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15 Wall Decorating Ideas for Plant Lovers

An office without greenery decoration may be dull, which can reduce people’s motivation to work. A home without greenery will look lifeless and reduce happiness.

Do you want to build a gorgeous, oxygen-filled wall of plants for your home or office? We can have it all by having a vertical hydroponic garden without compromising on space.

If you're looking for motivation and guidelines for incorporating plants into your living room, look no further. This article offers 15 modern living room wall decorating ideas for plant lovers.  


15 Modern Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas for Plant Lovers

1. Plants in a Cute Geometric Holder

A set of geometric holders is made as a display stand for air plants. You can put mini plants on the wall or hang them from the ceiling. Everyone's aesthetic is different.

You can arrange the geometric planters in the shape you like to display the beauty of the plants in the most ideal condition. Air plants can get most of their nutritional needs from the air and do not need soil or water to survive.

This special makes them ideal for decorative plants. Because they only need an occasional soaking of their roots. But you also need to check the condition of the plants periodically for signs of mold and mildew.

2. A Vertical Hydroponic Garden Breaks Up an Open Layout

A Vertical Hydroponic Garden Breaks Up an Open Layout

Source: Auxgrow

A vertical hydroponic garden is a perfect suit for open-style apartments, and they are the best for decorating both living rooms and bedrooms. But there is more to these gardens than just decorating your home. 

You can save space and more importantly, you have an indoor hydroponic vegetable garden. And you can grow fresh vegetables indoors for your ornamental and nutritious dietary needs without losing much open space. It's a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone!

This indoor hydroponic growing system is very efficient to grow. On the one hand, hydroponics is faster than soil gardening, and on the other hand, it supports you in indoor gardening all year round.

You can grow 80 plants at a time in a space of only 180x85cm. Let's do the math, lettuce harvesting period, a year down. The harvest results are really objective.

You can also plan for this sustainable garden of yours to have a higher plant density in the smallest space. And it is possible to automate the maintenance through IoT for your convenience in order to get the maximum convenience.

That's right if you are a vegetable lover! You can grow lettuce, cabbage, chickweed and tomatoes. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary and thyme are all great options.

3. Wall Shelves are a Good Way to Go

Wall Decorating Ideas for Plant Lovers

Wall shelves are one of the most efficient ways for home decorations. When you combine the shelves with live plants, that can be one great-looking home. 

The size of your room will determine how long your shelves should be. The larger your room, the longer your shelves will be. We recommend it to find shelves that are at least 8 inches deep so that you have enough room for your planters.

You need to know how much shelf spacing is good. Place the center shelf about 56 inches above the floor. Your shelves are placed above and below the center shelf, 12 inches apart. This will give you enough space to grow some medium-sized plants.

Planting your plants on the wall shelves can save space and make them beautiful at the same time.

4. Green Plants Wall Art

Green Plants Wall Art

If you want your wall to be full of greenery, having an indoor moss wall is a fantastic choice. You can choose a lot of different moss, including bun moss, reindeer moss, and fern moss. Moss art is one of the prettiest art styles to decorate your residence and office. 

You can quickly assemble moss art on walls. But first, you'll need a moss panel that gets on the walls. After getting one, your next step is to be creative with where and how you want the live moss to be used. 

You can display your moss wall art practically anywhere in your home, and the potential is endless. Not necessarily, an unbroken wall is covered with moss first, but you can divide them into different shapes to place.

5. Reuse Your Clothing Hanger

If you want to throw away your bar hanger, are you considering that we can use it for old stuff? You can repurpose and use them as a DIY vertical hydroponic garden hanger. You can put a lot of greenery in them indoors and outdoors. And it's super easy to build for decorating as planters.

If you don't have a patio or backward but still want your home to be decorated full of greeneries, this DIY clothing hanger technique is all you'll need for an excuse!

6. Hydroponic Plants in Glass Bottles

Hydroponic Plants in Glass Bottles

No matter where you shop, having an extended range of glass bottles is a thing everywhere. And the most enjoyable part is the wide variety of designs they have.

So instead of using plastic vases, you can create your indoor hydroponic growing system for growing greenery conveniently with glass bottles and containers. They look better, are eco-friendly, and are imaginative as well. 

There won't be any houseplant death because of under-watering or too much watering. And since the soil is unnecessary here, you won't need to worry about your plants getting infected with diseases or pest infestations.

Also, you won't need to water the plants every day, just once a week or two would suffice.

7. Pick a Backless Bookcase

Using a backless bookcase to display your greenery

Source: Auxgrow

Using a backless bookcase to display your greenery is another excellent way to decorate your home. We can fill it with your books but also breaks up an open layout.

When it comes to bookshelves, it is just too useful. You can reserve a special floor for a few indoor hydroponic vegetable gardens, which can be planted and also serve as ornamental.

It works all year round without fear of the plants will wither and fall in winter. Lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary, and thyme are all great options.

You can display your precious books on the other layers of the bookshelf. It is also a good way to break the dullness of your bookshelf by placing greenery in the middle of it.

These bookcases are space efficient, unlike plant stands that take up a lot of room in your home. It is mainly for books, so you can put a few planters on it without worrying about the weight limit. Moreover, no soil is needed to grow air plants or hydroponic vegetables.

8. Grid Frame for Climbing Plants

Grid Frame for Climbing Plants

Source: Shinecoco

If you're someone who had a tour of the British flower gardens, you can have a new fascination with climbing plants. And it'll only make you appreciate them more in your home.

Climbing plants are one of the most beautiful decoration ideas that are hassle-free to have. And the easiest way to make the best use of them is through grid frames. 

There are a lot of climbing plants you can choose from, and that's not all. For instance, you can select clematis, morning glories, passion vines, and jasmine.

There are also Mandevilla and obelisks that you can use in your home. No matter which ones you choose for your garden, the plant supports can be customized to your liking however you'd want.

9. Shape Your Vines to Surround the Mirror

Shape Your Vines to Surround the Mirror

Source: Cotton Stem

There is more use for climbing plants and vines than just using them on grid frames in an indoor vertical garden hydroponic. Another perfect way to complement finishes using vines surrounding mirrors. And in terms of that, the possibilities are a lot. 

However, when you plan to wrap your mirrors with your vines, you need to make sure that they are within your ability to take care of them. A full-body mirror will take a little more care. If it is a tabletop mirror perhaps it will be less time-consuming to take care of these lovely vines.

Vines need to be pruned and watered. You can also use low-maintenance climbing vines for shaping. This method will stop overhanging leaves on the floor while making it more elegant.

10. Plant Cuttings in Test Tubes

Plant Cuttings in Test Tubes

This idea would suit you perfectly if you have many vases full of plant cuttings. Hydroponic growth is undoubtedly beautiful in glass bottles.

The easiest way to set up a propagation station is to use old glasses and jars, fill them with tap or filtered water, and place fresh plant plugs. This is, of course, for plants that can be propagated in water.

Heart-leaf philodendron, African violet, Spider plant, Tradescantia, Maranta Leuconeura, and Christmas cactus will be suited for you. We gorgeously suited anywhere the planter test tubes in your home.

You should keep the water clean and place it in a bright place with direct sunlight. Whether you keep them on wooden shelves or hang them, nearly nothing is as attractive as plants in test tubes.

11. Hexagon Floating Shelves

Anything in a hexagon form is instantly cool, and home decor is no exception. With a hexagon floating shelf in your vertical hydroponic garden, you can put as much greenery as possible and make the best-looking home decor the easiest way. 

They can hold some serious weight, and with that in mind, the hexagon floating shelves are efficient at keeping your plants in a tight space.

They are beautifully crafted and bring elegance and personality to your home decorations. You can actually grow both flowers and herbs indoors with the help of these floating hexagon shelves.

12. Growing Climbing Plant on Wooden Ladder

Growing Climbing Plant on Wooden Ladder

Do you have vines in your collection, such as dandelions, phalaenopsis, ivy or other plants that naturally want to climb? Give your plants the support they need to grow upward with this beautiful and functional indoor wooden plant trellis.

Using a standard ladder for vines would be overkill. However, you can have the best results with decorative bamboo ladders. They are way prettier, and they can support thicker vines as well.

No matter where you live, you can enjoy a classic garden aesthetic indoors year-round with a traditional ladder planter. This design offers many places to wrap or secure vines as plants grow.

13. Mounting Planters on Wall Corners

The best way to cover corners while saving space is easier than you may think. The space-saving planters are the right pick to mount on walls around corners.

We can also upgrade them with a self-watering system and are beautiful no matter where you put these plants in your home. You can grow anything, from flowers to small vegetables and herbs.

They look innovative while being in the corners and keep the air clean with no issues.

14. Growing Plants on Hanging Metal Mesh

Growing Plants on Hanging Metal Mesh

Getting fresh herbs for cooking is an ordinary and extraordinary feeling if grown inside your home. With hanging metal mesh, you can achieve that without compromising too much space inside, which is pretty neat. 

You can do it with hanging ropes, but metal meshes would look more attractive in the vertical hydroponic garden. You can start with only welded wire meshes and pick up the pace afterward.

15. Indoor Plants Hanging From Ceiling

Indoor Plants Hanging From Ceiling

Plants are a significant part of our life on our planet. They keep us alive and can also be a cheerful touch to our psychology. And when you're into greenery, there's every reason to get them in your home.

Have Fun Putting Up These Wall Decorating Ideas for Plant Lovers

There are many ways to decorate our home with plants, but the potential is limited if we live in an apartment. Lack of space is an issue most of the time, but we can cut that off with innovations.

You can have ceiling beams to hang plant pots, and that's not all. They can make your living much more cheerful while taking so little space in the process.

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