this problem. Also, consult with your vet about which repellent products are proper for your pet. 

Use Chickens As Tick Control

Chickens feed on insects and can eat large amounts of ticks

Chickens feed on insects and can eat large amounts of ticks.

If you experience a severe problem with ticks and have enough time to care for chickens, you might want to consider this option as your solution. 

Guinea fowl is another type of bird that feeds on insects, so people often keep them for pest control. But, be ready to take full responsibility for your new pet. 

Dressing Up For Gardening

If you suspect that the garden is infested with ticks, always wear light-colored clothing.

This way, it will be a lot easier for you to spot ticks on your clothing. Also, check your body and hair to see if there are any ticks attached.

Also, make sure that you brush the pets after being exposed to grass and bushes. This will remove any ticks before they attach to its body. 

Right Sun Exposure For Your Garden

ticks don’t like sun exposure

The good news is that ticks don’t like sun exposure. Their ideal habitat are moist and shady spots.

So, you want to bring sunlight if you have a shady garden. Trim the trees to allow as much natural sunlight as possible.

Wrapping Up How to Get Rid Of Ticks in Your Garden 

These simple tricks will help you on how to get rid of ticks from your garden. 

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