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Garden Bars: What Are They and How to Make One

A garden bar is the most coveted outdoor feature for summer this year as revealed by internet searches. People want to recreate the easygoing garden bar atmosphere at home and at the same time, offer an entertainment space outdoors. 

Whether it’s a simple bar or a complete garden pub that you want to make, a watering hole in the comfort of your home is a fantastic idea. It not only extends valuable square footage outdoors, but it can also enhance the value of your abode when it is time to sell.


Putting Up a Garden Bar

Putting Up a Garden Bar

Benefits of Garden Bars

Overall, gardens offer many benefits including providing your home with fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers to decorate. Gardening is healthy, increasing your intake of vitamin D and oxygen and encouraging physical movement.

Staying outdoors can also improve your mood and self-esteem. Regular exercise not only supports good body weight, but also lowers the risks of dementia and other diseases.

By making a garden bar, it is possible to stay outdoors for a longer time. A garden bar is an ideal space to entertain without infringing on your indoor living area.

You can enjoy a couple of pints without worrying about over drinking or taking the wheel when you’ve had too much to drink. Stock up on your favorites or build your own collection of vintage wines that you can enjoy anytime.

In addition, you can even listen to music, sing, or dance in the comfort of your property. There are no dress codes to think of or taxi fares to pay when it's time to go home.

Simply relax and unwind after a hard day at work and pop in your garden bar for a refreshing drink alone or with the family.

Furthermore, owning a garden bar allows you to entertain anytime without worrying that you will be disturbing kids who are preparing for exams or children who are sick and need a quiet environment.

Invite your neighbor to chill out for a game of pool or cards and meet up with other couples for drinks and even lunch or dinner in your garden bar. You can also transform your outdoor space to host personal parties and events.

Ditch expensive venues to celebrate a graduation, wedding, promotion, or baptism. Your garden bar is so much more than a drinking hole for you can also entertain anytime without spending a lot of money on rental fees and expensive food and drinks.

Garden Bar Ideas

Garden Bar Ideas

Garden bars can be standalone structures or part of a complete kitchen outdoors. Depending on your budget, you can build an elaborate or simple backyard bar.

Space is also a consideration when you’re planning an outdoor pub. That said, if space or money is not a problem, an idea is to make an L-shaped structure which you can deck with highchairs.

A washing area for glasses and plates, if needed, as well as a fridge, outdoor kitchen, backyard bbq, and a gas grill are exciting features. Why not make use of the roof space to erect another floor which can serve as a covered or uncovered terrace where you can relish sumptuous cocktails while watching the stars at night? 

If part of your interior kitchen, a countertop can be connected using a pass-through window to bring food and drinks out. Chairs are installed on both sides where people can drink or dine.

If all you want to build is a standalone structure, there are several designs that can serve as an inspiration for your garden bar. A pop-up bar may be attached to a wall which can be the side of your house leading to the garden.

Portable outdoor bars on wheels can also be created that will allow you to set it up in any part of your garden. One inexpensive way of creating a bar is to modify sheds or playhouses adding shelves and a storage area to put your supplies.

Picnic tables and chairs can be mounted outside of the shed. If you have a treehouse, repurpose it as a home bar putting in a countertop, cabinet for drinks, and bar stools. For an authentic feel, try to find a space in the corner of your backyard and build a Tiki bar and hut.

How to Choose the Best Garden Bar

Benefits of Garden Pub

There are some considerations to think of when building a garden bar of your dreams. One factor is the location of your backyard pub. For example, if your garden is facing north or east, you might find that it lacks sunshine in the afternoon when you’re entertaining.

If such is the case, build an open air bar to take in as much sunlight as you can. For festivities that extend in the night, consider patio heaters or fire pits.

Don't miss our buying guide for the best patio heaters and fire pits for 2022. Make sure there are plenty of blankets to go around, too so everyone can get cozy and warm. 

If you’re lucky to have south or west facing gardens, you’ll get a good deal of afternoon sun making it a great setting for garden pubs. However, it may also get very warm, so you might want to include a cover or canopy. 

A mature tree in your garden is a good location for an outdoor bar that you construct next to it or underneath to benefit from the shade. If you don’t have outdoor trees, use large garden parasols for cover. You must also have a bar cabinet to protect your drinks from the sun and a fridge to keep them cool.

Consider water and power access when building your bar. Unless you plan on hauling things in and out of your house, having electricity in your bar shed to run a fridge or blender for cocktails, is practical.

A sink with running water is also useful so it is easy to wash up glasses especially if you’re entertaining. Should you plan to move your bar indoors when not in use, a cart or cabinet with wheels is a solution.

Have Fun with Your Backyard Garden Bar

Garden bar are practical, useful, and versatile offering different designs and styles of outdoor space to hang out, relax, and entertain.

They also save you money in the long run because you can host events and parties anytime without paying expensive rents and drinks. 

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