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10 Great Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Essential Tools Used for Gardening Every Homeowner Needs

Gardening has long been a favorite pas time or millions of people around the globe. However, it is growing more and more popular than ever before. In fact, in the USA, over three quarters of families are gardening in some way. As long as you have the space and passion, gardening can be a great hobby […]

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Best Plant Stands

57 Best Plant Stands for 2024 (Indoors and Outdoors)

Plant stands are a great way to raise your plants off the floor and add to the decoration of your home. If you enjoy decorating your home with indoor plants, plant stands are a must.They show off your plants and make it easier to care for the plants. Below are 57 of our favorite plant […]

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Best Chainsaw chain reviews & BUying Guide

5 Best Chainsaw Chains for Home and Professional Use

A chainsaw is an expensive piece of equipment to ease your woodcutting and tree-felling needs. However, with each successive use of this hefty machine, it shows signs of wear and tear. Even with adequate maintenance, there will come a time when you would need to buy a replacement. With that in mind, here’s a guide to […]

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Best Sweepers and Rakes for Pine Needles

5 Best Sweepers and Rakes for Pine Needles (2024 Reviews)

Pine trees, conifers and fir trees provide shade, scent and structure to any garden, but the rate at which they drop pine needles can be hugely frustrating. We’re looking at the best rake for pine needles on the market in 2024 to make sure you can sweep pine needles off any surface with ease.As well […]

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Best Rooting Hormone

5 Best Rooting Hormone to Use for Propagation in 2024

If you are a gardener who loves to propagate new plants at home or in your backyard, then you need the best rooting hormone to help you grow strong, healthy new plants. Here are our reviews of different root hormone products currently on the market, our recommendation for the best rooting hormone, tips on how to […]

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Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Reviews (Buyer's Guide)

15 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

A lawn fertilizer spreader is a great tool for ensuring fertilizer is spread evenly over your grass, helping to promote healthy growth. There are a wide variety of fertilizer spreaders on the market for different budgets, uses (spreading lawn seed, salt or even animal feed) and yard sizes.  So we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide […]

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