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choosing the best lawn mower for you

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower For Your Yard

Nearly eighty per cent of Australians still live in detached homes sprawling across suburbs despite the spiraling urban land costs. While some locals opt for a more modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle, others still aspire to live a more laid-back lifestyle. They are making sure that their homes are adorned with beautifully manicured lawns for shooting […]

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zero-turn mower

4 Important Steps To Operating A Zero-turn Mower

Got a new  zero-turn mower and  wondering how to operate your? You are in luck because this article will show you simple ways you can maneuver around flower beds, trees and shrubs in your lawn. It’s very common to experience some frustration even as you use your zero-turn mower, but practicing the steps laid out in […]

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Riding Mower vs Zero Lawn Mower

What is the Difference Between a Riding Mower vs Zero Turn Mower?

Before purchasing your own lawn mower, it is best to know the difference between a riding mower vs zero turn mower.  A lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining your property. However, different types of mowers serve various purposes.

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Best Time to Buy a Riding Lawn Mower

Do you want to trim your lawn in the fastest and easiest way possible? Well, all you have to do is get yourself a riding lawn mower.It’s not exactly the cheapest type of lawn mower, but its exceptional performance justifies the price.Still, is there a way to save money on getting this machine? Yes. If […]

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Effective Lawn Mowing Tips and Techniques

The spring season is upon us and with it comes a whole world of fresh cut grass smells and vibrant green lawns. Maybe you’ve had some trouble in the past trying to keep your lawn in ideal shape despite following all the necessary precautions with fertilizer and pest control. Then again, you could also be […]

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How to use a lawn spreader

How to Use a Lawn Spreader

Whether you are going to spread seeds or fertilizer on your lawn, you could always rely on a lawn spreader. Using this equipment, you won’t have to do things by hand, which usually leads to an uneven coverage. Here, we’ll help you know how to use a lawn spreader to maintain an optimal performance at […]

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