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How to Choose Modern Patio Furniture

The past couple of years has taught us that having access to private outdoor space, a yard or garden, makes life a lot more enjoyable. Whether you have a small yard or more space to play with, a patio is always a good option.

The choice of modern patio designs is vast, as is that for modern patio furniture, and things have come a long way since you last looked at furnishing your outdoor space.


Modern Patio Furniture

You want furniture that is on trend, stylish, and comfortable, while not being too expensive or difficult to maintain. Be aware that furniture left outdoors will be at the mercy of the weather, so you need to make sure it is either light enough to store away, or it is designed to put up with all that is thrown at it. 

We’ve had a look at modern furniture designs and also at the latest in patio design. Gone are the days when one simply laid down concrete slabs and that was the job done!

There are some very beautiful and yet supremely practical design ideas for patios, so let’s have a closer look at those before we talk about garden and modern patio furniture. 

Getting to Know Modern Patio Designs 

Getting to Know Modern Patio Designs

There was a time when a patio was merely a hard area where you could spend time outdoors. The modern patio is something of a work of art!

Getting the professionals to design and lay your patio is always the best idea, as it not only gives you great results but also allows you to add something attractive and decorative to your property that will stand the test of time. 

The patio adds value to your property as it is a desirable feature. This is why you should consider your options carefully when it comes to deciding upon the design of your patio and its style and colors – yes, colors!

Patio slabs come in a vast array of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, so you can have a design that is quite complex if you wish. Now, what about the furniture? How do you ensure you have the best furniture for your patio and outdoor space? Let’s talk about style.

Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture Style

Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture Style

If you check out modern designs takes on garden and patio furniture at any of the many blogs or magazines that deal with the subject you will be amazed by the variety on offer.

Furniture designers have recognized the demand for outdoor furnishing of a high quality and have reacted by offering many superb styles to suit all tastes.

But what style of outdoor furniture do you want? There is a trend towards furnishing for both indoors and out that is influenced by the Mid-century Modern movement.

This came about in the post-war years when the USA underwent a boom in economy, and people had money to spend. The result was a move towards clean, fresh, and simple furniture designs that blended beauty and style with practicality. 

The clean lines of these designs make this furniture that can be put anywhere and not look out of place. This is a style that lends itself perfectly to the outdoor patio, and in the link above there are some good examples of what we are talking about.

Next, where do you put your patio, and do you want it covered or left open? It’s an important point to ponder when considering both patio design and the furniture you want to put onto your outdoor space.

Covered or Open Patio Design

How to Choose Modern Patio Furniture

The patio is traditionally sited outside your home and accessed from indoors. However, this is not a rule that is set in stone. You may want to put your patio further away from the house, which is a common trend where the home has a larger garden space.

The advantage of this is that it creates a usable space that is detached from the home, but this may not be the choice for everyone. Wherever you choose to put your patio you need to think about whether you want it fully open, or part or fully covered. 

A cover – whether by a gazebo or a more solid construction – makes a lot of sense in locations where the weather is hot and sunny. Shade makes things more comfortable and the patio more usable for longer times. 

Also, a solid roof means more protection for your furniture and also adds to the usability in rain. Your patio design company will be able to advise as to the best combination of patio and suitable protection for the location you live in. 

Next, we want to revisit trends in garden and patio furniture, and what else you may wish to consider adding to your new and exciting outdoor space. 

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Outdoor Furniture Trends

We’ve talked about outdoor furniture design trends and how the Mid-century modern style may be best for your patio. Yet, there are other options you can consider including the traditional choice of wooden patio furniture.

Stylish and elegant, the only problem with wood is that unless well cared for it will be subject to weathering and deterioration thanks to being exposed to the elements.

You may also want to consider adding decking alongside your patio, or perhaps having a split-level patio built that adds something different to the space.

The patio – or decking – is also a great place for that most popular of additions to garden furniture, the hot tub! A hot tub is an excellent choice should you have children whom you want to encourage to spend more time outdoors, as is your patio.

See our Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews & Buying Guide for 2022 to see your options. 

Add Modern Patio Furniture to Your Outdoor Space

We sometimes fail to make the best use of outdoor spaces and we hope that this article has helped inspire you to start thinking about creating a patio area – whether just a small one or a more complex example – and looking at the different styles and types of garden and patio furniture that you can buy right now.

Talk to a couple of local patio design and installation companies and start the ball rolling!

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