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20 Deck and Patio Privacy Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration to create privacy on your patio? Look no further! Below, I have gathered 20 patio privacy ideas that are sure to catch your eye.

From lush greenery and decorative fencing to curtains and screens. These ideas are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Whether you are seeking a quiet place to drink your morning coffee or a fun place to entertain guests, there is a solution for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these patio privacy ideas and transform your outdoor space into a private oasis.

Choosing Between Patio Privacy Ideas

deck and patio privacy ideas

Creating privacy on your patio can make it more comfortable and enjoyable. It will give you a comfortable place to relax and unwind.

There are several ways to create privacy on a patio:

Add Plants

Adding tall plants is a great way to create privacy naturally. Tall hedges, bamboo, and evergreens are popular choices. Not only do they create a natural screen, but also add a touch of greenery.

You can also use climbing vines on trellises or living walls. Additionally, plants like mint, lavender, and rosemary can help repel insects and add a pleasant fragrance to your patio.

Install a Patio or Deck Fence

Installing a fence is a quick and classic way to create privacy. With a wide range of materials to choose from, you can often find a solution that will suit your budget. A fence can be customised to your desired height and design.

This ensures you get the privacy you need while looking stylish. With some fence designs, you can also add climbing plants or hanging baskets to add to the ambiance.

Hang Curtains or Screens

Hanging curtains or screens is an easy and affordable way to add privacy to your patio. Curtains and screens come in a wide variety of materials, colours, and patterns.

This allows you to choose one that complements your home and outdoor decor. You can hang them from a rod or cable system. Open them whenever you choose and close them when you want privacy or to block the sun.

Use a Trellis

Trellises are a visually appealing way to create privacy on your patio. They are typically made of vinyl, wood, or metal. They can be used to support climbing plants or vines, creating a living wall.

Since trellises have open spaces, they may not be the best choice for complete privacy.

Add a Pergola

Adding a pergola to your patio is an elegant and functional way to create a bit of privacy. If you have an open patio, a pergola also gives you a structure to hang curtains and blinds.

You can also decorate a pergola with climbing plants or hanging baskets to add some greenery and a natural screen. They are stylish privacy solutions for creating outdoor dining or lounging areas.

Use Your Furniture

Using your furniture is a clever and practical way to create privacy on your patio. You can rearrange your existing furniture, such as chairs, tables, or planters, to create a more secluded area.

Using your furniture to create privacy is a simple yet effective solution that adds both functionality and style.

Install a Water Feature

Installing a water feature not only creates a peaceful atmosphere, but it can also create a sense of privacy. The sound of running water can help block out unwanted noise and make it hard for the neighbors to listen in on your conversations.

Water features are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Making it easy to find one to match your style and decor.

Here are garden water feature ideas to add to your patio or deck.

Why it is Important to Have Privacy on Your Patio or Deck

Having privacy on your patio provides a sense of seclusion and security. This can make it easier to fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Having privacy on your patio is important for several reasons, including:

Creates a Relaxing Space

Your patio that has privacy is a wonderful place to relax, unwind, and enjoy your surroundings. If your patio is open to public view, it can be uncomfortable and distracting.

Having privacy will create a sense of intimacy, allowing you to spend quality time with friends and family.

Added Security

If your patio is easily visible to passersby, it can make your home more vulnerable to crime. Adding privacy can improve security. Patio privacy ideas such as fences can keep unwanted visitors out.

Reduces Noise

If you live in a busy neighborhood or near a major roadway, noise can be extremely distracting. Some patio privacy ideas can help reduce the amount of noise you hear. This can help you relax and enjoy your outdoor space in peace.

Visual Appeal

Privacy solutions can enhance the visual appeal of your home and patio. Adding privacy screens, plants, fences and other types of decor can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Increase Your Property Value

Having a private patio can also increase the value of your property. Privacy is a highly sought-after feature for many prospective homebuyers.

Eye-Catching Patio Privacy Ideas

Privacy is very important. Constantly having prying eyes watching you can be stressful. Instead of sitting outside and having everyone see you, create a safe place to relax.

Below are patio privacy ideas that range from elegant fencing to beautiful greenery.

20 Patio Privacy Ideas

1. Privacy Porch Panels

How to Make Porch Privacy Panels

Custom privacy panels are a great way to add some privacy to your patio without completely obstructing your view. While pre-made lattice panels from home supply stores are an option, you can make your own.

If you have woodworking skills and want to create your own custom lattice panels, follow along with this free tutorial.

2. DIY Floating Outdoor Curtains

DIY Floating Outdoor Curtains

Adding curtains can help create a cosy and more private patio space. However, if you do not have a roof or walls to attach them to, hanging them can be a struggle.

If you are wondering how you can hang the curtains, check out this solution from Southern Heather. 

3. Outdoor Privacy Partition

Outdoor Privacy Partition


For those who are renting and seeking a temporary solution, three-panel wicker partitions are an ideal option. Folding partitions are simple to mount and easy to remove.

They are a quick and easy solution to your privacy needs. With a variety of colours and designs available, you can easily find a partition that matches your decor.

4. Decorative Wall Panel

Decorative Wall Panel

Decorative wall panels can serve as an attractive solution for patio or deck privacy. They can be simple or elaborate. To increase the aesthetics of wall panels, you can add brackets to hang planters.

The hanging plants provide even more privacy and improve air quality. They also make the area more inviting.

5. DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

Rather than installing a large wall, consider framing some bamboo. The bamboo panels will add plenty of visual interest to your patio without completely blocking your view.

The natural look of the bamboo is great for creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Bamboo also requires little maintenance, so it should last for years.

6. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screens

If you are a woodworking enthusiast with some basic tools, you can make this stunning chevron privacy fence. You can make a single panel to block your patio or make a set. The process is surprisingly straightforward. There are simple-to-follow the step-by-step instructions provided in a free video tutorial.

7. Recycle Old Pallets

Recycle Old Pallets


Wooden pallets are a cost-effective option for constructing privacy walls. They are often readily available at low costs or even for free. Pallets are durable and resistant to environmental factors. Wood pallets will last for years. The pallets can even be used to create living walls.

8. DIY Roller Shade

DIY Roller Shade

Roller shades are a good option for creating patio privacy. They provide an easy and customisable solution to block wondering eyes.

The shades can be adjusted to provide the desired level of seclusion, and they come in a variety of materials, colours, and patterns. In addition, roller shades can protect you from sunlight.

9. Build a Privacy Trellis

Transform your ordinary patio into a private retreat with a DIY trellis. A trellis adds just enough privacy for entertaining without completely blocking your view. You can create your own trellis by following along with this video tutorial.

10. Deck Privacy with Horizontal Panels

Instead of a traditional vertical slat wall, consider creating privacy with horizontal panels. These panels can be stained, painted, or left natural to complement your outdoor space.

The horizontal design allows for ventilation while still providing privacy. Additionally, the horizontal lines will make your patio look larger.

11. Evergreen Plants for Privacy

Evergreen Plants for Privacy


Evergreens make great patio screening. They are dense and have foliage year-round, providing privacy throughout the year. They are also available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. In addition to privacy, evergreens create a natural and calming atmosphere.

12. Tin Accent Wall

Add a Tin Accent Wall

A tin accent wall will create visual interest while adding privacy. Tin walls are also durable and can withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, tin accent walls are easy to install and maintain. You can paint them or leave them natural to add a rustic or industrial feel.

13. Use Planters

Planters are a great choice for creating patio privacy. Planters give you a way to incorporate natural elements and add greenery. They can be filled with a variety of plants and flowers, such as tall grasses, shrubs, or climbing.

In addition, planters can be moved around when needed, giving you the flexibility to reconfigure your patio layout.

14. Water Wall Privacy Screen

DIY outdoor water wall privacy screen

Are you looking for patio or deck privacy ideas that incorporate water? Check out this amazing DIY outdoor water wall privacy screen. It does not only add privacy, but it is also an eye-catching piece of art.

The free tutorial includes detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide you through the process.

15. DIY Privacy Screen with Canopy

DIY Privacy Screen with Canopy

If you are searching for patio privacy ideas and are not interested in installing a fence, you can make this fabric privacy screen. The screen is perfect for adding privacy while blocking out the sun.

With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can build a privacy screen and canopy with just a few simple tools and materials.

16. Use a Living Wall as Privacy Fence

There are a lot of types of living wall patio privacy ideas. These types of walls are aesthetically pleasing, and they can add beauty to your outdoor space. The walls and plants can help reduce noise levels and improve air quality while blocking the neighbors.

Living walls are also an excellent way to grow herbs and other plants in a sustainable and space-saving way. 

17. DIY Decorative Privacy Screen

DIY Decorative Privacy Screen

This decorative DIY outdoor privacy screen is perfect for adding a touch of privacy and art. With just a few boards, screws, and decorative privacy panels, you can create this gorgeous screen. It will definitely spark conversation among your guests.

18. Movable Patio Privacy Fence

Are you looking for patio privacy ideas that are not permanent? If you are unable to install a fence, or you like to change your patio around frequently, consider a screen on wheels.

This allows you to effortlessly move the screen to another area whenever you like. The privacy fence is aesthetically pleasing on its own or can use the trellis for climbing plants.

19. Privacy Screen from PVC Pipe

Privacy Screen from PVC Pipe

Are you unable to hang curtains on the patio? You can create a portable privacy screen using PVC tubing and inexpensive bedsheets.

This DIY project gives you the ability to use any colour or patterned sheets you want. This way you can easily match your decor or change the sheets whenever necessary.

20. Outdoor Privacy Bench with Concrete Seat

Outdoor Privacy Bench with Concrete Seat

Not only is this bench beautiful, but it also provides privacy to your patio. It would make a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. You can even use the lattice to hang plants on the back of the bench. If you love getting your hands dirty and working on DIY projects, you will want to take a look at this tutorial.

Additional things to consider when looking at deck privacy ideas

There are several things to consider before looking at patio privacy ideas. Taking these into consideration will help ensure your patio privacy is not only functional, but it also stylish.

Here are some things to consider when looking at deck privacy ideas:

Amount of Privacy

How much privacy are you looking for? Do you want a small amount of privacy to create a cosy outdoor space to relax after a hard day’s work? Or do you want to create complete seclusion from your neighbours or passersby?

Consider the Style

When looking at different patio privacy ideas, consider the style of your home. You want your solution to blend in with your existing outdoor space. This will help create a cohesive and visually appealing look.


Take into consideration the amount of maintenance that will be required. Some patio privacy ideas may require more upkeep than others.


When choosing from different patio privacy ideas, it is important to pick something that will be durable. It needs to be able to withstand the elements and last for years to come. Living in an area with severe weather conditions makes this particularly important.

Your Timeline

When looking at patio privacy ideas, it is vital you take your timeline into account. If you need to add privacy now, installing a fence can offer immediate privacy. If you are looking for more natural solutions, know beforehand that they can take time to fully develop.

Know Your Budget

Decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend on a privacy solution. This will help you narrow down your options.

Local regulations

Check with your local authorities. Make certain there are no regulations or permits required for the types of patio privacy ideas you are looking at.

Take Your Pick from these Patio Privacy Ideas

Creating privacy on your patio can greatly improve your outdoor experience. Having extra privacy will allow you to relax. You will be able to enjoy your space without feeling exposed to your neighbors or passersby.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can transform your patio into a private retreat. Whether you are looking for a natural solution or a permanent structure, there are plenty of patio privacy ideas that fit your style and budget. 

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