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30 Small Backyard Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard Bigger

There comes a time when you get tired of looking at the same setup of your house and want to change it. Some decide to renovate homes while some make minor changes, such as painting a different color to their room, changing furniture etc.

Everyone covets to have a backyard or lawn which looks absolutely stunning. Spending a fortune over it to make it happen isn’t always wise. When it comes to the size of the backyard, ideally bigger isn’t always the better choice. A well maintained small open-air space can be as enjoyable in every season as the spacious ones.

The smaller size also offers much less maintenance. Talking about the backyard design, vertical gardening or setting up miniature storage with water, incredibly transforms the entire space and the look of the backyard. Gaining more on the space, but also adding elements of comfort and coziness with style. In case you are worried about how to make your small backyard look fascinating and big, don’t worry; we have provided below, 30 wonderful ideas which will help and facilitate you greatly.

1. Side Gardening

Side Gardening

While making gardening plans, the foremost thing to consider is side gardening. Most of the time, side yards are tend to be narrow, and effective yet they can provide a pleasant walk through from the front side to the back without getting into the house. Ideally, putting and lining up pots and grasses at the corners gives enough space in the center. This creates a space illusion, even the narrow area looks wider.

2. Swing in Backyard

Swing in Backyard

A Backyard swing looks extremely attractive. Adding a swing in the backyard, whether to use it for fun or relaxation, it makes a lot of pleasant memories. Everyone in the family can enjoy this feature conveniently placed at home. Kids, in particular, can enjoy it the most. To install a swing isn’t an expensive option, and can be managed easily without much hassle and effort.

3. White Backyard

White Backyard

A vast range of styles and materials are used for designing the backyard. Color is deemed as an important element. It adds life to the landscape supporting other details like pots, plants, and furniture. Injecting a color doesn’t really cause any such difficulty nor it is a budget-buster.

White color looks very modern, extremely sophisticated, and elegant at all times. Designing the backyard with a white color theme also reflects cool and calmness, making spaces look and feel bigger. Also, it is relatively very convenient to maintain, and never goes out of style. Among other benefits with a complete white backyard, it also provides the freedom to use other colors.

4. Small Pool

Small Pool

Having a pool in the backyard looks cool and attractive. Most pools require similar kind of machinery and chemicals to sanitize and look clean. The smaller the pool is, the less it costs to maintain as it requires less amount of work resulting in a significant amount of saving. A circular pool in the center appears flawless and looks classy and hence fits accordingly to a small area.

5. Center Table

Center Table

Adding a table to an outdoor area like a backyard, particularly a table for two, provides a sense of relaxation and a piece of mind. It boosts the comfort level by offering an extra place to sit and enjoy.

It brings a new level of freshness and energy, wanting to stay longer and make beautiful moments. Even dining in for a meal outside is a pleasant experience. It also attracts guests to come in more frequently and so you have more company and quality time at your very own place at the backyard.

6. Water Well

Water Well

Having a water well in the backyard is a great addition to the outdoor sanctuary space. One of the many benefits of having a water well is that it can be used as you please.

At times municipal water boards set restrictions on the usage of water, hence it creates extreme difficulty. Having a water well in your backyards gives you control over your water, the entire year. Also, it adds numerous health benefits and facilitates you to water plants in your garden.

7. Corner Seating Hub

Corner Seating Hub

Placement of furniture strategically creates the impression of wider open space in the backyard. Corners are ideally located to perform this function effectively. Therefore, corner spaces can be utilized by adding sofas. Guests can also be more entertained through maximizing the seating arrangement in the small backyard.

8. Bricked

Bricked Wall

Decorating your backyard with bricks is an inexpensive and durable trick. Among several benefits of using bricks, it comes with a variety of designs choices. Meanwhile, it offers a very simple and decent look. Also, it is easier to maintain and are long lasting. Therefore, you must try it!

9. Greenery


Who says that you can only add greenery into gardens and large backyards? No way! There are many other places, and among them, one is your backyard. Try to add beautiful flowers and grasses in your small backyard with an attractive arrangement, which is not only an attractive sight but helps in keeping the area neat and tidy.

10. Family Space

Family Space

To soak up good fresh air with friends and family, a place to look at is the backyard. Transform your backyard space by adding a wooden table into a corner. It can provide ample space to sit, relax and talk. Even with a small backyard, this makes the place more desirable to be at often and spend more fun time.

11. Grass of Choice

Grass of Choice

There is no particular strict rule to follow to have the facility of gardening in your home’s backyard. You can use the space in accordance with own choice and comfort.

12. Garden Path

Garden Path

A simple garden path will give a landscape look to your small backyard. Not only does it look beautiful but it reflects a sense of order, organized and a great structural admirer.

13. Earthy Look

Earthy Look

Putting some soil to make your garden look earthy and natural gives a fabulous look. This will incredibly enhance the overall feel of the backyard making it closer to nature.

14. Tea Party

Tea Party

This is definitely for tea lovers! To spend a great afternoon or evening, the tea party is ideally suited with comfortably placed chairs under the shade of trees. Not only it gives you a delightful time with family, but it also augments a pleasant feeling. You can take sips from your cup, and talk about anything! So why not make a place worthier and more enjoyable?

15. Weather Freshness

Weather Freshness

To enjoy the weather to its fullest, we recommend decorating your backyard with full bloom flowers in accordance with the on-going climate and season. This will add refreshing colors to your backyard. Not only it gives an overall feeling of freshness, but also keeps you healthy with the seasonal change and climatic conditions.

16. Creating Layers

Creating Layers

To have an elevated look, a stairway can be built to give a classic feel. It gives a contemporary feeling and looks more natural. Therefore, you can add a staircase that cap off with bricks or stones. It is not too expensive and can be easily maintained.

17. Outdoor Naps

backyard seat for naps

Almost everyone wants to enjoy nature, but few of us get the opportunity to experience it to the fullest. Taking a nap on a seat in the backyard of your home, in the outdoor environment is always a refreshing experience. We would recommend you to try it for a change so that you may experience something new!

18. Mix and Match

different kind of flowers

Mix and match create an amazing colorful environment. This can be achieved by planting different kind of flowers, such as lilly’s, lavender etc. sprinkling herbs and adding grasses for a cool effect in the surrounding, all in all, such kind of a mix and match offers an extremely captivating view and makes you enjoy the place more.

19. Place of Romance

Place of romance in your garden

Having a romantic place right in your backyard is a wonderful idea! You should take utmost care of your loved one to have a fulfilling life experience. Adding a few elements in the backyard can enhance your romantic life by placing white and red dreamy flowers in the surroundings.

Make ambiance attractive with the addition of an umbrella and fire pit so you can sit and relax and enjoy the company. You can also put up a tent for a night and make it seem like you’re on a camping date.

20. Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters

Life becomes wonderful when you add colors to it. Bringing colors into your backyard, completely transforms the entire view of the place. Keeping in sight, the proper placement and utilization of walls by hanging planters can also add value to your backyard. They have their own class and style.

21. Paint it Bright

bright colors for garden walls

Change is an element that brings freshness in the environment. Making changes in the backyard is a rewarding activity that can make you happy. To transform your backyard into both classic and fascinating, you just need to choose the right scheme of bright colors for the walls. How about green, yellow or blue?

22. Layer of Plant

Layer of Plants

Potting plants in a small backyard seems to be a difficult job. How about placing them in a layer form? By simply adding a layer deck! It not only looks convenient and organized but also easier to maintain and water. Moreover, it occupies a certain area of the backyard making ample space in a limited area available for such activities and look amazingly cool.

23. Hanging Pots

Hanging Pots

Think creatively!  You can hang small pots around the side walls. Relatively it demands low maintenance, occupies small space, and take no time to do. It is cheap and doesn’t cost much. Moreover, it is one of the attractive looking things to do in the backyard.

24. Bicycle

old bicycle for garden decoration

How about bringing more class and creativity in your backyard? You can use a bicycle model, like an ancient and unique piece of art placed at a fixed point in your backyard. Trust me!  It will become a point of attraction and catchy for the eyes and everyone will notice it.

25. Area for Plantation

Area for Plantation

Customize an area for gardening by dedicating a specific place for a particular flower. It gazes to be a corporate extension, which definitely looks sophisticated. It adds value to the overall area and makes it look more beautiful.

26. Trim Tree

Trim Tree

We recommend you to be extremely careful while selecting trees. Choose a trim tree and be savvy. This will show proper alignment and cover the area with cherry, maples, and bamboos. Complementing other things in the surrounding and bringing nature right at home in your backyard.

27. Refreshing Fruits

organic food supply

You can use a small backyard place for organic food supply and as a source of health by gardening some refreshing fruits. There is no rule, the selection of fruit may vary according to your own choice. It can flourish depending upon the season and so you can enjoy the seasonal fruits adding flavor and color at the same time.

28. Cherishment

space to play musical instruments

Keeping a place for entertainment and fun is not a bad idea at all. Create and form a space to play musical instruments to make your small backyard look lively. By doing this, the place is ideal for the backyard parties! Open for you and your family or friends!

29. Deck Shade

Deck Shade

Always keep a check on the weather and the requirements from time to time. With the global change in the world whether one should be more concerned about it now. You can always expect and keep in mind that the weather may change anytime. A wooden deck shade is a solution for sunny weather and a covered area when it is cold outside so that it can protect you with a full hot sun out or with winter chilly winds.

30. Backyard Patio

Backyard Patio

A patio is a decorative element. It has the ability to transform your backyard layout into a relaxing evening place. It provides a perfect combination of choice with other surroundings in your backyard. Thus, when selecting, make sure that the patio is more on the complementing side of the overall design, so it can create a more magnanimous impact.

Plain backyards are boring and you don’t feel like sitting outside. Add more color and life to it, and you won’t feel like going back inside! Pick one of the ideas mentioned above and transform your backyard!

small backyard ideas to make your backyard bigger

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