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How to Grow Black Cherry Trees

Black Cherry Tree (Prunus Serotina) Growing Guide

The Black Cherry Tree, (Prunus Serotina), also commonly known as the wild, rum cherry or mountain black cherry, is easily recognized by its pretty, white flowers and tasty, dark plum-colored fruit. Its fruits are not only mouth-wateringly delicious, but they’re an indulgence you can actually grow in your own back yard. Throughout this guide, we will look […]

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Literati Bonsai – Easy Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide

Herons Bonsai is Britain’s No1. Bonsai centre and Nursery Founded by world-renowned Bonsai expert Peter Chan and his wife Dawn Chan. Below Peter Shows us how to transform a thick trunk bonsai into a Literati bonsai style tree at his nursery in Surrey.

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most beautiful Calathea types

Stunning Calathea Types For Your Home

The Calathea plant, also called “prayer plant” (Calathea’s relative), is a very popular indoor house plant due to its attractive, attention-grabbing leaves. It belongs to the family Marantaceae and it is native to South America. It has over a dozen varieties, each with a different color and pattern. Some of the species are flowers, yet rarely indoors. Sumo […]

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It’s always a good idea to plant your flower seeds inside in case weather conditions or local climate defines a short season for plant growth

Growing Flowers from Seeds: All You Need to Know

Growing flowers from seeds is a great and affordable way to start a stunning blossom garden in your outdoor and even indoor space.Flower seeds are easy to plant and grow, and their huge variety and color availability always have something interesting in store for landscape design minds.Sumo Gardener have gathered essential tips for enthusiastic gardeners […]

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how to take care of anthurium crystallinum

Anthurium Crystallinum Care Guide & Important Tips

Searching for an Anthurium Crystallinum care guide? Look no further and let us help you learn everything you need to know about this beautiful plant.  The Anthurium Crystallinum or commonly known as Crystal Anthurium is a large houseplant that’s become popular because of its large leaves which can grow up to 3ft (90cm).It’s indigenous to parts […]

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The Best Banana Breed to Grow is the Ice Cream Banana Tree

How To Grow Bananas In Your Backyard | Ultimate Growing Guide

Banana trees are always known to be grown on plantations but have someone ever asked you how to grow bananas in your backyard? The thought of growing a banana tree close in your home can sound a little unusual but, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. In fact, people nowadays, having acknowledged the significance […]

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