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Meditation Patio Ideas – Using Your Patio for Meditation

We all love meditating and doing something good for our mental health, which is why more and more people are exploring new meditation techniques and meditation patio ideas.

There are lots of different things you can try, depending on your personal preferences and how much free time you have. However, finding the best spot for meditating is also crucial, no matter how old or experienced you are.


Meditation Patio Ideas For Your Home

Meditation Patio Ideas

Most people enjoy meditating in their bedroom or living room, but others prefer doing that in the open. This is a better alternative because of all that fresh air and natural sunlight coming your way.

If you’re one of these people, you might want to start using your patio for meditation, so here are some meditation patio ideas to turn your patio into the best meditation station in the world.

Decluttering and Cleaning Your Patio

Decluttering and Cleaning Your Patio

If your patio is full of things you don’t use, you won’t be able to meditate there. Clutter blocks your mind and prevents you from reaching mindfulness, and that’s never good.

That’s why you have to declutter your patio first and remove absolutely everything you don’t need. From old pieces of furniture that you don’t use anymore to random junk you just leave here – everything has to go as soon as possible! 

Once you notice how much space you’ve created, you’ll feel great and also have more time for your meditation station and make your small garden look bigger.

Don’t forget to continue decluttering in the future as well – as often as you clean your interior space, for instance – and keep your meditation patio spotless.

Adding Scented Candles For Meditation

Adding Scented Candles For Meditation

Most people love scattering a few candles around their meditation station and lighting them before they start meditation. This helps them focus and keeps them on track, and that’s something we all need when we’re trying to regain our inner peace.

So, don’t be afraid to add a few candles here and there, and enjoy your meditation more than before. This trick is also great if you’re a fan of meditating in the evening or the early morning because it will give you just enough light to see what’s going on.

Finally, if you want to do something even better, add a few scented candles and your meditation sessions will be better than ever.

Make Your Patio Space Bigger

Make Your Patio Space Bigger

Some people would love to meditate every single day, but they’re facing a massive problem when trying to convert their patio into a meditation station – they don’t have enough space.

Small backyards come with small patios, and it’s hard to turn them into something useful and practical. So, before you can maximize its full potential, you need to try to make your patio a bit bigger.

This is never easy, especially if you’re already struggling with your current home loan, so you have to think outside the box.

Finding a way to refinance home loan might be a great way to go because this will give you enough money to make your patio bigger and nicer without jeopardizing your monthly finances.

This is a win-win scenario we’re all looking for, so start turning this idea into reality ASAP.

Spice Up Patio Space

Spice Up Patio Space for Better Meditation

After you make your patio bigger, it’s time to make it nicer as well. We all love spending time in nice and clean places, no matter where we are and what we do.

Your patio is no different, especially if you’re thinking about meditating there. That’s why you have to spice this space up a bit and make it more comfortable and visually appealing as well. 

Start by adding a few pillows, cushions, and blankets that will take the coziness of your patio to the next level. These come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and styles, so you’ll surely be able to find a few options that are working for you. 

Also, add some protection against too much sunshine, especially if you live in a hot region. Add some garden furniture. A nice little pergola or a gazebo could do the trick, making your patio look nicer than it’s ever been.

Add Some Plants for Meditation

Add Some Plants for Meditation

All patios look nicer when you add some plants to them, so finding these is a must. There are lots of plants to choose from but stick to the best choices only.

For instance, mandevilla is one of the most elegant choices out there – it comes in different colors and shades, and it can stay on your patio all year long.

Just make sure it’s exposed to the Sun as often as possible, and don’t worry if you see a few leaves around it – it has a habit of dropping them quite frequently!

Another plant you could pot for is hydrangea. This amazing shrub will look great even in the smallest spaces, and it’s going to help your meditation station look cozier than before.

It blooms in the summer and lasts until winter, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for months and months. Just give it enough sunshine and some powerful fertilizer, and it will look stunning!

Some of the other plants you could add to your patio meditating spot include torenia, caladium, marigolds, and different succulents that will add style and class to your patio.

Add Some Fire and Water Features

Add Some Fire and Water Features

Most patios already have a water feature, but the fact is that not all water fountains work for all meditation enthusiasts. That’s why you have to introduce a new water feature into your meditation station and make sure it’s helping you concentrate.

Picking the right water fountain isn’t easy, but it’s possible if you know what to do, so start this process immediately. In addition to that, you might also add a fire feature that will keep you grounded and focused. 

A small fire pit will probably be quite enough, and what’s even better is that this feature will also make your patio more stunning too. If you don't have one yet, don't miss our review on the best fire pits available online. 

Don’t forget that your meditation station has to be both visually appealing and soothing, and that’s why fire and water features are beneficial on more levels than one.

Once you have meditating and all set to start on your gardening tasks, find ways to relax while gardening. 

Wrapping Up Our Meditation Patio Ideas

Turning a humble patio into an amazing meditation station might not be the easiest project in the world, but it’s not impossible either. It’s all about finding some inspiration and knowing what’s going to work for you.

In the end, don’t forget that you’re doing all this for your mindfulness, so stick to tricks and meditation patio ideas that work for you the most. 

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