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Building a Winter Storage Shed in the Winter

Why build a winter storage shed in winter? Winter is the last season most people think of when setting out to tackle outdoor projects such as storage buildings. 

Thanks to their long days and warmer weather, Springtime and summer are traditionally saved for these projects. This may leave you wondering if you can build an outdoor shed in the Winter. After all, you do not want this time to go to waste.

Can you build a storage shed in the Winter? Yes! Just because it is not popular does not mean you can’t do it. In fact, Winter may be the perfect time to build a winter storage shed, and here is why. 


Why Build a Winter Storage Shed in the Winter? 

Winter Storage Shed frame

Faster Completion of Your Winter Storage Shed

If you plan on hiring a professional, you may want to think twice before you discount Winter. Spring and Summer are the busiest times of the year for professional contractors.

They often have strenuous workloads to juggle. This means that your project may take longer because contractors split their time between multiple clients. However, Winter is the offseason for builders.

You stand a good chance of not only being able to hire your top choice contractor, but the builder will most likely have the time and resources to finish your shed on a shorter timeline.

It is More Cost-Effective

Contractors often offer more competitive rates to clients in winter

Builder rates tend to be highest in the Spring and Summer since these are the busiest times of the year. Since the winter season is not as busy as the warmer months, and there is less competition, contractors often offer more competitive rates to clients.

You may be able to have a winterized shed professionally built for less money than if you waited for Spring. Your wallet will thank you, and you can put this money towards other projects.

Beat the Rain

Spring and Summer are known for spontaneous afternoon rain showers. This is not ideal in the middle of a construction project and can cause lengthy delays, not to mention potential damage to the building materials.

Depending on where you live, Winters may be mild and more predictable, allowing you to complete your winter storage shed with minimal interference from mother nature.

Building a Winter Shed in the Winter Helps Fight the Winter Blues

Why Build a Storage Shed in the Winter

The combination of cold weather and short days can make anyone understandably stir crazy during the winter months. Building a winter shed during this season can occupy your time and help to ward off the winter blues! 

An outdoor storage shed is sure to keep you busy during construction and after as you decide how to set up and arrange your new building.

Additional Storage

Let’s face it! Most people tend to accumulate additional belongings during this time of year. Whether it be holiday decorations or gifts, by the time the first of the year comes, you can find yourself hunting for places to store your newly acquired items and seasonal decorations.

Building your winter storage shed now helps you stay on top of any potential storage dilemmas before they become an issue. 

Winter Storage Sheds Protect Your Outdoor Equipment

Winter can wreak havoc on unprotected outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, and gardening tools. Having a storage shed in place now, instead of waiting until Spring, allows you to cover and winterize your outdoor equipment, like your hot tub correctly

This will save you a great deal of money in the long run by not having to purchase replacement parts and tools that got damaged by rain, snow, wind, or other environmental elements.

Make the Most of Spring

More than likely, you have a mile-long list of projects you plan to tackle in the Spring. Many of these projects probably involve having a completed outdoor shed for storage or to work in.

By taking the time now to complete your garden shed, you can jump on your long-awaited projects without having to wait.

Storage shed

Winter Storage Shed Additional Tips

  • When preparing to start construction on your outdoor storage building, ensure that the ground is not frozen as this can cause foundational issues.

    A professional can determine whether the land is suitable for construction.
  • Depending on your climate and what you intend on storing, be sure to include plenty of insulation during the building of your new shed.

    This is especially important if you plan to run water to your shed, store liquids, or any other temperature-sensitive items. 
  • Persistent moisture can result in expensive issues. It is vital to make sure your shed is well-sealed, especially around doors and windows from the start.
  • Choose your flooring carefully. Melted snow and rainwater can make floors slick and a hazard to walk in. Be sure to choose the flooring that provides good traction in even the worst conditions.

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Consider Starting with Free Winter Storage Shed Plans!

Here are 50 FREE DIY shed plans that make it easy for anyone to build their own outdoor storage building successfully.

Whether you plan on building the shed yourself or hiring a professional, you first have to pick your shed plan. The size and shape you choose will depend on how much space you have to build and how you plan to use your winter storage shed.

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