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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

If you are looking to add an alternative dimension to your yard, investing in outdoor lighting can help. If you want to extend the day, there are plenty of lights designed for outdoor use readily available that can improve your garden’s view.

Since you enjoy spending time outdoors, especially with friends and family members during a nice summer evening, purchasing outdoor lights can make a big difference. 


Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Before you start your outdoor lighting installation, you should hire a qualified electrician to take on the task. Consider employing electricians who have undergone training and hold a license that authorizes them to install electrical cables.

Most household fires are started by electrical problems. To ensure you and any other people living in your home are safe, it is vital that you hire an electrician with plenty of experience.

Most homeowners don’t want to see light fittings in their garden, so employing someone who safely installs and hides these cables is important.

There are plenty of electricians out there, but it might be worth spending a little bit extra on a reputable service to take on the task. Another reason homeowners invest in garden lighting is to improve their home security. 

There are lots of lights designed to scare off intruders. A lot of thieves avoid trespassing on properties that are well lit up because they worry about getting caught. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Choose From

Lights that Help Guide People 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Choose From

Trying to see where you are going in the dark is difficult. To help guide people around your garden, installing spotlights on both edges of a path can help.

Although these lights won’t produce a lot of light, they will help people find where the path is located. Without having lights like this, people might walk off the path.

They might get lost, or worse, get injured. If you have garden equipment lying around your yard, a person might walk into them in the dark and sustain an injury.

These spotlights are installed into the ground, so if a person walks over them they won’t trip. 

In the past, it seemed like the majority of homeowners installed these illuminating spotlights in the soil beside the path, however, a lot of folks are now installing them in the path itself.

You can fit these lights in the concrete or the brickwork of the path. It will help improve your garden's overall look and guide people from one section of the garden to another. 

Outdoor Party Lights

If you want to enjoy a nice BBQ and spend an evening with your friends, garden outdoor lighting can add a bit of spice to the event

A garden is a fantastic place to socialize with others, especially during the warmer months. If you want to enjoy a nice BBQ and spend an evening with your friends, garden outdoor lighting can add a bit of spice to the event. 

In recent years multi-colored string lights have grown in popularity amongst homeowners.

There are plenty of traditional light stores and online marketplaces that stock a variety of different garden party lights, so you might want to shop around before you find lights that suit your garden.

Paper lanterns are also very popular these days as they can add a bit of flair to your property. If you are on a tight budget, fairy lights are also a nice option.

Although a lot of these lights don’t produce a lot of light, they can help you create a warm and relaxing setting. 

To add more spunk to your garden party, be sure to look into our 5 must-have entertainment backyard accessories.

Garden Deck Lighting

Garden Deck Lighting

A lot of people like to socialize on a garden deck. If you have decking on your property, installing illuminating LED lights not only looks great, but they will help keep those on the decking safe. 

Most people seem to invest in lights that mount on the walls near the deck, however, small LED lights installed in the actual deck can help guide people around the deck.

These small lights are flat, so a person won’t trip when they walk over them. Although most homeowners opt for LED lights that emit a cool white light, there are lots of different colors available too. 

Some of these lights can connect up to the mains in your house, while others are powered by solar energy.

If you are investing in garden decking lights that rely on energy from the sun, make sure your decking is in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. 

Solar Motion Security Lights

To boost your home’s security, consider spending your hard earned money on solar motion security lights

To boost your home’s security, consider spending your hard earned money on solar motion security lights. Nowadays, a lot of homeowners invest in a CCTV camera system to help catch trespassers and other unwanted guests in the act.

Although the majority of modern security cameras have an infrared feature, it is not easy to get a clear image of the trespassers.

By installing a motion security light close to the camera, it will help you get a good look at what the person looks like. Solar lighting has become extremely popular over the last fifteen years or so.

With a growing concern about the planet’s environment, it is not surprising that so many people are buying products that are energy efficient.

Unlike a lot of electrical products, solar motion lights don’t connect up to the mains in your house, so they will help you save money on utility bills.

Most of these lights are easy to set up, so you won’t need to spend extra cash on a qualified electrician to install them. Keep in mind that these lights rely on sunshine for energy, so make sure they are installed in an area that is in direct sunlight. 

Although most homeowners install motion security lights for security purposes, they can also be used to guide people around the house and the garden, while other people use them to help park their cars.

If you don’t have a lot of space for parking, having an extra light will help people park their vehicles in tight areas. There are also solar lanterns you can use to guide people around the property.

Water Feature Lights

Water Feature Lights

If you are lucky enough to have a water feature in your garden, why not go the extra mile and invest in some lights to help the water feature look alive during the nighttime.

These features can help bring your garden to the next level, so why not install some lights so people can admire it when it is dark. 

Water and light work really well together, as the movement of both the light and the water can help create different patterns in and around your garden. Consider installing a spotlight directly under the water flow.

This will help spread the light around the surrounding area. Installing any form of electricity in an area with water can prove extremely dangerous, so consider speaking to a qualified electrician first. 

Lighting ideas differ depending on the weather specially during winters. Here are garden winter lighting ideas that will still let you enjoy the outdoors during those cold winter nights. 

Wrapping Up Our Outdoor Lighting Guide

A garden is a great place to unwind after a hard day's work or to play with your children and other family members. However, without investing in outdoor lighting, you are limiting the amount of time you can spend outside.

Since the pandemic started, more people than ever before have been investing in outdoor lighting, and due to the demand, prices seem to be a lot more competitive than they were in the past, especially when it comes to solar lighting products.

Consider shopping around instead of buying the first light you see as prices tend to vary from store to store. You are now set to start your outdoor lighting project. 

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