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How to Turn Off a Lawn Mower

Are you having problems with your lawn mower not turning off at times? Did you know that this is a common problem? Get to know how to turn off a lawn mower safely by reading the information provided below.


How to Turn Off a Lawn Mower

How to Turn Off a Lawn Mower

As you all know, lawn mowers today are equipped with a kill switch. The kill switch will help the mower to automatically be turned off once it is pressed in case of certain emergencies. But for older models, there may no kill switch but turning them off can also be easy.

Now if you’ve been experiencing a lawn mower that does not seem to turn off at times, then to tips below will surely help you address this problem.

1. Checking the Switch of the Lawn Mower

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the switch of your lawn mower is not working. You can do this by trying it a few more times.

You also need to make sure that you are holding the edger well or let it lay on a surface that is flat. Also, avoid revving the engine up by pulling the mower’s trigger.

2. Moving the Throttle of the Lawn Mower

The next thing that you need to do is to push the throttle of our lawn mower into the cold start. For people who don’t know, the throttle is the switch that you need to flip before you start pulling the cord.

The throttle will also have a label indicating if it’s a cold or a warm start, so you don’t have to worry about getting confused.

3. Holding the Trigger Down

Once you are done turning the trigger in a cold start position, rev your mower’s engine by pulling the trigger and hold it down until the mower’s engine shuts off.

By holding the trigger, it will make the engine choke, and it will then be forced to stop. You should not worry about damaging the engine if you are only going to this for only a few times.

4. Locating the Spark Plug Wire

You may also start finding the spark plug wire of your lawn mower. The wire will typically travel from the mower’s throttle to its motor. Once you have located the wire, you can pull it out of the socket for the mower to eventually stop.

You won’t be able to start your lawn mower until you plugged the wire back in.

Diagnosing Lawn Mower Problems

Above are the tips on how to turn off a lawn mower. But of course, it would also be best to know what the problem is for this to not occur again. The following are some of the ways on how you can diagnose the lawn mower’s problems.

1. Checking the Ignition Switch

For lawn mowers that have an ignition switch, you can start checking this part. This is mainly because this can be the main culprit especially if the ignition switch is not being able to ground properly.

This can be because of a poor connection and the best way to solve this is by cleaning the wires and as well as the connection. Once done, you can try it again, and if it does not start, then you can start replacing the ignition switch.

2. Checking the Kill Bar

Now for lawn mowers with kill bars, the first thing that you need to check would be the cable that connects from the engine to the kill bar.

This is mainly because the cable can hang up or stick inside the compartment of the engine, which is why when the kill bar has released the cable just springs back. This will then cause the mower’s kill bar to fail.

So it is best to check the mower’s cable for notches, stretching, or corrosion. You may also need to replace or lubricate the lawn mower’s cable.

3. Checking the Throttle

If there are any issues with your lawn mower’s throttle, then this can be the reason why it is not stopping. The throttle is the one feeding the engine, which is why it is open, then the gas will only flow continuously.

Another thing that you need to do is to ensure that the mower’s return spring on its carburetor is not weakened or broken. Lastly, ensure that the body of the throttle is well lubricated.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Turn Off a Lawn Mower

Why won’t my lawnmower turn off?

Old lawnmowers, or lawn mowers that have been stored outdoors, or left with grass clippings on them and not cleaned often suffer from ignition switch faults.

Either poor connections, degraded wiring, or even a build-up of dirt can prevent ignition switches from grounding, which can stop them from functioning – and ultimately, stop them from turning off your mower.

Why does my lawn mower keep running after shut off?

Some lawn mowers will continue to turn after shut off as they don’t have blade brakes. In many cases, this is actually safer. Other lawn mowers that continue running by a fault may have a choked engine or a broken or blocked vent.

Cleaning your mower once it has completely shut down may well fix the problem.

How do you turn off a self-propelled lawn mower?

To turn off a self-propelled lawn mower simply let go of the handles and the drive system should stop immediately. The engine will continue running, so disengage the drive, and switch the engine off according to your machine.

Now You Know How to Turn Off a Lawn Mower

These are all the information that you need to do on how to diagnose the problem of your lawn mower as to why it is not turning off. The tips above on how to turn off a lawn mower are sure ways that will help you turn them off safely.

If you have been experiencing this problem regularly then getting it checked so it can be replaced. This will also avoid injuries and accidents from happening if the lawn mower starts acting up again.

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Proper way to turn off a lawn mower

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