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Beekeeping – What You Need to Start Beehive Keeping

Everyone loves having pets at home. Either cat or dog, sometimes fish or squirrels, so it isn't surprising that if someone tells you that they will start. So, Are you one of those rookies thinking about raising honey bees at home or farmhouse? Let's read on to know more.


Beekeeping Beginner's Guide

Beekeeping is considered a good thing as it gives you a lot of benefits

Maybe you want your honey (everybody wants their honey! One can never get enough of it), or you want better pollination for your vegetable garden, maybe you want to help those struggling cute little bees(perhaps not every time). 

For whichever reason, if you want to start Beekeeping, you must learn how to keep them, or you'll end up covered in bee bites for no reason at all. Learning something new isn't easy, but it's not impossible; it is essential to learn before you start taking action.

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Benefits of Beekeeping

Beekeeping is considered a good thing as it gives you a lot of benefits. For one, bees are beneficial insects that can help pollinate your flowers. You can have honey whenever you want but choosing a proper place for Beekeeping is also important. 

From ordering bees to selecting an appropriate place for them where they can find flowers in abundance, say somewhere near a garden or open ground where they can pollinate, everything is important. 

Having a new pet at home is easy, but Beekeeping is a long learning process. So here are the few things that you should keep stored in the closet of your mind before you start Beekeeping

Things to Know Before You Start Beekeeping

Benefits of Beekeeping

1. Did You Know Buyers are Keepers

Many of us may assume that bees are supposed to be captured and stored in one place to start Beekeeping of our own, but there is a slight untruth in that assumption.

Like any other pet, bees can also be ordered from an apiary (a place where bees are kept). Another way to buy bees is by ordering package bees or nucleus hives. Let's have a brief on what package bees and nucleus hives. 

What are Package Bees? 

Package bees are ordered from local beekeepers or from the place where there is a whole association to keep bees. 

The bee supplier will guide you on how to keep bees and how to recognise queen bees because other bees usually follow queen bees(there are communities amongst bees just like humans, including queen bees and worker bees). 

Meaning of Nucleus Hive

Nucleus Hive means the supplier will give you a whole colony of bees that includes a comb, bees, honey, a queen, and brood (baby bees). So by buying a whole colony of bees, it can have a whole breed of its own in your beehive.

It can help you in growing a colony of bees at your place. Although there are side effects of buying a nucleus hive, it can be riskier, but the risks get smaller with precautions. 

2. Knowing the Two Ways of Beehive Keeping 

There are two ways to keep a beehive, the first is the top-bar hive, and another is the Langstroth hive. In the Top-Bar, hive-bee frames are arranged horizontally, and bees make honeycomb with a foundation in the system.

In Langstroth hive, boxes are arranged on top of each other, each containing frames, and that's where the bees build their honeycomb and store honey.

Most beekeepers chose the latter, Langstroth hive system for Beekeeping, even beginners.

Beekeeping Guide

3.Stack Up on Beekeeping Supplies

Before you think about ordering bees, have Beekeeping supplies like a hive stand, bottom board, hive body or brood chamber, shallow honey supers, inner and outer covers, smokers, veil and gloves(for you) etc.

These are just a few pieces of equipment that are mentioned here; other equipment is brought as per advice. For more information about Beekeeping equipment, visit Beekeeping Supplies.

4.Give New Bees Guidance

As soon as bees arrive at your place, you need to introduce them to their new place; just like any other pets that take time to adjust to their new home, bees take time to adjust to their new environment. 

As they are sociable creatures, it will take them less time to settle, but you have to sit back and observe while bees are going through new adjustments.

Wrapping Up Our Beekeeping Guide

Keeping your bees healthy and happy will attract other bees to come to your beehives, and you know it, more bees equals more honey production.

Don't stress before starting your beekeeping; go with the flow, and you can be the best beekeeper. These are the key points to keep in mind before starting Beekeeping on your own. 

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