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Welcome to Sumo Gardener, home of the best gardening advice and gardening tool reviews. At Sumo Gardener we are all about gardening! Originally created by avid gardener Ann Katelyn, we are now a team of gardeners with a goal to make gardening easier and more accessible to people with all skill levels.

There's a lot of information out there on gardening; we hope to bring you the best advice on both gardening practices and gardening tools all in one place to make it easier for you to get started with quality information. To get started and for more information on our different gardening categories, please read below.

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How To Grow

Learn how to grow plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables in the most efficient ways so that your garden will thrive. Whether you need advice on a specific plant or if you're looking for inspiration for something to add to your garden, we've got your covered. Browse through our 'How To Grow' category and start rowing in your garden.

Gardening Tools - Reviews and Buying Guides

There are so many gardening tools on the market these days, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. Here, we have reviewed and compared gardening tools of all sorts to make it easier for you to make an informed decision on what you're investing in for your garden. We review all sorts of gardening tools such as chainsaws, hand saws, lawn mowers, tractors, sprinklers, hoses, brush cutters, leaf blowers and much more.

Gardening Guides

Whether you're new to gardening or a seasoned expert, we have a range of gardening guides that will help you to get started or inspire you for your next project. Gardening can be overwhelmming and our gardening guides have been designed to take you through each stage, step by step, with ease. We have gardening guides on a range of topics, including flowers, plants, trees, fruits, herbs, vegetables, landscaping, outdoor lighting, tools and much more.


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Common Gardening Problems

Keeping a healthy garden is vital, and not always as easy as you may think. A range of problems may arise in your garden based on many factors such as garden pests, plant diseases, weeds, soil quality, the weather and much more. We have addressed many of these issues by identifying the problem, why it may have occured and providing multiple solutions. Browse through our 'Common Gardening Problems' guides to learn more about what you can do to reverse or avoid any problems in your garden.

Garden Pests

Eco-friendly Pest Control for a Healthy Garden
Common Lawn Insects and How to Prevent Them
Beneficial Insects to Encourage in Your Garden

Plant Diseases

Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow | Dealing with Orchid Leaf Problems
Pothos Yellow Leaves | Treatment and Prevention
Citrus and Lemon Tree Leaves Yellowing | How To Treat and Prevent


Will Roundup Kill Trees? Is it True?
The Definitive Guide to Control Weeds in Your Garden
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Lawn Care

Having a healthy and vibrant lawn is desirable, not only for maintaining and enjoying a healthy garden, but also for the overall aesthetics of your home. Here, we provide the best information for you to keep your lawn healthy, luscious and green, including lawn care basics, essential lawn tools for your needs, types of grass, how to grow a lawn, fertilizers to keep your lawn growing, and more.

Lawn Care Basics

How to Use Grass Clippings As Mulch
66 Lawn & Flower Bed Edging Ideas
How To Aerate Lawn: The Definitive Guide

Lawn Tools

Best Reel Lawn Mower Reviews for 2024
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter
Lawn Mower Oil Users Guide – What Kind of Oil for Lawn Mower to Use?
Best Mulching Lawn Mowers for 2024 – Buyers Guide
Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades: Which is Best to Use?
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7 Best Onion Fertilizers for 2024 | How and When to Use
15 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader (2024 Buyer’s Guide)
When To Apply Weed And Feed: The Best Time And How To Apply


For a healthy and nutrient rich garden we recommend composting. Not only will your garden thrive from nutrient dense soil, you'll also be using your kitchen waste in an environmentally friendly way. For all information on composting you can read our guides below, including composting basics, composting tools, worms and more.

Soil Care

Taking good care of your soil is essential for maintaining a healthy and well growing garden. Soil care can become complex, so we have provided the best advice in our 'Soil Care' category to make it easier for you to find all the information you need to keep your soil at high quality. We cover a range of soil care topics, including different types of soil, pH levels in soil, how to prepare your soil for different garden types and different seasons, how to prepare mulch, different types of mulch for your soil and much more.

Winter Gardening

Gardening during spring, summer and even fall is a breeze when you know what you're doing or have good advice. Winter, on the other hand, continues to be a burden on many gardens around the world. Whether you live in an environment with mild or harsh winters you would notice an effect on your garden. Winter doesn't have to be devastating to your garden! With the right preparation your garden can withstand the cold winter months and come out thriving in spring. Follow our winter gardening advice to give your garden the best chance during winter.

Natural and Organic Gardening

Having a natural and organic garden is certainly something to be proud of. It means that you haven't used any harsh chemicals or pesticides in your garden and everything that you grow is purer in nature. This is especially important if you grow fruit, herbs and vegetables in your garden that you and your family eat. If you can eat from your own organic garden not only will the food be extremely fresh and healthy, but it will have great flavor as well. However, maintaining a healthy organic garden is generally a harder task than simply using pesticides, so we have put together a few guides to help you grow and maintain a heathy, natural and organic garden.

Extra Gardening Tips

There are so many different categories when it comes to gardening and we have tried to cover some of the most important ones to help you with your gardening, such as gardening tools, lawn care, soil care, composting and more. However, there are still little and bits and pieces of information that we have gathered along our gardening journeys that we would love to share with you. In out ‘Extra Gardening Tips’ category you will find all of those extra bits of information to help inspire you with your gardening. From designing your backyard to building garden ponds, budgeting tips, growing succulents, indoor plants, having a dog or child friendly garden and much more.

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How We Compare and Choose Gardening Products

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At Sumo Gardener we provide expert knowledge about gardening, gardening products and gardening tools, including ratings and how they perform in different gardening categories. We explain what sets particular gardening tools and products apart from other options, and suggest other comparable options based on price or use. We also look at how gardening tools and products have been designed and what type of gardener or job they are targeted towards, so that you can make an informed decision based on what is right for you and your gardening projects. Our gardening experts provide this knowledge based on their own years of experience in the gardening industry, along with well researched information on gardening tools and gardening products.