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10 Best Online Gardening Courses of 2024

Many people wish to have a beautiful flower bed or garden. Green lawns with ornamental and fruiting plants will not only add beauty to your site but also provide you with fresh fruits, berries, and spicy herbs throughout the warm season.

To obtain such a green oasis, however, you must first gain knowledge in this field. A person seeking the best gardening courses should consider both the overall quality of the available courses and their specific needs and ambitions.

Many schools, communities, and universities offer practical online courses that can benefit beginners and advanced students.


What Skills Do I Need To Be A Gardener?

Best Online Gardening Classes

If you want to be a gardener, you should have or learn the following skills:

  • Patience. It is the key to the successful completion of any task. Only if you have enough patience, you will be able to create a dream garden;
  • Creativity. It assists gardeners in creating beautiful landscapes and arranging flowers and trees so that they appear in harmony;
  • Attention to detail. It makes it possible to see what is missing and which flowers or trees can be added or removed from a landscape;
  • Good physical condition. Gardening necessitates a great deal of movement and the lifting of heavy objects (e.g., soil, fertilizers, etc.);
  • Technical skills. Gardeners may work with a variety of technical equipment depending on the field. It is necessary to understand how to use them, clean them, and repair them;
  • Basic research skills. Whatever courses you take, you will undoubtedly miss something. To avoid it, you should always stay up to date on industry news and conduct extensive research before using fertilizers, shaping trees, etc.

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Is There Any Course For Gardening?

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting courses is determining your goal, i.e., what exactly you want to learn and why. Only then, you can start looking for courses.

Some classes, for example, may concentrate on the decorative aspects of gardening and landscape architecture. Other courses are developed for people who want to grow plants for consumption and sale. 

Gardening training, unlike traditional classroom training, does not necessitate the completion of written works and essays.

You can delegate this task to experts if necessary. Instead of boring lectures, plan to spend hundreds of hours outside doing your favorite things and devoting yourself completely to practice. 

Best Online Gardening Courses of 2024

Let's see what courses are available this year.

Best Online Gardening Courses

1. Online Courses From Garden Tutor

The course will teach beginners the fundamentals of gardening, such as:

  • Choosing a garden plot;
  • Creating a garden plan;
  • Plant selection;
  • Plant and garden care, etc.

It is a good course for beginners who want to try their hand at gardening. It teaches students the principles of gardening design and provides excellent knowledge and experience in the use of plants and garden elements. It is divided into easy-to-understand sections, including a set of exercises.

2. Vegetable Gardening from Oregon State University

Oregon State University provides people interested in gardening with basic knowledge in it. The course is part of the Master Gardener series.

This online course covers the following points:

  • Planting tips;
  • How to choose the right site for a garden;
  • How to identify and treat common diseases;
  • How to solve pest-related problems.

3. Gardening Course From International Career Institute

The International Career Institute provides a comprehensive gardening course that introduces students to and teaches them the skills they need to succeed as gardeners.

A gardening career is ideal for people who are passionate about gardening and want to put their skills in design, planning, management, science, and technology to good use.

The course plan covers the following subjects:

  • Cut flower cultivation;
  • Gardening technologies;
  • Garden and landscape design;
  • Land management;
  • Organic plant cultivation;
  • Plant distribution and protection;
  • Viticulture, etc.

4. Horticulture Courses From TAFE NSW

TAFE University offers a comprehensive online agricultural course that includes lectures, discussions, Q&A sessions, and projects. It provides the following courses:

  • Aboriginal cultures and landscapes;
  • Art and design;
  • Floristry;
  • Horticulture;
  • Sales and retail.

Additional activities are planned for each course, including a research project comparing regional and historical agricultural practices. Here, you may need some writing assistance. Luckily, there are essay reviews services such as Best Writers Online that will help you with this task.

5. Home & Garden Courses From Southeast College

The college provides online gardening and agriculture courses, allowing you to design the garden of your dreams. This course will teach you about gardening, successful seed planting, different types of perennial plants that can live in your garden, and software that will help you keep your report log.

A woman attending a gardening class

6. Ron Finley’s Gardening Course

Ron Finley is a self-taught gardener who offers a wide range of specialized video sessions on plants and growing them in unconventional places such as roofs. With his video lessons, you can grow any plant, from succulents to vegetables.

You'll also learn how to turn nutrient-deficient soil into fertile ground, which is useful if you don't have access to specialized gardening centers. The course includes a workbook with practical home gardening tips.

7. Skillshare’s Gardening 101: A Guide For Growing & Caring For Plants

Geraldine Lavin is a Suntrap Botanical's herbalist, cultivator, and intuitive artist. In this video course, she teaches you everything you need to know to get started on your dream garden.

You will learn how to plant trees in pots and gardens, master plant propagation techniques, discover ways to maintain a garden, and properly store plants and trees before planting into the soil.

8. Sustainable Agriculture From Alison

In this online course, you will learn how to grow organic vegetables with minimal environmental impact using environmentally friendly methods while maintaining soil fertility.

This course will teach you how to grow about 27 different types of vegetables, how to store them, and how to compost organic waste. You will also learn how to create multilevel beds and sow seeds with maximum efficiency.

9. The Cutting Garden from Learning With Experts

This course is intended for people who enjoy flowers, have some basic gardening experience, and want to improve their skills. Throughout the course, you will learn how to select and grow hundreds of different plants to be cut into bouquets and for festive decorations.

She also explains how to grow two crops of quick-maturing annuals per year in a garden.

10. Basic Botany From Oregon State University

It is a fundamental botany course that will help you enhance your gardening abilities. Here, you will learn how to identify plants, distinguish garden capers (moss, lichen, fungus, algae), identify basic plant parts, growth and development characteristics, and learn about distinct leaf and root systems.

Gardening for Beginners FAQs

Best gardening courses should consider both the overall quality of the available courses and their specific needs and ambitions

What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Beginner Gardener?

Many people dream of starting a career in horticulture and launching a private garden. Many of them believe that gardening can only be done with proper education. However, the situation is quite the opposite.

Anyone can master gardening at a beginner level. All he needs are the necessary skills, basic equipment, and plants or seeds. A desire to learn new things is also important here.

What Kind Of Jobs Are There In Horticulture?

If you have not decided on a career yet, consider gardening. After graduating from university, you will be able to pursue a career in one of the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Floral design
  • Food science
  • Genetic engineering
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction management
  • Nursery production
  • Pest control
  • Plant breeding
  • Research

Is A Horticulture Degree Hard?

Yes, it is. A gardener's profession is difficult, as is the path to it. You will need to work not only to master practical materials but also exert physical effort over a long period.

Furthermore, building a career in this area also includes numerous internships on the university's campus area, in public gardens, and within the areas of partner institutions.

Is It Possible To Become A Horticulturist If I Do Not Have A Degree?

Yes, it is. This variant is also possible. Attending classes and taking online courses can help you learn the fundamentals of horticulture. It will also help if you join various communities where people share their knowledge and give helpful tips.

What Do Horticulturists Do In The Winter?

Many people believe that gardeners do nothing in the winter. In addition, there are many greenhouses for schools and farms where gardeners plant sown material, perform plant and tree transplants, and various pest treatments, among other things.

Furthermore, some of them open flower shops and accept orders for the spring season. During the winter, they prepare plants and trees for relocation.

Many gardeners are also involved in the design and redesign of garden areas. As a result, if you choose to become a gardener, you will rarely have time to relax.

Do I Need Any Equipment To Take An Online Gardening Course?

As previously stated, gardening is impossible without the use of various tools and equipment. However, as a beginner, you should have the following equipment:

Only after you have mastered the fundamentals can you begin to invest in more expensive equipment, such as fertilizers, various nets, auto watering systems, auto lighting systems, air humidifiers, etc.

How Much Do Online Gardening Classes Cost?

You don't have to spend a lot of money to start a career in gardening. Nowadays, there are courses for every budget. The cost of online gardening classes varies depending on the institution and course instructor.

Beginner level classes are usually affordable for anyone. Over time, you can invest in more expensive classes that will allow you to advance to a higher level and learn more comprehensive material, such as the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

How Long Does A Gardening Course Last?

A gardening course can last from a few hours to several months. It is determined by your level of knowledge and the type of course.

Can You Make A Living In Horticulture?

Of course, you can. Although it takes a lot of effort and investment, gardening can become a fairly good and stable source of income over time, especially if you start your business or shop.

You can sell services or products ranging from seeds to plants and flowers. People enjoy flowers and purchase them regularly. They also buy seasonal vegetables and fruit.

As a result, you will be able to earn money for most of the year while engaging in your favorite activities.

Apart from online courses, another way of learning gardening is through books so be sure to check out our list of favorite gardening books for beginners here

Enroll to these Gardening Courses Today

Whether you are a beginner or have a basic understanding of gardening, you must select gardening courses that are appropriate for your climate zone and region, as plants and trees behave differently in atypical conditions.

Failure to follow the rules, or an excess of moisture or light, can not only result in poor flowering and fruiting but can also ruin the garden over time.

Also, make sure that you have a good internet connection to keep up with these gardening courses online.

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