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How to Pick Up Grass Clippings Using Lawn Sweeper

Are you wondering how you can pick up grass clipping to nurture your lawn? Are you tired of seeing too many grass clippings in your garden? Get to know how to pick up grass clippings with the assistance of a lawn sweeper can keep your lawn healthy.

For people who don’t know, picking up grass clippings is not beneficial at all. This is mainly because grass clippings have a lot of benefits for your garden.


Tips on How to Pick Up Grass Clippings Using Lawn Sweeper

One of the advantages of leaving the clippings on the lawn is that it can help provide an excellent fertilizer for your soil. It also helps in retaining the water to your soil, which will then assist the growth of the roots, thus making your lawn healthy.

But if there are just too many grass clippings, then it would be best to know how to pick them up using a lawn sweeper. Below are the useful tips on how to pick up grass clippings to keep your lawn tidy:

Picking Up Grass Clippings Using Lawn Sweeper

1. Wearing the Right Clothing and Protection

The first thing that you need to do is to wear the right clothing and protection. You need to use hand gloves that are made out of leather, to ensure that your hands will be protected from sharp objects and thorny ones.

It would also be best to wear jeans, long sleeves, and boots to make sure that all parts of your body are well protected.

2. Mowing Your Lawn

Once you are ready, you can start mowing your lawn first before doing anything else. This is mainly because your lawn sweeper will work better if your grass is freshly mowed.

It will also make it easier to see and sweep the lawn if the grasses have the same height.

how to mow your lawn?

3. Adjusting Your Lawn Sweeper

Now that you are done mowing your lawn, it is time to set the lawn sweeper’s height. You need to adjust it with the same height as your grass. Some lawn sweeper models have a handle or a dial that you can move or turn backward or forward. These things will help you adjust the brush's height easily.

4. Pickup Grass Clippings Using Lawn Sweeper

Start pushing your lawn sweeper into one area in your garden. You need to carefully travel back and forth in your lawn in the opposite direction. You need to carefully mow your lawn in a straight pattern. 

Follow the pattern until you get to the opposite side of your lawn. Once you reach the end of the lawn, turn the sweeper around so you can start mowing the other side of your lawn. This will make the path overlap and create a good coverage.

When using your lawn sweeper, it would be best to walk at a slow to medium pace. You can also walk at a pace as if you are using your lawn mower.

5. Collecting the Grass Clippings Using a Tarp

Using a large trap, lay it on the ground where you are done sweeping. You need to push your lawn sweeper to the large tarp carefully and dump all the contents there. A lawn sweeper typically have a handle or a string which can be pulled. This will help open the sweeper’s hopper to get rid of the clippings.

6. Depositing the Clippings to a Bag

Carefully fold your tarp and deposit the contents that are inside the hopper to place them to the leaf or lawn bag. You may deposit them in a bag or bin, wherein you can use them to create compost for your soil.

how to pick up grass clippings

You can continue sweeping your lawn until you get rid of all the grass clippings. Throw them in the right places to avoid having problems with your local community.

Once done sweeping your lawn, you can clean your lawn sweeper and store it somewhere clean and dry. This will help maintain the quality of your lawn sweeper so you can use it whenever you need.

Now that you know how to pick up grass clippings using your lawn sweeper, it’s time to tidy up your lawn, to make it look healthy and beautiful.

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