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79 Outdoor BBQ Ideas For Your Garden

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Your yard should be a peaceful place where you can relax and spend time with your friends. If you like to entertain and throw parties, check out some of these outdoor BBQ ideas.

No matter what size yard, patio, or balcony you have, there are outdoor BBQ area ideas you can incorporate into your design.


Outdoor BBQ Ideas For Your Garden

Below, you will find tips for planning your outdoor entertaining area along with 79 outdoor BBQ ideas. We have included everything from tiny grills for balconies, to large and luxurious outdoor kitchens.

Tips for Planning Your Outdoor BBQ Area

Before you go out and start purchasing items to create your outdoor BBQ area, do some planning.

1. Sketching Out Your Outdoor BBQ Area

Sketching Out Your Outdoor BBQ Area

The first thing you want to do is determine where you want to set it up. Then measure the area and create a sketch.

Creating a sketch, that is to scale, will help you determine how much room you have to work with. Planning it out beforehand will allow you to determine exactly which outdoor BBQ ideas will fit in the area. And it will help you get exactly what you want.

2. Laying A Solid Ground For Your BBQ Area

Unless you are setting up your BBQ area on an existing deck or concrete patio, you will need to prep the ground. You do not want to install your new BBQ area directly on grass.

Instead, you will want to prep the area. The ground needs to be flat and solid. Before you prep the area, take a look at some outdoor grill ideas.

You can install a concrete pad, a deck, a flagstone patio, a brick patio, etc. The type of base you choose will depend on the type of BBQ area you are planning on installing.

3. Choosing the Right BBQ Equipment

Best Bbq Gas Grill on The Market

Source: Amazon

No barbecue area is going to do the job without a top of the range barbecue or offset smoker. If you are going to the effort of creating a dedicated area for this kind of activity, then you’ll want to make sure that you choose a good brand. 

You can find some information on the best barbecue brands online so make sure to have a look. Other equipment that you’ll need includes barbecue accessories, gloves and a hook to keep everything tidy.

4. Make the Area Inviting

Best Outdoor Bbq Furniture On The Market

Source: Amazon

You can have the biggest and best BBQ grill, but if the area is not inviting, people will not want to hang out. Make sure you include a seating area with plenty of room to sit, relax, and converse.

You may even consider adding a fire pit and bar. There are a lot of outdoor grill ideas you can incorporate into the seating area. Look into installing seating that will last. 

You will want seats that are durable and unbreakable. You will also want to provide tables and/or end tables, so people have places to put their drinks and food.

A barbecue area needs to have somewhere nearby for your guests to relax so make sure to consider this. Whether you decide to build a bench area or buy some garden furniture, don’t forget to include this in your plans.

Also, you might want to look into stainless steel benches. Other than being durable and unbreakable, find out why stainless steel benches is a good option for your garden area.

5. Match Your Outdoor Decor To You Garden

Before you build your BBQ area, consider your decor. You want an area that adds to the beauty of your garden, not take away from it or look out of place. As a keen gardener, you’ll know just how important it is to make your garden look great.

Decide beforehand how you are going to decorate the area. Some of the things you can do to decorate your BBQ are plant flowers, hang lights, and use other types of outdoor decorations.

If you are not sure exactly how you want to decorate the area, take a look at our list of backyard bbq area design ideas. You can also find inspiration on websites such as Pinterest

6. Maintenance is Critical

How To Maintain Your Outdoor BBQ Grill

Source: Amazon

When you have a designated outdoor BBQ area, maintenance is critical. Not only do you want to perform regular maintenance on your equipment, but you also want to clean it and cover it. You can use a BBQ cover, a tarp, or build a roof.

Even though you may not use it all the time, go out and clean up the area. Do not allow leaves and other debris to build up and ruin the area. And always take your trash in, so you do not attract wildlife.

While you might set up your barbecue area right before summer, it could be completely ruined by the next time the sunny weather comes along.
Then, throughout the year head back out there and clear the space.

We recommend keeping your barbecue inside your house or in a locked shed when it isn’t in use to protect it.

79 Outdoor BBQ Ideas and Design

Many people look forward to setting up their BBQ area all year. Whether you already have an existing BBQ area or are just planning a new one, you can always find new outdoor BBQ area ideas.

Below, we have gathered 79 backyard bbq area design ideas. We hope these will inspire you to get outside and get cooking.

1. Chic and Sophisticated BBQ Area

Chic and Sophisticated outdoor bbq area

Source: RenoGuide

Does your home have modern sophisticated design? Design a luxurious BBQ area. Incorporate a built-in fireplace, outdoor artwork, and modern furniture.

Use outdoor BBQ area ideas that will create a space that is comfortable and inviting for your family and guests. 

2. Rustic Backyard BBQ Patio

Rustic Backyard Patio

Source: Houzz

Do you live in a farmhouse? Create a cozy dining experience. In addition to your outdoor grill, add a counter and storage space. You can beautify the backyard patio with country décor, plants, string lights, and solar lights.

3. DIY Outdoor Brick BBQ Design 

Are you searching for backyard bbq area design ideas for a large area? Build a combination barbeque and outdoor kitchen. Everyone that visits will want to hang out outside.

4. Flagstone Outdoor BBQ Grill

Flagstone BBQ

Source: Houzz

Build an outdoor kitchen and patio with flagstones. You can find a wide variety of flagstone pavers at your local home and garden store.

5. Contemporary Outdoor BBQ Grill Design

Contemporary Design

Source: RenoGuide

Design your outdoor BBQ area using a contemporary design. Use black cabinets and counters, along with stainless steel and wood accents.

6. Build a Garden BBQ Bar Area

Build a Pub Shed

Source: Simon Zulu

Do you enjoy having a couple of drinks at the local pub? Instead of going out and spending too much money, build your own pub at home. You can incorporate many outdoor BBQ ideas in the shed.

And the money you save will pay for this build. You and your friends will have a lot of fun eating and drinking at home.

7. DIY Backyard BBQ Shack

Build a BBQ shack to protect your outdoor BBQ grill. The shack can be as large or as small as you need. You can even use the shack as an outdoor pub or man cave.

8. Build an Outdoor BBQ Island

Build a Grilling Island

Source: Frank Murray

Build a custom outdoor grilling island that fits your appliance. You will not have to order custom sizes.

9. Build an Outdoor Barbecue Pit

Make a fire pit using concrete tree rings and an inexpensive portable charcoal grill. The pit turns a boring old grill into a fun place for family and friends to gather.

 10. Rustic BBQ Zone

Rustic BBQ Zone

Source: DigsDigs

Do you grow potted herbs and vegetables? Combine your gardening area with a rustic BBQ zone.

11. Add a DIY Pizza Oven

When planning your garden bbq ideas, think about adding a pizza oven. You can follow this DIY outdoor BBQ ideas video tutorial to make an outdoor pizza oven.

12. Outdoor Concrete Grilling Station

Concrete is a versatile medium. You can create a stunning BBQ area with a minimalist style using concrete and forms. And to make it even better, concrete is easy to clean.

13. Dry Stack Outdoor Kitchen and Grilling Station

Are you continually moving your grill around, trying to find the perfect spot? Build a grilling station with dry stacked blocks. You can follow this step-by-step DIY tutorial and build a station in a weekend.

14. Construct Your Own Grilling Racks

Follow this free garden bbq ideas video tutorial to learn how to make a custom rack that will fit your custom BBQ grill.

15. Set up an Outdoor BBQ Grill and Dining Room

You do not have to eat your dinner inside. Enjoy nature and set up an outdoor dining area. You can sit back, relax, eat, and entertain. Incorporate everything you need from a table and chairs to a refrigerator and BBQ grill.  

16. Install Outdoor BBQ Grill on the Deck Railing

Install Outdoor BBQ Grill on the Deck Railing

Source: Lance Durfey

If you do not want to lose floor space, install your BBQ on the deck railing. You can install the BBQ by itself or add a countertop too.

17. Making a Fire Pit from a 55 Gallon Oil Drum

Do you have access to a 55 gallon drum? They can come in handy for a lot of things. One of them is an outdoor BBQ.

18. Stacked Outdoor Brick BBQ Grill

Stacked Brick Outdoor BBQ Grill

Source: DIY Doctor

If you are looking for small and simple BBQ area ideas, stack up some bricks. You can build this grill in a weekend. And this grill will last for years.

19. Stack It Outdoor BBQ Grill

If you grill a lot of food at once. Stack the racks. This will give you a lot more room to work with.

20. DIY Outdoor BBQ Station

Follow along with Mr. Gizmo’s DIY outdoor BBQ ideas video tutorial to learn how to make an impressive BBQ island. This project does require a metal frame, that you can customize to fit your grill.

As soon as you get this done, you will want to throw a party to show it off.

21. Rotisserie BBQ Pit

Rotisserie BBQ Pit

Source: The Owner Builder Network

Use this free tutorial to make a large rotisserie BBQ pit with blocks, pavers, and a steel drum.

22. Buy a Simple Fire Pit

Buy a Simple Fire Pit

Source: Trendir

If you do not have the time or space, buy a simple fire pit. You can find a wide variety of fire pits at your local home improvement stores and garden centers.

If you are planning on using the pit as a BBQ, look for a pit with a grill attachment. You can find the Best Fire Pits here.

23. Outdoor BBQ Grill and Bar

Outdoor Grill and Bar

Source: Daniel E. Johnson

Get artsy and create an eye-catching outdoor grill and bar. Instead of having a normal outdoor kitchen setup, curve the countertop. Add barstools and other accessories to make the area fun and inviting.

24. Minimalist Outdoor BBQ Area

Combine wooden plants along with concrete counters to create a minimalistic feel.

25. Temporary Brick Hibachi Grill

Just because you only have a very small area to work with does not mean you cannot have a grill. Use this tutorial to make a small brick hibachi grill that you can remove when you are done.

26. Outdoor BBQ Covered Area

Add a Roof to your BBQ area


Protect your outdoor BBQ station with a roof. You do not have to enclose the area. However, you can add walls for privacy.

27. Adding a Privacy Screen Pergola 

A privacy screen pergola is inexpensive to make. And it will help keep the nosy neighbors from seeing what you are doing.

28. Tiki Bar and Outdoor BBQ Grill

Tiki Bar and Grill


Do you love the beach life but are always stuck at home? Make a tiki bar inspired BBQ. You can throw elaborate parties and decorate it however you please. There are a lot of fun garden bbq ideas you can include in a tiki bar.

29. Build Your Own Pizza Oven

Build Your Own Pizza Oven

Source: The Gardener

Everyone loves a fresh oven-fired pizza. Do not waste your money at the local pizzeria. Instead, develop your own delicious pizza recipes.

30. Outdoor BBQ Patio Extension

If your patio is too small to add a BBQ station, extend it. You can place it directly against your existing patio, or make it separate.

31. Cinder Block Pit Smoker

If you smoke meats, add a cinder block patio to your regular BBQ station. You can make a pit smoker out of cinder blocks following this tutorial.

All you need are 48 cinder blocks, 2 4’ x 4′ 16 gauge steel plates, a 2’ x 4′ gauge steel plate, 4′ x 80″ expanded metal, working gloves, and the optional mortar.

32. Fire Pit with Cooking Grill

If your family enjoys sitting around a fire pit, why not add a grill to it? When not in use, the grill can be removed. 

33. Outdoor BBQ and Dining Table In One

BBQ and Dining Room Table In One

Source: Jag Grills

Instead of preparing everyone’s food and missing out on the fun, creative an interactive experience. With this gill and table combination, your guest can cook their food to their liking.

34. Dark Stained Wood Modern Outdoor BBQ Area

Wood doesn’t have to be brown and plain. Create a modern look by staining the wood a dark color and using contrasting counters and accessories.

35. Make an Outdoor Kitchen

Make an Outdoor Kitchen

Source: Wendell T. Webber

If you would rather be sitting outside than be stuck indoors, make an outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to spend countless hours in nature. And they are great for parties.

36. Garden Pallet BBQ Station and Bar

Use a few old wood pallets to make a BB bar. The bar will give you room to work and keep your cooking utensils and your adult beverages.

37. Add An Entertainment Area

 Do not forget the entertainment. Allow you guests to sit outside and watch the game on your large screen TV.

38. Install a Wok Station

Install a Wok Station


One of the most unique outdoor BBQ ideas we can across is an outdoor wok. The wok gives you an extra area to cook main dishes as well as side dishes.

39. BBQ Tool Cabinet/Dart Board

BBQ Tool Cabinet/Dart Board

Source: Tamara Graham

Combine outdoor entertainment and storage with this BBQ tool cabinet that doubles as a dart board.

40. Build A Smokehouse

Do you want to smoke meat like a pro? Build a professional smokehouse with the help of this garden bbq ideas video tutorial.

41. Hang Up Your Cooking Pots

Hang Up Your Cooking Pots


Outdoor BBQ ideas do not have to be expensive. Make a fun bar and seating area with old wood pallets.

42. Pallet BBQ Station and Bar

Outdoor Pallet Bar


Outdoor BBQ ideas do not have to be expensive. Make a fun bar and seating area with old wood pallets.

43. Install Ambient Lighting

Install Ambient Lighting

Source: Benson Stone

The lighting will add to the overall look and atmosphere. And it will make the area safer for your guests.

44. Build a Shelter House

Build a Shelter House

Source: Mosaics Lab

If you have plenty of room to work with, build a shelter house. You often see shelter houses in parks, but you can have one at your house too.

They are a great place to entertain and hang out. Along with the shelter house, install a fireplace, seating area, and outdoor kitchen.

45. Create a Louvered Privacy Wall to Your BBQ Area

Create a Wall to Your BBQ Area

Source: FLEXfence

If you want to add privacy to your backyard, add a louvered privacy wall to your BBQ area. You can add slats or full walls

46. DIY BBQ Cover and Backyard Bar

Make a grilling station for everyone. Include a grill, a bar, and swings. This way the whole family can hang out. 

47. Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Shed

You can connect a pavilion to your home or garage. It will provide you will a great place to entertain and BBQ.

48. 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven with Cooking Grill

4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven with Cooking Grill

Source: Amazon

As great as outdoor pizza ovens are you do not have to spend weeks making one. Instead, buy one.

49. Remarkable Smokehouse and BBQ Grill

If you are crafty, build a smokehouse with a built-in BBQ. Just follow this step-by-step outdoor BBQ ideas video tutorial to learn how to make it with bricks.

50. Grill/Fire Pit Table

Fire Pit Table


Combine your grill with a table with repurposed pallets. The table will give you plenty of room to work. And once the food is done, you can set it there. 

51. Flattop Steel Grill

A flattop steel grill will give you a place to grill all the meats, fish, and vegetables at the same time. Not only is the steel grill useful, but it is also durable and stylish.

52. Stand Alone Outdoor BBQ and Bar

Stand Alone BBQ and bar

Source: HGTV

Create an outdoor kitchen with everyday red bricks. The kitchen is a relatively inexpensive build. And it will last for years. The curved opening is made with the help of a Styrofoam cutout.

53. Red Brick Kitchen

Create an outdoor kitchen with everyday red bricks. The kitchen is a relatively inexpensive build. And it will last for years. The curved opening is made with the help of a Styrofoam cutout.

54. Add a Fridge

Having a fridge located at your BBQ station will make things more convenient. There will be no more running back and forth to the kitchen. And you can keep your beverages cold and handy as you grill.

55. DIY Barbecue Table

All your friends will want to come over and enjoy your unique BBQ table. If you are handy, you can make this impressive table following the outdoor BBQ ideas video tutorial.

56. Inground BBQ Pit

Inground BBQ Pit

Source: BBQ Brethren

Do you have access to bricks and concrete borders? Make an inground BBQ pit following this DIY tutorial. Once the pit is finished, you can use it as a BBQ or a fire pit.

57. Outdoor BBQ Area Built with Wood and Stone

Outdoor BBQ Area Built with Wood and Stone

Source: Shelterness

Use a combination of wood and stone to create a rustic outdoor BBQ zone. This type of area is ideal for cabins and farmhouses.

58. Make a Secret Hide Away

Make a Secret Hide Away

Source: Rollex

If you want an outdoor BBQ, but you do not always want it visible, you can hide it. You can build a simple hideaway and add a door to shut it up when not in use.

59. Adding an Outdoor Hibachi Grill

Everyone loves hibachi restaurants. You know you have sat there watching the chef thinking to yourself, “I can do that.”  So, why not prove it to everyone with your very own hibachi grill.

60. Pallet BBQ Station

Keep your grill off the ground and out of the mud by raising it. Build a platform using pallets or reclaimed wood.

61. Use Plastic Pots to Cast a Cement Stove

You can cast your very own cement stove. The process is quite simple. All you need is a large plastic pot, 3 small plastic pots, a plastic bucket, bricks, some rebar, Styrofoam, sandpaper, cement, and a stove grate.

62. Outdoor Kitchen with Rumble Stone and QUIKRETE

Construct a permanent outdoor BBQ grilling station with RumbleStone and QUIKRETE. It is easier than it looks thanks to the help from this free outdoor BBQ ideas video tutorial from QUIKRETE.

63. Upcycled Pallet BBQ Station

If you have access to wood pallets, put them to good use. There are a lot of outdoor BBQ ideas you can create with pallets. You can even upcycle them into a rustic outdoor kitchen.

64. U Shaped Outdoor BBQ Grill and Bar

U Shaped Bar

Source: Summers of Sussex

Build a stylish bar for your BBQ. Drinks and conversations will not have to stop just because someone is doing the grilling.

65. Add a Pergola

Pergolas are perfect for adding a design element and shade to a BBQ area. If you are looking for outdoor BBQ ideas that will enhance the look of your yard, install a pergola.

There are countless designs you can choose from. There is definitely a design that will complement the style of your home and garden.

66. Cement Outdoor Barbeque Grill Zone

You do not have to go all out and make a large outdoor BBQ. Keep it simple. Add a space for the grill, a small countertop, and a few areas for storage.

67. Poolside BBQ Grill

Include some of these outdoor BBQ ideas to create a poolside gathering spot. Everyone loves lounging around the pool and grabbing a bite to eat. Create a vacation vibe at your home with a poolside bar and grill.

68. Barbeque Grilling Table

Grilling Table


Build a barbeque grill table. By making your own table, you can adjust the measurements, so your grill will fit perfectly.

69. Rolling Outdoor BBQ Island

Rolling Outdoor Island

Source: Pneumatic Addict

Instead of creating a permanent grilling station, put it on wheels. When it is on wheels you can move it anywhere you want. And you can store it away during inclement weather.

70. Quick BBQ Grill Using Terra Cotta Pot

Do you have a really small yard and patio? Make a quick backyard BBQ grill using an ordinary terra cotta flowerpot and metal grate.

71. BBQ Area on Your Deck

Your outdoor BBQ does not have to be in the yard or on an open patio. You can install your BBQ station on a covered deck.

72. Outdoor BBQ Area for Parties

Use a combination of outdoor BBQ ideas to create a BBQ area that can be used during the day and at night. Add outdoor lighting and plants. Create the perfect location to host parties.

73.  Remarkable Hanging BBQ Grill

Do you throw large parties? If so, look into hanging outdoor BBQ ideas. You can create a large hanging grill for parties or a small grill for everyday use.

74. Outdoor Cedar Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen makes it easy to BBQ since you have everything you need at your fingertips. You can even decorate it like an indoor kitchen and put large doors on it to close it up when not in use.

75. Balcony BBQ Grills

If you live in an apartment or condo and have a small balcony, you can still have a BBQ. There are several outdoor BBQ ideas and small grills designed just for you.

76. Bincho Grill

Bincho Grill

Source: reddit

The bincho grill is not your average BBQ grill. If you are searching for unique outdoor BBQ ideas, you cannot go wrong with a bincho grill.

77. BBQ Surround Pallet Table

Construct a BBQ surround pallet table to fit a Big Green Egg barbecue grill. You can even put the table on wheels so you can store it in your garage or shed when not in use.

78. DIY Kamado BBQ grill

Do you have a few terra cotta posts sitting around? Make a Kamado BBQ grill. Kamado grills are extremely popular at the moment. But they are expensive. Instead of buying an expensive grill, make one at a fraction of the cost.

79. DIY Flower Pot Smoker

Transform your backyard into the best outdoor getaway with a DIY flower pot smoker. The design is super simple. And you can use the smoker over and over.

To make the smoker you will need 2 clay flower planters, a BBQ gasket, a U-Bolt (with nuts and washers), 4 wine corks, interlocking bricks, 2 grates, tinfoil, a temperature gauge, charcoal, and smoking chips.

Build a Grilling Area that is Beautiful and Inviting Using these Outdoor BBQ Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time for getting outdoors and grilling. Outdoor chefs wait all winter long to get back outside. If you spend as much time outside as possible and enjoy grilling, take a look at our list of outdoor BBQ ideas. 

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