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Best Electric Snow Shovel Buyer's Guide

7 Best Electric Snow Shovels of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

To take all the effort out of your winter home yard maintenance and take a load off your back, we recommend that you invest in an electric snow shovel. If you live in a region that has snowy winters, you get to enjoy skiing, ice-skating, bobsledding, and winter wonderlands. The downside is that your driveways, pathways, […]

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Why Build a Storage Shed in the Winter

7 Reasons to Build a Storage Shed in Winter

Why build a storage shed in winter? Winter is the last season most people think of when setting out to tackle outdoor projects such as storage buildings. Thanks to their long days and warmer weather, Springtime and summer are traditionally saved for these projects. This may leave you wondering if you can build an outdoor shed in […]

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Best Electric Snow Blowers

5 Best Electric Snow Blowers For 2021 Reviewed

Electric snow blowers are a fantastic option for anyone who wants a powerful, eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to gas snow blowers and the dreaded snow shovel.If you live in an area where you get mild to moderate snow and need to regularly clear your driveway, sidewalk and paths, you need a snow blower you can […]

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Healthy Kids Project: Preparing the Garden for Fall and Winter

It is exciting for kids to participate in planting a garden in the spring to harvest it in the summer, which can benefit them mentally, emotionally, and physically. But just because summer starts to fade into fall, it doesn’t mean that all outdoor garden activities should end yet. Taking the appropriate steps to preserve and […]

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5 Tips for Maintaining a Garden During Winter

Cold. Dark. Dank. Winter is not a time that you associate with happy times in your garden. In fact, many of us put a proverbial ‘do not disturb’ sign on the space during the winter month. But, does this have to be the case? You wouldn’t, after all, shut off a whole room in your […]

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Lawn care for your lawn in winter

Winter Lawn Care Guide – Preparing Lawn for Winter

Many people, even those who consider themselves to be clued up on the do’s and don’ts of gardening, assume that winter is a time to ditch the gardening and head inside, and in some respect this is true. However, if you want to ensure your lawn remains healthy and happy throughout the winter, here are a […]

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