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Decoration Projects To Give Your Garden Extra Flare

Your garden should be treated as an extension of your home that serves different purposes. It’s not just a random space where you grow plants and flowers.

For some, their gardens are the perfect getaway from the busy world. It can also be the area where you entertain guests and hold special occasions.

As such, it’s only natural that you want it to always look great. Whether you have a small or large garden space to work on, decorating it can be a daunting task. But with careful planning, a bit of inspiration, and creativity, you can transform your garden into the ideal outdoor space.

Before you proceed with any decoration project, you have to decide what you want your garden space to be. Is it going to be for growing plants and vegetables? Is it meant to be a play area for the kids or a place for the family to eat outside? Knowing what your garden is intended for will give you a better idea of how to allocate space.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do in your garden, it’s time to find inspirations. What’s nice about decorating your garden is that it doesn’t have to be costly. Unless you want a major project to be done, there are simple steps that you can take to give your garden a fresh and new look. Here are a few to get you started:

Decoration Projects To Give Your Garden Extra Flare

Tree carvings

tree carvings decoration

Source: Treescape

You’ve probably seen some cool chainsaw carvings at local garden centers, and you might be thinking how perfectly one would fit in your garden. These great works of art are perfect decors for your garden. For instance, it can be used as a focal point which should do an excellent job of catching the eyes of your neighbors and visitors.

They come in different designs and sizes to fit any garden space. It only takes a few minutes to search and buy a ready-made piece from different sources. Always search locally first, as many craftspeople rely on local business. But if you’re feeling a little creative, you can also create your own masterpiece.

Proceed with caution though if you want to go the DIY route. The most common tool used to create tree carvings especially the big ones is a chainsaw, and you will need the best professional chainsaw to do the job. Be extremely careful because power tools such as chainsaws can be dangerous if not used properly.

If you insist on doing it yourself, wear the appropriate protective gear to keep yourself safe at all times, and make sure no one else is in the area to keep them from potential harm.

Install artificial grass

decoration projects

Source: Fresh Lawns

If you want your lawn to also function as the children’s play area, consider switching your grass to artificial grass instead. And even if space is not going to be for children to run around on, synthetic turf is still a far more durable alternative to natural grass.

Pretty much, artificial grass can do whatever natural grass can, minus its weaknesses. It’s completely safe and is made of durable materials which will last you a long time. Best of all, it requires very little to no maintenance at all and will look brand new under any circumstances.

Most people would hire a professional to do the job for them, but you can install artificial grass yourself if you’re up for the task. You’ll need materials like sand, a weed membrane, and of course the artificial grass itself. Don’t forget the tools and machinery to get the job done! Either spades and shovels to remove the top layer of sod, or hire a mini digger to make the work easier.

Paint them white

If the white paint does a great job of making small spaces appear bigger inside your home, it will have the same effect in your garden too. So if you weren’t blessed with a large garden area, you might as well create an illusion to make it look like it is.

If you have a wall along one side of your garden, try painting it white to make space feel more open. Do you same with any fencing or trellising.

Better yet, pair the white paint with a contemporary mirror to visually double the amount of space you have. Besides, white is a very flexible and neutral color which means that it can blend well with whatever garden decoration ideas you have in mind.

Enhance your garden with gravel

Using gravel in your garden

Source: Grabco

Using gravel in your garden is a simple and affordable way to decorate it. It can add visual appeal to dull areas and can also serve as a nice-looking divider for your flowerbeds. Gravel is also an excellent material to use as a surface for paths and patios compared to paving.

Do note, that gravel comes in different colors, sizes, texture, and what they’re best used for.

For example, man-made crushed gravel is best suited for high-traffic areas like paths and driveways. If you’re not after functionality but are looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing, river-run gravel is a great choice. Finally, cobbles are the way to go if you want to add borders and separate areas in the garden.

Solar lights

solar lights as decoration

Source: Obluesmart

Your garden may look astonishingly beautiful in the day but does it have the same affect at night? If not, and you’re also having a hard time working in your garden after the sun sets, it’s most likely because you don’t have the correct lights to compliment your outdoor space.

While it’s true that traditional lights are still common, more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of solar lights for their homes and gardens. These lights come in a variety of designs that you can choose from.

For instance, solar spotlights will do an excellent job of illuminating trees or your focal point in the form of a chainsaw carving. There are also solar string lights that can be draped around trees and bushes. Pretty much, there’s a solar light that you can use anywhere in your garden.

And remember that you’re also lowering your carbon footprint when using solar lights which is the biggest plus of all.

Try some upcycling projects

Recycling is the process of turning waste into a reusable product, or to refurbish a product for reuse. Upcycling, on the other hand, is a form of recycling that makes use of creativity to turn an unwanted material into something with better quality.

For sure, there are a lot of things that are unused in your home that can be turned into decor through upcycling. If you have old tires, use them as an alternative planter by adding a base to it and filling it up with beautiful flowers of your choice. You can even play with colors and paint the tires however you like.

Rocks can also be painted and used as garden markers. Turn these rocks into fruits, animals, or anything else that you can think of — it’s all up to your imagination.

Now you can add some flare

Decorating your garden to give it some extra flare doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated job. Simply choose the method that will most suit your space, and that fits with your vision for your garden.

Keep functionality in mind when deciding on your decorating tactic. For example, whether you plan for your garden to mainly be a hosting space, or whether you want it to be a safe haven for your kids to play.

Then pick the methods that will fit with your ideals, and start decorating!

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