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Best Water Plants and Pond Plants to Grow in Your Garden

25 Best Water Plants for Ponds to Grow in Your Garden

Ponds need water plants as much as they need water. Water plants for ponds help to aerate, oxygenate and shade pond water, and the best pond plants do it with bright displays of floral brilliance too.I am by no means unbiased here as I grew up around ponds and conservations and have never built a garden […]

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Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Best Outdoor Fan for 2020

6 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for 2024 Review | Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan in the market? Have you been contemplating whether or not you should buy the outdoor fan you’ve been eyeing?Outdoor fans are mainly used to cool down areas, but it has a lot more benefits than that. To help you decide, we have listed the top 6 benefits of […]

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Best Inflatable Hot Tub

5 Best Inflatable Hot Tub of 2024 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you’re planning to get an inflatable hot tub for your garden, then we have the buyer’s guide you need to the best inflatable hot tub on the market for your budget.Our reviews not only include useful information on different jet types, hot tub sizes and seats, you’ll also get insights into the considerable benefits […]

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Best Oriole Feeders Buying Guide and Reviews

11 Best Oriole Feeders Buying Guide and Reviews for 2024

Unlike the vast majority of tools and garden accessories, when it comes to feeding orioles, there is a pretty simple set of answers when it comes to choosing the best oriole feeders. Most reviews we write take into account the needs of the gardener, and the jobs they need to do, but with oriole feeders, it’s […]

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Putting Up a Garden Bar

Garden Bars: What Are They and How to Make One

A garden bar is the most coveted outdoor feature for summer this year as revealed by internet searches. People want to recreate the easygoing garden bar atmosphere at home and at the same time, offer an entertainment space outdoors.  Whether it’s a simple bar or a complete garden pub that you want to make, a watering […]

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Best Natural Spider Repellents Controlling Spiders in Your Home and Garden

6 Best Natural Spider Repellents for Your Home and Garden

For full disclosure, I adore spiders and all the good they do, both in the house and in the garden, but even I have to admit, that fall invasion of house spiders can be a complete nightmare, so we’re going to take a look at the best spider repellent products, and a few natural spider […]

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