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fertilizers for banana trees

Banana Tree Fertilizer Tips For Biggest Yields

Are you wondering about how to best use fertilizers for banana trees?All varieties of banana trees are heavy feeders. They require high-quality, frequent doses of banana fertilizer to grow strong and healthy to produce a big yield of tasty fruit. Although banana plants are typically found on farms in tropical areas, the many different varieties of banana […]

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Horticulture vs. Botany: what's the difference?

Horticulture Vs. Botany: What’s The Difference?

Are you wondering about the difference between horticulture and botany? Did you know that they have their differences and similarities? Find out more about these two by reading the information below. Horticulture Vs. Botany is two different things; their similarities are that they are both about science and plants. They have their differences and knowing […]

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Tips on when to trim spirea

Tips on When to Trim Spirea and How

Are you thinking about when to trim spirea and how you can do it? Did you know that trimming it is important for it to remain healthy? If you have spirea shrubs then knowing when to trim and how you can do this is essential.Spirea comes in different varieties, and they usually can live in […]

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How to kill ivy effectively

Tips on How to Kill Ivy Effectively

Are you tired of seeing Ivies crawl across your home and trees?Did you know that if you kill them the wrong way, they can cause damages to your properties?So knowing how to kill Ivy correctly is essential, for you to ensure that the only thing that you are killing is the plant itself.Ivies have the […]

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How to propagate pothos

How to Propagate Pothos

Pothos, or Golden Pothos as it is often known, is a fantastic houseplant because it is easy to grow, is happy in low light and doesn’t require a lot in terms of fertiliser or water. Pothos is also really easy and simple to propagate. This beautiful jungle vine that originates from the Society Islands of French […]

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How to grow curry leaves at home

How To Grow Curry Leaves

Are you wondering how to grow curry leaves at home?Did you know that a curry leaf is one of an essential ingredient when it comes to cooking curry dishes?If you are one of the many who is wondering how to grow curry leaves, then the information below is definitely for you. Curry leaves are popular in […]

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