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A Beginner’s Guide To Smart Gardening

The impact of technology today cuts across many areas of our lives. And as hard as it would be to believe, the impact of modern technology is also evident in gardening. This allows gardeners to save money, energy, and time.

For instance, using smart gardening devices helps ease gardening chores such as watering the yard or mowing the lawn. It also allows homeowners to grow fresh greens in a world with less gardening space. 

With that said, what is there to learn about smart gardening? Look no further if you're looking for the answers to this question. Below is an in-depth guide looking into everything you need to know about smart gardening. Let's get started.


What is Smart Gardening

What is Smart Gardening?

Smart gardening refers to using modern technology, such as garden design software, that makes gardening more manageable and efficient. You must connect smart devices such as automated feed systems or pre-programmed sprinklers to your smartphone.

After that, you can do your gardening tasks without breaking a sweat and spending less time outside. Smart gardening devices can also do the following: 

  • Monitor the moisture levels and health of houseplants 
  • Automatically water the plants in your garden 
  • Assisting you with landscape design
  • Identifying the best plants for a particular site 
  • Improving plant care

You no longer need to work harder to ensure your garden produces fresh veggies, flowers, or anything else you prefer. Instead, you can leave the tedious work to the smart devices while observing it.

List of Smart Garden Products 

Smart gardening requires you to use several devices for a hassle-free plant-growing experience. This includes:

Smart Lawn Mowing 

Smart Lawn Mowing

Are you tired of spending your free time mowing your yard? If yes, you need to invest in a robot lawn mower. This smart device might look like a novelty item, costing more than USD$1,000, but it comes in handy if you're into smart gardening. 

After buying this smart device, you'll need to set a boundary by fixing pegs below the soil and covering them in the grass to conceal their location. You'll also need to find space for docking this smart device and an outdoor power socket where the mowing robot will get its power.

Once set, the smart mower will move around your lawn without going over the fence as it cuts grass and avoids any obstruction in its path.

Smart Sprinklers 

These smart gardening devices allow you to water your lawn using internet-based technology. Thanks to this, you no longer have to stand in the scorching sun while watering your lawn.

Instead, you can use your computer or smartphone to change, control, and track the smart sprinklers remotely. This ensures your plants get the precise water quantities they need. Smart sprinklers can also be set, depending on the weather condition; for instance, less water is needed during the rainy season. 

With such features, using smart sprinklers helps you cut down on the water used in your garden. This improved efficiency makes your garden environmentally friendly as it avoids excessive water use. 

Gardening Apps 

Smart Gardening Products

Many gardening apps are available on iOS and Android smartphones, such as GKH Gardening Companion. You can use these apps for different things, from irrigation placement, plant ID, resolving problem areas, and design. 

The database in most gardening apps can also help you learn more about proper plant care. Each type of plant has a different level of water and sun requirement, and an app can guide you in the right direction.

Gardening apps can also remind you to water houseplants consistently. Once you register a houseplant, the app can help you set a watering schedule to ensure your plants can thrive.

Smart Gardens 

These are gardens that automatically administer heat levels, fertilizer, and water. They also provide the light needed to promote plant growth if you live in an urban setting where growing takes place indoors.

When starting, all you need to do is sow and leave it to the smart garden to take care of the rest. 

Smart Garden Lighting 

This smart device enables you to control your garden's outdoor lighting. You can control it using a smart home assistant or smartphone, usually over a wireless network.

They come with many features, such as motion sensors and control over colors, timing, and brightness. And if you want to save on energy, you should get solar-powered lights

What are the Benefits of Smart Gardening? 

Benefits of Smart Gardening

Setting up a smart garden may seem expensive, but investing in it can benefit your home in many ways. These benefits include:

Saves You Money In The Long Run

Buying smart gardening devices will cost you a large upfront investment. But this will prove a wise purchase in the long run because you'll save money ensuring your plants remain healthy.

You'll also no longer spend as much money buying veggies from the grocery store as you'll be growing your own. The issue of water wastage will no longer be an issue anymore as smart gardening devices guarantee efficient water usage. 

Saves You Time And Energy

Smart gardening makes it possible to still do your gardening duties without needing to be personally present. And if you have a hectic schedule, this is advantageous.

With smart gardening devices, you can go out on errands and not worry about who’s going to water your lawn. This makes gardening more fun and relaxing as you only use a little effort.

Ensures Sustainable Living

It’s crucial to make good use of water and avoid waste. Using smart devices when gardening makes this dream possible by optimizing water efficiency. They do this by giving you improved control over water usage when watering your sustainable garden.

Don't forget to keep your smartphone safe while you're out in the garden. A reliable rugged dirt-proof phone case can protect your device from damage while making sure it's always within reach when you need it. 

Crafted to withstand the rigors of gardening life, this case ensures that your devices remain untouched by dirt, dust, and accidental bumps.

Smart Gardening Takeaway 

Gardening can be challenging, especially if you have a wide yard. Thanks to technology, however, many gardening tasks are now easier as smart devices can automate some tedious duties. But because this concept of smart gardening is relatively new, it wouldn't be surprising if you had some reservations. 

Luckily, this in-depth blog post has outlined all you need to know about smart gardening. You're then a lot smarter now and understand why you should embrace smart gardening to reduce waste and be more productive.

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