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Best Lawn Care Tools

If you want to have the best lawn, without wasting hours of inefficiency, then you need the best tools for lawn care.

To have you tools last a long time, you need to buy quality, clean and repair them regularly.


Best Tools For Lawn Care

In this article, we will introduce you to the best tools for lawn care that are very important to do not only a great job but help you be more efficient.

Best Tools for Lawn Care

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower suitable for your type of lawn

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Lawn mowing is a crucial step in obtaining beautiful, well-looking lawn. So for lawn care, buy the best mower you can afford.

To mow the lawn, you will have the choice between helical mowers, manual mowers, electric mowers, thermal mowers and robotic mowers.

Make sure your mower is suitable for your type of lawn.

Grass shears

Long shears are easier to use than standard models. Sharpen their blades regularly. Shears are amongst the best tools for lawn care.

They keep everything sharp and good looking.

Lawn Broom

It is essential to remove thatch and collect dead leaves. A lawn broom is one of the best tools to do that.

Watering Equipment

Water Sprinklers are very important in lawn care

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You will need a hose fitted with a sprinkler or a inbuilt lawn sprinkler system.  

I personally enjoy an oscillating sprinkler since it evenly waters the lawn without flooding.

There are several types of sprinklers most notably of those are: underground sprinkler and automatic sprinklers.

The Lawn Roller

This is the best tool you will need to make your lawn look nicer. To properly compact the soil, its weight must be significant: at least 100 kg.

For rolling throughout the year, you can choose a lighter roll, not above 80 kg.

Several models are available: full or empty. In the latter case, fill it with water or sand to give it the desired weight.

A good roller must also have a transverse bar which cleans its surface as it progresses.

The Edge Trimmer

Edge Trimmer is very practical for mowing hard-to-reach areas

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The edge trimmer is very practical for mowing hard-to-reach areas with a conventional mower such as the base of trees or the base of walls.

Trimmer usually come with a 2-stroke electric motor.

The Fertilizer Spreader

You will only occasionally use a spreader, but the investment is definitely worth it if you have a large lawn area.

This will save so much time and the job will be completed with ease.

Check out our Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreaders for 2020 Reviews .

The Dethatcher

A motor dethatcher simplifies the removal of thatch, but you will only use it once or twice a year, at most.

The Lawn Aerator

Most gardeners use a spade fork to aerate their lawn, but a rotary aerator provides a better result.

The Garden Vacuum Cleaner

We cannot talk about the best tools for gardening without mentioning the garden vacuum cleaner.

It is useful for removing large amounts of dead leaves and other debris with minimal effort.

Some models simply blow to disperse debris, while others work like real vacuums.

The more sophisticated ones also offer the possibility of grinding the sucked waste, which reduces their volume from 10 to 1.

The Riding Lawn Mower

Riding Lawn Mower is essential for large lawn areas

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Although very expensive compared to a regular lawn mower, this piece of machinery is essential for large lawn areas. When selecting a riding lawn mower make sure it can suit your terrain.

Especially if you have rough terrain or hills. Here is a round up of the best riding lawn mowers for hills in 2020.

Finishing Up Best Tools for Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn can make or break the aesthetics of your garden and your home.

By using the right tools and equipment efficiently and in the correct way, even beginner gardeners can achieve a perfect lawn. 

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