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Pastel Flowers – Create Your Pastel Theme Garden

Have you heard of pastel flowers theme garden? Pastel shades are the soothing representatives of the colours world. They belong to a pale family, the shades are calm and not very vibrant to look at. 

When it comes to a garden, let the colours speak for themselves with Flower Company’s range of flowers. You can explore them at Flower Company.

Pastel colours inject joy and lightness in our surroundings. When you are surrounded by a fast life, try to slow down and enjoy the pastel hues and serenity too. Let's look into pastel flowers garden. 


Ideas for Pastel Flowers

When it comes to pastel flowers, the theme could also play an important role as far as selection is concerned. You can get an amazing combination of pastel Valentine’s Day flowers which you can even make better by pairing with other gifts just to drive the message home with a little bit of gusto. 

While many of us are used to wrapping a dozen of bodega roses to gift someone, what we may not understand is that the roses might not be the perfect gift for the person. 

Bad enough is that the recipient may never tell you openly that the roses do not hit the chord for them.

Pastel flowers however can be elegant and a show stopper as they combine anything from unique and tiny cactus to classic red roses just to come up with the best flowers for gifting the special people around you.

Pastel Theme Garden
Pastel Flowers for Your Garden

Every one of us has a different opinion and choice when it comes to flower preferences. Some like the vibrant hues and some go for pale and mild shades of pink and blue.

Another going around the pattern with Flower Company is the garden themes and our choice for the day is Pastel Gardens. 

Some ideas of pastel shades in flowers are:

  • Pale Lemon: Yellow always represents friendship. Pale yellow flowers create a sense of togetherness for everyone.

    Flowers like Lisianthus and Peruvian Lilies, enhance the beauty of a garden beautifully. 
  • Pale Baby Pink: The pastel shade for the beautiful baby girls, is the most subtle and inspiring. The essence of purity is what draws us towards flowers and babies.

    The innocence of flowers, the unconditional gift of the pale baby pink, makes it worth it. 
  • Baby Blue: It is a pastel shade created with the milky white added to the blue. Referred to as a baby blue for the baby boys as this shade represents the purity and preciousness of babies.

    Baby blue flowers make a marvellous gift for mothers and babies. 
  • Pistachio Green: Colour resembling the pistachio nut, the interesting milky yellow-green shade makes a beautiful pastel shade.

    Greenery is the main usage of this pastel shade in creating bouquets and enhancing the atmosphere of a home garden. 
Ideas for Pastel Flowers

Pastel Flowers for Your Garden

When it comes to the universe of flowers, the world is vast to choose from and not one to dislike. With this huge flower palette selection, let's try some of the interesting and serene shades of pastel color flowers.

Some of the most elegant creations of the God among these flowers are which can make your pastel theme garden come true are:

Impatiens Flowers

Pale white and pink hues of the impatiens flowers make your garden alive

The pale white and pink hues of the impatiens flowers make your garden alive. They have more than 1000 species and can be grown in the northern hemisphere easily.

These are up to 16 inches tall and have many shades suitable for your theme based garden. 


Lilium has a cultural significance and place in literature

The true lilies, Lilium, has a cultural significance and place in literature. The pure white colour of a Lilium flower attracts you towards it.

Making it a part of your pastel theme based garden, the colours will speak for themselves. 

Pastel Rose

Rose is the heart of the flower world. They come in many colours, some are naturals and some hybrids. The pale colour shades come in baby pink, peach, pale yellow, white roses and artificially coloured blue roses.

When it comes to gardening roses pastel shade, yellow and baby pink with white rose creates an extravagant beauty altogether. 


Alstroemeria vary from different shades and sizes, depending upon the variety of it

The otherly known as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas. They are very attractive and are perennials. Alstroemerias vary from different shades and sizes, depending upon the variety of it.

Need sun and partial shades and are clusters of lilies like flowers. 


Gladiolus as one of the pastel flowers

The beautiful flower of the iris family, is also known as Sword Lily. They come in a range of pastel shades to vibrant ones.

They grow from July till frost and up to 6 feet tall. Flower Company makes these gladiolus beauties available on demand. 


Peonies have a blooming span for 7-10 days

Peonies have a dazzling power of changing shades over the seasons. The abundance of bold foliage gives a marvellous look to the garden glory.

They have a blooming span for 7-10 days. They come in pale pink, white and some mixed colour shades as well. 

Spray Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums have different medicinal properties for sore throat, indigestion and pain-relieving agents

Chrysanthemums are the favourites of winter lovers. They can bloom in the autumn season, so they are the shine of the winter events as well.

They also have different medicinal properties for sore throat, indigestion and pain-relieving agents. Spray Chrysanthemums make a good addition to a garden, as have a large variety of colour shades.

A pastel theme-based gardeners can use sprays for the border section of their garden areas. 

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom represent the beauty of life and welcome of the spring season

For the symbol of good foreign relations, these cherry blossoms were brought from Japan to the United States as a gift. In April, the surroundings of these cherry blossom flowers are scented by the dazzling fragrance of the fresh blossoms.

The cherry blossom's other name is Prunus. They represent the beauty of life and welcome of the spring season. They need full sun to partial sun to bloom fully to its glory in the spring season. 


Tulips symbolize care and endearment towards the receiver from the giver

Tulips are the most well-loved flowers internationally. They are the new love me declarers. They make a wonderful selection for your pastel theme garden.

They symbolize care and endearment towards the receiver from the giver. The prefered soil texture for the tulips is well-drained. They require natural sunlight to partial sun and bloom in the spring season. 

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea bloom in the start of spring, through summer till fall sometimes

The baby blue colour shade of the blue hydrangea are the stunners. The blossoms of hydrangea bloom in the start of spring, through summer till fall sometimes.

They are the bigleaf family members and have the blue shade flowers because of the soil they grow in. With a change in soil conditions, the blue planted hydrangea can be seen in a different colour in the next blooming season.

Wrapping Up Our Pastel Flowers Guide

These flowers were mere a glimpse in the pastel world of flowers, there are more than 1000 of flowers which range in different pastel shades.

It is your choice to select which pastel flowers will be perfect for your pastel theme based garden. 

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