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How to Remove Shrubs and Bushes and Their Roots

Are you wondering on how to remove shrubs?

Did you know that there are different benefits of removing scrubs from your backyard?

Get to know more about how to remove shrubs and the benefits that you can get from it.


Shrubs have its advantages but there will come a time where removing them is necessary. This is most especially if they are old, for other plants to be able to grow into beautiful ones. Another reason why you need to remove shrubs that are old is that it can become unsightly.

Removing Shrubs from the Ground

Choose the Time and Materials

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the time when you can start removing the shrubs. Typically, the best time to do this is when there aren’t any nesting birds, for you to be able to avoid bothering wildlife. It would be best to shrub when the soil in your backyard is dry, for you to avoid digging harder.

You also need to choose the materials that you are going to use, as these tools will help you to remove the shrubs easier.

Choose shears that are sharp, since they are proven safer than blades that are blunt. You will also need a spade with a tip that is pointed, as this will make the digging easier.

Wearing gardening gloves and boots are both ideal when working on your shrubs, to protect yourself.

Clear the Area

Now that you have all the necessary tools, it would be best to make sure that there are no other people in the area. The will help you to work freely, which means that you don’t need to worry about someone getting in the way, which can cause accidents and such.

Cutting the Shrub

For you to be able to remove the shrub fully, you need to cut it for you to be able to expose the needed stump. Once the stumps are exposed will make it easier for you to pull it out from the ground to completely remove the roots. This means that your shrubs will no longer have a chance to grow back.

how to fully remove shrubs and their roots


Removing the Root Ball

The next thing that you need to do is to eliminate the root ball using the spade by cutting through the roots. It would be best to cut as much root as possible as this will make it easier for you to be able to pull the root ball.

Removing the roots will allow the plants that you will grow to have more space. Once you have removed the roots, you can start shaking it for the plant to get lighter in weight.

Breaking Remaining Roots

If you see some remaining roots, you try cutting them using the spade. The reason why you need to break them is that it will make them rot quickly in the ground. You can also add the broken roots to the compost, which you can incorporate into the soil. This will surely benefit the plant that you are going to grow next.

Here’s a video on how you can remove the shrubs in your yard on your own.

Disposing of the Shrubs

You have two options as to how you are going to dispose of the shrubs. For shrubs that are small, you can try composing it. But for bigger ones you can burn the shrubs or throw in in the trash properly for you to avoid spreading the infection to your other plants, if there are any infections.

You can also use a garbage bag and organized them into one big pile, for them to be ready when the garbage truck comes.

proper bush and shrubs removal and disposal guide


If you are having second thoughts as to why you need to remove these shrubs from your backyard, then reading the benefits that you can reap will surely help you change your mind.

Tips on How to Remove Shrubs

Benefits of Removing Shrubs

Promotes Other Plants' Growth

One of the benefits of removing shrubs is that you are allowing to let the other plants grow. The reason behind this is because shrubs can overgrow, which makes it harder for other plants to grow adjacent or underneath them.

For instance, the grass that is growing beneath the shrubs might not get the amount of sunlight that it needs. That is why removing these shrubs is important.

benefits of a shrub free garden


Bringing Plants back to Life

Removing shrubs may help bring back the life of individual plants. The reason behind this is because they will then be exposed to rain and the sun, which they both need for them to be able to grow healthy and naturally.

Risk of Accidents Reduce

Shrubs can cause accidents especially during hurricanes and tropical storms, which yearly visits the country. When one of these two strikes, it can cause accidents since the risk of having flying debris from your shrubs is high. This can pose a threat to your neighbors and as well as to you and your family members.

Helps You Save Money

Over time, your shrubs can grow more, which will require you to hire a professional. This can cause you money, which you surely don’t want to happen. This is the reason why most homeowners prefer removing their shrubs ahead of time.

shrub and bush removal cost


Appealing Backyard

Removing your shrubs will make your backyard more appealing since it will let you show the real beauty of your yard. It will also give you more space to grow other types of plants, instead of having just shrubs around your backyard.

shrub and bush removal near me


Now that you know the advantages that you can get from removing these shrubs from your backyard. You’re probably ready to know how to remove shrubs effectively, for you to be able to reap the benefits of having a shrub less backyard.

shrub and bush root removal near me


These are some of the tips on how to remove shrubs in your backyard without needing the help of a professional. Doing it yourself is easy, especially if you have the needed tools for it. If you don’t have the tools, then purchasing them in a gardening shop will do since most shops have all the necessary tools that you need to help you remove the shrubs in your yard.

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