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Best Garden Hose Reels

5 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2021 | Ultimate Buying Guide

If you aren’t lucky enough to have built-in irrigation, then you’re going to get a lot of use out of a garden hose! A garden hose reel allows you to water simply and easily, without having to drag heavy tangles of hose around your yard. Here’s our ultimate buyer’s guide and garden hose reel reviews to […]

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Best Cordless Jigsaw Buying Guide

Best Cordless Jigsaw Review & Buying Guide (2021)

There are so many portable jigsaws in the market, but you need to find the best cordless jigsaw to get maximum output. Let Sumogardener’s review guide tell you more about jigsaws and how to choose the right one for your need.Jigsaw is a very ideal tool for complex cuts. It is lightweight, easy to handle and […]

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5 The Best Oscillating Sprinkler On The Market

5 Best Oscillating Sprinkler To Get In 2021 Reviewed

There are a few different ways of watering your yard, whether it’s through a drip irrigation system, using a garden hose, or using the best oscillating sprinkler. Oscillating sprinklers are the preferred choice for many people because they are so efficient and provide an even spray over the plants. If you’re looking for the best oscillating sprinkler, […]

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Best lawn mower for hills

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills | Buyer’s Guide 2021

Having a large, beautiful lawn will make you the envy of the neighborhood – until it comes time to mow it! This is when you’ll need the help of the  best riding lawn mower for hills. A riding mower is a great solution, especially if you have hilly terrain where gardening is really challenging. Read our buyer’s […]

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Best Tree Pruners Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Tree Pruners For 2021 Reviewed | Ultimate Buying Guide

Here’s our ultimate guide, where we review the 5 best tree pruners of 2021 to help you find the right tool for the job!Pruning your mature trees and shrubs is essential maintenance that keeps them healthy and looking great, as well as preventing them from encroaching on roofs, walls, electrical lines, fences and neighboring plants. We […]

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best commercial weed eaters reviews

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

Here are our reviews of the best commercial weed eaters of 2021 to help you buy a machine that’s easy to use and up to the job.Keeping your lawn in great shape means keeping the edges neat and tidy!While a regular weed eater will easily take care of a large yard, you’ll need a commercial […]

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