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Tools Every Gardener Needs

Gardening has long been a favorite pas time or millions of people around the globe. However, it is growing more and more popular than ever before. In fact, in the USA, over three quarters of families are gardening in some way.

As long as you have the space and passion, gardening can be a great hobby to take up. It can save you money by growing your own food, can be relaxing and fun, and can also offer some health benefits, too.

However, if you want to have a successful garden, there will be some tools that you will need to add to your collection. These tools will help you with various gardening tasks and make sure that the entire planting and gardening process goes by smoothly.

Seriously, you don’t need to own a huge collection of garden tools. It is just a complete waste of time and money. What you need to do is have the right garden equipment, most especially the essential ones.

And if you have been looking for a garden tools list, then this article might just help. Here are 10 tools every gardener or even handyman should own.

Gardening Gloves

Gloves are helpful when pulling nettles or even cutting back a bunch of thorny shrubs

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There is no doubt that gloves are among the most important garden accessories. They are helpful when pulling nettles or even cutting back a bunch of thorny shrubs.

Even if you tend to handle some harmless-looking plants, you are going to need gloves. Otherwise, your hands might get irritated or sore.

You might also have sensitive skin and experience rashes or redness when dealing with certain plants or chemicals, and gloves can save you from that as well.

Be sure to purchase gloves that are high-quality and can last years, so you don’t have to constantly be going back to buy more.

Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel is used for digging, repotting and removing weeds

When collecting a garden set, it is important to include a hand trowel. This tool is quite indispensable, especially when you are fond of planting.

Imagine a scenario where you do not own one. Don’t you think it is easy to dig up and remove weeds? As with all planting tools, remember to always keep your hand trowel clean and dry.

Hand Fork

Garden hand forks gives you the ability to break any hard andor lumpy soil

Just like the aforementioned tools, a hand fork is an essential addition to your best garden tools. This one here gives you the ability to break any hard and/or lumpy soil.

Also, it can be used in mixing crumbly compost, so you can give the soil the consistency it needs to help grow plants.

There are two kinds of forks, one is digging fork and another one is the cottage fork. Gardeners need both of them. With a good garden fork, you will able to reach to the crop root.


A shovel is quite beneficial when you are into some serious digging

Of course, it is a crime not to include a garden shovel in your garden set. A shovel is quite beneficial when you are into some serious digging. If you will just use a hand trowel, the task will definitely take all day.

But if you use a garden shovel, you can do any digging task in a fraction of the time. And just like any garden or indoor tools, make sure to place your shovel in nice garden tool storage.

Digging Fork

A digging fork is essential in loosening soil in larger areas

It is important that you do not mistake a digging fork from a hand fork. Basically, the former is just a long-handled version of the latter.

But as far as its main purpose is concerned, it covers a much wider range. A digging fork is essential in loosening soil in larger areas. It is even helpful when the soil is quite hard to break up.

Garden Secateurs

Secateurs are among the many best garden clippers that you need to own

Secateurs are among the many best garden clippers that you need to own. In fact, it is the tool that you will likely to use very often.

Regardless of the task in your garden, it is possible for you to come across plans that need cutting back. You need secateurs that are proven sharp, the type that offers an exception cutting power.

Telescopic Tree Pruners

Telescopic tree pruner is handy when you are trying to reach up into hedges or trees

Much like the comparison between digging fork and hand fork, telescopic tree pruners share the same idea with secateurs. As a matter of fact, the name already speaks for itself.

This garden hand tool is handy when you are trying to reach up into hedges or trees, among others. The blades are both larger and stronger, as they are meant to cut thicker branches.

Go for the ones with superb quality and excellent cutting power.

Garden Sheers

Sheers are perfect for cutting long grasses, hedges, and even flowering plants

Some people have this misconception that sheers are meant to chop through thicker stems. Unlike the conventional garden shears, this one is all about cutting a plethora of thinner stems all at once.

They are perfect for cutting the likes of long grasses, hedges, and even flowering plants.


Rake is used for clearing dry leaves or twigs and even use to level out beds

As your work progresses in the garden, you will soon find rakes quite handy. Apart from clearing dry leaves or twigs, they are also good for breaking up soil. Some gardeners even use rakes to level out beds.

Considering how useful this garden tool is, it only makes sense for you to store it in a dry place.

Lawn Mower

Lawn mover is used to cut grass and comes in varying sizes

Regardless of the size of your lawn, you will need a lawnmower. Not having one is going to give you a tough one. Remember that lawn mowers come in varying sizes and shapes.

Some are manually powered while most modern ones are high-tech for being electrical models. Just go with a lawn mower that you feel comfortable and excellent.


Wheelbarrow is use for carrying heavy tools or weeds to one place to another

Most newcomer gardeners ignore wheelbarrow at the beginning but this thing can make gardening highly enjoyable.

When you would have to carry heavy tools or weeds to one place to another, then you will know how important wheelbarrows are. They serve as transportation.

Having said that, if you have a very small lawn to look after, then you might go well without a wheelbarrow. But it is mandatory for medium sized lawns!

However, if you are about to pick a wheelbarrow to make sure to choose a lightweight and sturdy one! By using basic woodworking tools you can make your own wheelbarrow.

Gardening Apron and Knee Pads

Use a gardening apron if you don’t want to ruin your clothes every time you do gardening

If you don’t want to ruin clothes every time you do gardening, then a full apron is mandatory for you. But when choosing apron to make sure you choose the waterproof one.

A knee pad is mandatory for older peoples. Gardening requires sitting on the knee which could be hard for older people and the knee pad will make that comfortable for them!

Watering Can or Hose Pipe

Watering can lets you sprinkle water everywhere evenly

Watering is a must to do thing in gardening and to make watering more fun and efficient, you would want to invest a little money on a good watering can. This thing will sprinkle water everywhere evenly! Some use a hosepipe to water the garden, but for that, you will need a water outlet!

Hosepipe can cover a big area when within a short time

Compared to water cans, hose pipes are more efficient and also enjoyable. With a hosepipe, you will be able to cover a big area within a short time. Plus, you won’t have to walk much with the hose pipe, if you have good water pressure, just moving the hands will do all the work!

Air Compressor

With air compressor, you will be able to do weeding, removing dead leaves, cleaning root vegetables such as potato, carrot, etc

Before you go further let me tell you, air compressors are expensive but they offer outstanding value for the money!

Not only in gardening, but air compressors are also widely used most of the industries nowadays.

You will be able to do weeding, removing dead leaves, cleaning root vegetables such as potato, carrot, etc. Best 30 gallon air compressor also come into play when inflating tires!

Garden Spade

Soil breaking or turning, garden spades will help you all the way

Source: Amazon

For bed making, spades are a great helping hand! Soil breaking or turning, spades will help you all the way.

Spades come in different types, some are short handled square blade spade and some comes with a long handle and heart-shaped shovel.

But short handled square blade spades are best for gardening. This spade will allow you to mix up compost and fertilizers easily!

Garden Hoe

Garden hoe is important tool when it comes down to weeding off beds, digging small holes and breaking soil

Garden hoe is a highly important tool when it comes down to weeding off beds, digging small holes and breaking soil.

They have long handles and sharp either pointed or forked ends. This makes it easy to dig or work standing up, saving your back from a lot of pain.

There are also many different styles of garden hoes that can be used for a range of tasks. This versatile tool is certainly one you need to think about getting if you want to start gardening.

The only problem with this tool is, the head is made of metal and the handle is wooden, so when you try to use that with gloves on, they tend to slip often. But they are highly lightweight, which is a good side of this tool.

If you want some more information about the usefulness of garden hoes, or even purchase a high-quality model, check out some guides online and Easy Digging’s page for more information: Heavy-duty Garden Hoes | Gardening tool to weed, dig + till.


In conclusion, the information included in this article should help you learn about all the different tools that a gardener may need to have a successful garden.

While there are other tools that many gardeners may use, these are among the most necessary and important. Once you get a little more dedicated to gardening, there are dozens of other tools you can consider getting.

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